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Riptide @ Canada's wonderland.

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I'm going to canada's wonderland on friday.

I was wondering about 2 thing.


1. How will be the lines...


2. Does riptide's water jets are on. It's still early in the summer, and it's not verry hot.




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I can say right now with school still happening the crowds shouldn't be TOO bad during the day...but may pick up after 4pm


In terms of jets on Riptipe, it's tough to say...They will be on but may not be spraying people...I've seen it though when it was like it is now or a little cooler even with it soaking guests...however that was in its first year. I remember I went on and I got soaked the first year it opened.

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I went in late spring of 2006, when the temperatures were similar to how they are now, and the water jets were (thankfully) not rising high enough to spray riders.


Regardless, it's an incredibly fun ride, better than the HUSS versions, and you should definitely ride it!

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I went in May a couple of years ago and the water jets were on. And I got SOAKED. But it wasn't cold outside.


I don't know how it is now, but I waited almost an hour for this. But totally worth it! Seriously. Nothing compared to La Tornade at La Ronde.

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I can say the day I was there; mid August, temperatures were in the 70s and the water jets were on full power. I went on twice and was DRENCHED for the rest of the day. It was such a fun ride though, I loved it and highly recommend going on.


I can't comment on the lines though because the day that I was at the park, it wasn't very crowded.



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From what I've heard from staff, it has to be a certain time of year AND a certain temperature. I'm not sure when they start the jets for the year, but rest assured that if it is clearly too cold, they won't have them on.

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