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Robbie & Natalie keep Freestyle Music Park in Business

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Always great to see a Natatomic PTR.


To echo others, for the time the new regime has had to redo things, the park looks pretty good.


Keeping good thoughts all around on this one and thanks for posting this.


EDIT: Kudos for that VERY telling tumbleweed picture.

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None of the areas I saw were.


Granted, I typically don't like beach towns at all. But there are at least some areas in the Outer Banks that I really kind of like. Also, I have a friend who lives in Kure beach and I really like that area, Wrightsville, Baldhead and all that. Compared to those places MB is just a pit.


Ah yes, the southern NC beaches are one of the few general beach areas between Myrtle Beach and NJ that I haven't seen. I have only heard good things about them from the few people I know who have been there. I definitely want to vacation there some time, as it seems to be one of the best kept secrets on the East Coast right now (and 15 years ago, the Northern Outer Banks was too, and now that place is so over-crowded )

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We were there last Thursday when the park was open from 4-10pm, and we were basically 2 of 5 people that were in the entire park. Theming? Excellent. Rides? Not worth much more than the $16ish we paid to get in .


All in all, Freestyle Music Park HAS potential. It is DRIPPING with potential. I'd love to see it make it and really become something, like the next Universal or Disney. But judging by what the park has to offer right now, judging by what the new owners have to work with, it's gonna take a miracle.

This pretty much sums up our experience with the park last year as HRP.


I still say that had this park been built in an area that could REALLY support a park, it would have more than a fighting chance.


But Myrtle Beach? I just don't see it lasting. It's too bad really because it's all about location.


Even if this park had been built in an area that already has an established park, like Philly, Chicago, San Francisco, etc, there are enough people in those areas that it *could* have had a competitive chance.


And then there are those huge markets WITHOUT a major park - Houston, Seattle, Phoenix, Miami, Las Vegas, Boston, etc...


Why...WHY did they choose Myrtle Beach?!?!




Hey Robb, not to be picky or anything, but doesn't Boston have a "major park" 1.5 hours to the west on I-90?


I understand, however, your point though as location is extremely important.

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A 45 minute wait for Led Zeppelin when we were there would have meant 3, maybe 4 trains. They were loading that slow. Natalie made a very good observation that if they had a good crowd, many of the operators wouldn't know what to do. There were definitely a few people who were really enthusiastic and working hard; the crews for the kiddie and the mine train come to mind. But the crew on Zep were just slacking big time.

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