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PTR, 10 day credit run through Europe

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OK, so this was a trip that my brother and I were thinking about going on later this year, but other things started to crop up in the time frame we were thinking about going in, so we though why don't we go now and skip a lot of the crowds while we are at it...

So little less then 2 weeks ago we set of on the big coaster adventure of 2009.


The plan included going to a great number of parks in Europe, some that we visited on our 2006 trip to Europe and some that were completely new to us. Either way it would still be a lot of fun in the end.


Here is an overview map of the parks that we visited:


So let the PTR begin!!

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Day one

A farting free day


So we started early that morning to head south from Gothenburg, my brother picked me up on his way from work (night shift) so we could get on our way for the first part of the journey.


The goal of this day were to go to our hotel in Hamburg which is a pretty long drive for one day and on the way we had decided to stop at the wacky place called BonBonland...




Another trip another ferry ride, just like most starts of our road trips.


Some time after noon we arrived at our first destination, BonBonland, look they have even drawn some inspiration from Thorpe, wonder if that is a good thing or not...


Hmm, Sweden, we just left there...


Like last time, we stopped by Hundeprutebanan first.


Yeah, it's the dog fart coaster but the farting wasn't working today so we survived


The cause of all the farting


It might be the new diet that they have put Henry on that have stopped the farting


Next up we headed for the first Gerstlauer Eurofighter, Vild Svinet


Wroom wroom


It have a wonky loop compared to the newer ones


And it also have a sweet overbank


And it all ends with a tine airtime hill


New credit!!


Next we headed over to the first Gerstlauer spinner in Europe.


It's a clone of the awesome coaster Aqua Wind at Lagunasia but with a twist...


I mean a twist literally, spinning cars...


It's just a mess of track


It also have some awesome helices


The themeing of the ride is pretty whack




They have managed to rebuild the station after it got burned down before they even opened the coaster


You can say whatever you like about Gerstlauer coasters, but they know how to get sweet transitions


Next up was another new credit


At first it sounded like Daidarasaurus had found a new home, but...


on a closer inspection we noticed that it was just a custom Zierer


With a ginormous train


He he, only BonBonland would think about using road salt as test dummies


For such a long coaster, you even get 2 rides


Omfg, a rat head on a dome!!


100 strange BonBon tastes!!


On our way out we noticed this new building at the entrance plaza


Inside it was like we were back at Lagunasia/Lotte World again


It's like I'm caught in a Fantasy Dream


I think that we would need some Magic Powder to fully enjoy this experience


Is it just me or do that gingerbread man have a giant machete?


Anyway no time to waste in Denmark, we had to be on our way to the hotel since we had an early morning the next day


Hello Germany!!


Hmm, wait, Sierksdorf, Hansa Park, we just have to stop here...


Next up day 2!!

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I´m really looking forward to your Blue Fire review...cause I´m so in love with this coaster.

Did you ride it on a warm day ? Even in the afternoon or early evening ?


All in due time, let's just say that it easily cracked my top 10
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Day two, part 1

Old school baby!!


Day 2 brought us over to the Netherlands for 2 parks. The first park we had decided to go to was Waarbeek. Mostly since it looks like a small quirky park, and that it have a coaster from the 1930's. It took us some time to find it though, since non of us hadn't bothered to write up the address to it and the GPS didn't have it in it's list over theme parks. But 30 minutes after the time we aimed for we finally found it...


Pictures of Waarbeek:


While walking from the parking to the entrance, we saw what was waiting for us.


So after we got in we headed for the coaster


For such an old coaster it delivered a really nice and smooth ride


It have some nice turns and drops


And the setting is ace


They even had some bridges over the ride!!


We even got something for the:

Brake nerds


Lift hill nerds


And even the friction wheel nerds!!


Hmm Pokemon themeing??


And Southpark!!


The rest of the park was filled with random rides...




A Wellenflieger!!




I guess that everyone knows what comes next




Coaster across the pond!!




Strange cableway kind a thingy...


We finished of the park by taking another picture on the Coaster



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Day two, part 2

No Rain today!!


Next up for day two was a quickish stop at Wallibi World, to get the credit we missed last time, and also get more rides on Goliath, since we got rained on last time we were here (on our first ride on Goliath), which resulted in a drenching worse than I have ever experienced on any water rides...


Oh and this was the first park we had some experience with some of the locals, I mean some crazy guy just walked op to us and started to talk with us, we have no idea why?? Oh, Hi Hans!!




There is a park here somewhere


In case anyone want to know where we parked


After we parked we were treated with some pure pornography


See what I mean


This is just the sex


It really builds up the tension in the beginning


And in the end it's just pure orgasm


Another set of riders that are going to the happy place


Here is some other ride they have


Let's get ready for some Goliath


Before we entered we were greeted by a Kangaroo


But before we headed towards Goliath, we went for the credit we didn't have


Just a standard mouse


Here is a log flume we didn't ride


And a train


Never in my life that I would set my foot on one of these


According to the crazy guy we met later this thing was still crap


Topspin with water feature, that don't get you wet


We went for a ride on Robin Hood, to see if it was as bad as last time


It was still pretty rough, but the ride was good


Now it's time for some Goliath action


Mmmmm, delicious


So many happy riders


The queue, took some time since they were adding the second train <3 So we took some images on the lift


We even found something for the lift hill nerds


Then we met this guy, see what I mean, crazyyy!!


Here he is again, everyone say hello to hansrubens!!


Spot the TPR member


They even had some other action going on in the front, but this is nothing compared to other places...


Then after several re-rides and some more talking to Hans, it was time for the place to close, so we headed back towards the entrance. Which means more park pictures:


Shot tower




Heck they even had an warp tunnel to Mexico


These are pretty nice to ride, but expensive!!




They had even themed the hamburger stall guys


Some other attraction/building


We already got that credit, so we didn't care that it was SBNO.


Time to leave


But before we left, we took some more images on one of the best coasters I have ridden


Pure ejection there


This part is just awesome


It looks great even if there isn't any riders on it




It even looks awesome without a train


Pure filth


But hey what is that!!


Megaphobia have sheep's, Rablader have Robots, and Goliath have Ducks??


What better way to end the day, then with another IKEA credit!!, mmm meatballs...


It was really nice to meet you Hans, hopefully we might meet again in the future on another trip somewhere!!

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It was really fun to run into you guys.


I didn't saw you taking that picture of me. I do look stupid in that picture.


I'm a bit ashamed since I live pretty close to that Waarbeek coaster but I've never been there. It such a great and old looking coaster. Hands down for De Waarbeek for conserving a classic ride.




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^^ Those are the best kind of images

De Waarbeek is a really nice little place, and the coaster runs much better then what you expect it to do, especially since it's almost 80 years old.


^ Well it is

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Day three, part 1

MS X-car, good??


The schedule for this day said Duinrell and Drievliet, which meant 6 new coasters for the both of us.

First stop of the day became Drievliet since it was the first one we found on the GPS. And when we arrived we were again attacked by some people asking us if we wanted some cheaper entrance tickets, be we already had that part sorted


We had our reservations about Formule X, since the other X-car we had ridden (G Force at Drayton Manor Park) is really bad. Formule X turned out to be a really nice little coaster, but since we got all the credits it was soon time to move along to the next park...


Anyway onto the images:


This is what you see after you enter the park


And if you have a zoom-lens in your eyes you will see this


Holy crap an Astronaut!!


Wonder if he jacked this from the moon??

Oh, Chris is that a real Lunar Module??


They do love their Enterprises here


This pig seems to enjoy the ride


Poor sheep to be stuck on the roof like that


Twistrix does what it do best, SPINNING!!


Too bad that Formule X was closed when we arrived


But they started to test short after, so we were happy again


Looks really nice


OMG, it's almost upside down!!


We were thinking that they had prepared the ride for floods


Then they finally let the first riders on




It really goes upside down!!


Happy Happy riders!!


After a ride on Formule X we headed to the next credits


It looks great in the sunshine


It's apparently called Dynamite Express


It's waiting for us


The ride was nice for a power coaster


Next up was another Mouse, this one was a lot better then the one the day before


Looks like he just got of the Dog fart coaster


And there came the smell


Why the heck does Ola have his own trashcan...


Another park another Wellenflieger


Pirates, beware they might steel all your music


Fact: Smaller are better


Why do parks always install these deathtraps


I guess you can see whats coming




In case you forgot where we are


One of the coolest themeing I have seen on one of these


Now for some Formule X action before we leave:


Really nice element


Twisted beyond belief


Wonky airtime hill


That goes into a nice powerful turn


Hangtime Galore


Soon comes the brakes


Here comes the launch


Almost perfect as an desktop image






Next up Duinrell...

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Day three, part 2

A new 2 year old coaster, hmm....


Ok, next on the menu were Duinrell. We only went there since they had finally opened their Eurofighter after delays for the past 2 years. Which were good news for us, since we were allowed to ride a brand new coaster instead of a 2 year old rattly one...


On the way there we had to dodge several Dutch caravaners, but the GPS kept us on the path towards Duinrell. It was really nice to arrive there on this hot day, since compared to the desert like place called Drievliet this was a green heaven with loads of shade.


Falcon as the new Eurofighter is called, gave us some really nice rides and it must be one of the best looking coasters out there, the paint job is amazing!


Picture time!!


Ticket booths


Official mascot of the park


Some random building


The mascot have more duty's then just to entertain


The first half of the park is filled with strange stuff


No park is ever complete until they add a shitting donkey


I don't know what it is, but it looks dangerous and I want one...


Water slides


I spy a credit


You can't see it for all the trees


Water splash ride


I have seen loads of these rides, but I have never ridden one


Mmm, Falcon


They even got a cool plane as themeing


And a Land Rover


Swooshes through the final Helix




An Eurofighter does what it do best




Great looking train


Inline twist


Here is a picture that will make Lift hill nerds drool

Ever thought why a Eurofighter always stops before the lift, it's that hook that connects the chain to the car




A really nice little coaster


It really blend in with the trees


Sexy Loop shot


Doing the twist




Headbanging galore


I'm pretty sure that none of them were thinking that their faces were going to be published all over the internet...


Nice and Powerful


All the supports have this awesome paint job


Not so wet Topspin


These guys have taken lessons from the Japanese


I guess that there is a reason why they call this a splash boat


Wonder if they know what is coming...


Again with the kiddy coaster


Another coaster that thinks it's a Meisho


He is coming to get us!!


They have an alpine slide which we had looked forward to ride


But since they only had one side open and the queue was massive, we didn't bother


Random play structure


Some other random stuff


Nice and green


Too bad that adults weren't allowed to ride these, since I would have smoked all the kids


Wiii another Wellenflieger


Time to exit!!


OK, so we had a few hours left of the day, so on the way back to the hotel we spotted something that caught our attention...

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Great PTR, so far!


Duinrell reminds me of Dollywood, the way everything is tucked way back into the forest.


What happened to that coaster being named Rick's Delight?

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Day three, part 3

What to do with some extra time left in a day...

Bonus park of course!!


Well go to Efteling of course we did the same thing on the last trip to this area, so we had already planned on this as we did our main planning for this trip. The main reason why we choose Efteling and not some other small park, is that Vliegende Hollander was close during our last visit and that we have free (as in gratis) entry with our Liseberg season passes




I'm not going to bother to post images of all the small stuff in the park, since there is just to much stuff in there, and we were only there for about 2 hours, so I'm going to focus on the big things.


Look what is that on the horizon!!


YAY, stuff to ride!!


It was a lot of people there but we didn't bother since we were only there to get our last credit


Some themed buildings


On our way to Vliegende Hollander we passed a doomed coaster


Pegasus is on it's final years


One train load less until demolition


The only reason why we were here


W00t water coaster!!


Outdoor section here I come!!


Looks like an airtime hill, but isn't...


That can only mean one thing, SPLASH!!


Too bad that the other boat is so far away


After riding Vliegende Hollander, we decided to treat ourselves with a ride on an Intamin bobsled, but on our way there we spotted this awesome guy:


He was really entertaining, and scared the crap out of several people


We walked by Python


Everything looks better with a giant lens flare


Somewhere about here is where the pain begins


WOOW!!! it goes upside down


We also spotted some construction, let the wild rumors begin!!


Looks like they have blocked of the front row of Bobbahn = 50% longer wait time


The inside of the entrance building at Efteling is awesome!!


Some random statue outside our hotel, Belgium is full of weird stuff...

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Just curious, what's going on with Pegasus?


If it's anything like when I rode it, sucking is what Pegasus is doing!


Love the report, I need to go back to some of these places (and to in the first place for the others!)

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Thanks all for the reply's!!


What happened to that coaster being named Rick's Delight?
I think it was just a working name, I think that Falcon is a better name for the coaster though...


^^^ Yeah it's only a few days left for the second big trip of this year


^^ Goliath have easily reach a spot in the top ten, but still not as great to ride as the Mega-Lites in my opinion...


^ Yes I have loads of Blue Fire images

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Nice TR, I really enjoyed it so far! You got some beautiful pics, with those clear blue skies


But what's with the Bob cars?! Did every car had a blocked front row? And what I really want to know is: WHY???


Have fun on the Scandi trip!

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Day 4, part 1

A very strange place indeed...


First stop of this super hot day was at Bobbejaanland, which was really nice since there was a lot of shade in the park compared to the second park of the day...

It was at this park where we had the strangest encounter with the locals. Some old Belgian guy joined us at the queue to the ticket booth, he didn't know any English and we didn't know any Dutch, but after a while doing a lot of hand gestures and trying to speak with him in several languages we discovered that he had a buy one/get one free ticket with him, which meant that he wanted to go with one of us into the park and of course we got him into the park

We met him a couple of times in the park while waiting for the big rides

Just an awesome experience


Well onto pictures...


For once we arrived just before opening, since one of our GPS always underestimates the time it take to go somewhere...


Look another power coaster, but we will get to that one later


There is some strange in the background


Since we were having a bit of a theme on riding Eurofighters then we started with this one


Look they where even waiting for us


But first some testing...


W00t!! an Eurofighter with spinning cars!!


A few days ago we went on the oldest of these coasters, and today the second oldest


It's a mess of track


Nice powerful helix


We got on the second car and we quite liked it, but...


This place have a ride I have been dying to try, a Huss Fly Away, and contrary to the reviews I herd from people on the TPR euro trip last year, we had a blast on it


Another giant spinny swinging ride, but as always smaller are better...


Next up was Revolution


But to get there we had to pass this guy


It's their new observation "tower" ride...


I guess that we should follow this sign, and we did, and the best thin is that we found an AWESOME!! Vekoma enclosed coaster in the other end


If you are taller then 2.50 meters you will get electrocuted


Speedy Bob was next


What is wrong with this picture...


Then we past into Mexico or there around...


And found this Himalaya type ride, but they were having lunch when we wanted to ride it...


I spy some thing that comes from V...


YAY a suspended coaster


Too bad that these floorless trains are really bad!!!!


They are like being stabbed in the back...


Wonder if Eagle Fortess would get this floorless treatment, I hope not...


They had Aquarious, but not the awesome version they have in Japan


Look another Vekoma


This might be one of the best coasters in the park


We had a great laugh about the GP in the back, they were scared to death about falling out of the coaster, so they everything they could to staple themselves...


Inside that building is the last credit for this park


We were treated on several extra runs, since there was no queue


We found a shooting dark ride, but since they weren't keeping any score then we thought it sucked pretty bad


Anyway back to Typhoon for another ride


This time around it had warmed up...


And the ride had turned from a great ride to real pain


Looks good though


Hmm, is it supposed to be that way??


Bye Bobbejaanland for this time!!


Next up part 2.

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Nice TR, I really enjoyed it so far! You got some beautiful pics, with those clear blue skies


But what's with the Bob cars?! Did every car had a blocked front row? And what I really want to know is: WHY???


Have fun on the Scandi trip!

Yeah the skies were awesome until we got back to Germany...


Yes all the cars had the first row blocked of, no idea why, maybe they wanted to increase the realism of the cars by only having 4 riders/car like the big ones in the winter games...

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