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B&M Giga coasters???

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^I can see where you are coming from.. But really, since all dive machines are tall and imposing in general I dont see any reason to call them anything other than Dive Machines.


... except Oblivion, which is just imposing.


Let's put it at this, everybody has a different method of classifying coasters. I classify by what they're made of, height, and style of coaster. Somebody else may classify them as just style of coaster or make/model.

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B&M needs to do something to stay near the top of the food chain. I know the park has a lot to do with forces and intensity of a ride, but a lot of what B&M has been building lately has been weak save Behemoth.


B&M's latest creations are not weak. Coasters like Diamond Back, Goliath (SFOG), and Tatsu have all been VERY successful.

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When I think of the word Hyper, I think different things for different manufacturers. With Intamin , I think of an out and back coaster between 200 & 300ft, only because thats how they classify it. With B&M and other manufacturers, I classify it by style of coaster.

Except that isn't how Intamin classifies them. Expedition GeForce and Goliath are shorter than 200 feet in height and in drop, and Thunder Dolphin, Expedition GeForce, and Bizarro (IMO) aren't out and back like the rest.


I'm with Erik on this one, in that it's the style of the ride more than the statistics which constitutes a "hyper" classification.


Wicked Twister and Zaturn are not hypers.

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It would be great if the B & M does something that really pushes the boundaries but I'm not holding my breath.


I would be surpised if Carowinds gets a $26 million + coaster, if they do, great. But the parks in the cedar Fair chain that have been attracting that level of investment generally have been the 3 million plus attendance parks like CW, CP, and KI. Carowinds isn't anywhere near that, and is unlikely to have the demographics to come close to that level of attendance but I guess we'll find out in time.


You do have to realize that Cincinnati, where KI is, is roughly the same size as Charlotte and the surrounding areas. The only real difference between the two is that Charlotte is growing, one of the few growth markets currently. Also, were growing fast enough that road systems cant keep up, there is always construction going on.


But do you realise that it isn't just the city that a park is in that defines it's market but also the size of nearby markets. Carowinds get just over a million visitors whereas KI has been getting almost for 3.5 million visitors for quite a while which speaks volumes about it's proximity to other large markets.


Anyway we can speculate all we want, I'm sure they'll announce it in time.


Why does Carowinds have such poor attendance? North Carolina does have a significant population by itself and the park seems pretty centrally located to serve both states.

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