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Photo TR "Holiwood Nights" May 29-30 Holiday World

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I attended the "Holliwood Nights" coaster event at Holiday World this past weekend and I must say that I was highly impressed with Holiday World.


We started our adventure at 5:30 and I was immediately impressed with the fact that parking was free, and I also noticed that there wasn't any trash lying around the entrance either. The park would be closing shortly so pretty much of the crowd was thinning out.



once inside the park we headed over to ride "Raven" and I must say I really liked this coaster a lot, but the only drawback is that right when it was getting good, it was over. still a great coaster though.


Legend wasn't open all day, so didn't get to ride that right off the bat, so we headed back to the Voyage.



OMG!! I was blown away by Voyage, that is THE best wooden coaster I have been on to date. That coaster was completely insane, the steepness of the drops, the way it flew over all that track, the 90 degree banked turns, and all the airtime that thing produced!


after we did that a couple of times it was time to head back to the picnic grove where we waited for the park to close and for the general public to clear out.


Will and Pat Koch made speeches, including one to inform us that although it had been closed all day, "Legend" had been repaired and would be open for ERT that night.


We got ERT and pizza till 10 pm and then it was time to head home.


We returned the next day at 815 for our breakfast and ERT in the water park. they opened up a couple of attractions and they had Pilgrims Plunge fixed and running so we took a ride on that. that thing is going to be a big hit this summer for sure!


Once the park opened, we hit it and rode the coasters, over and over, then we took a fun ride on their dark ride, the "Gobbler Getaway" which was pretty fun in itself for a dark ride.


once the three o clock hour arrived we were treated to a photo walkback tour of The Raven, Legend and we got to finish off with a Voyage walkback which was a major highlight of the trip.


by the time evening set in we were going to head back to the hotel, but ended up going to the buffet they had set up for us. the park closed and a major storm hit, so we all stayed in the shelter eating and enjoying the different things that were going on, (silent auction, sales table,) the rain kept up for about an hour and a half, but it did end in time for the last of the ERT of Raven, Legend, Voyage, and even Pilgrims Plunge for those daring enough to get wet.


Holiday world was incredible, free soft drinks, free sunscreen, free parking, free lockers at the rides to store your stuff while you ride, friendly courteous staff, super clean park.


what also blew me away was the prices, 4 dollars, 3 dollars, meals for 2 people were under 10 dollars both times, bottled water 1.49


I will definitely be going back for next years event!


Raven coming down a hill


part of the mess of track in the spaghetti bowl on Voyage


the Voyage coming down the third hill into the first tunnel


the train at the bottom of the second hill on Voyage


one of the turns you hit on the way back to the station on Voyage


another shot of the incredible first drop, if you want major airtime, sit in the back car of this coaster!


the massive "Voyage"!


Some of Ravens track in the trees


one of the turns on Raven


Raven's turn on the lake, a great feature of this coaster


Raven coming around one of the bends


underneath the Legend's lift


the Legend lift hill and first drop


Legend coming down the first hill


Legend going up the lift


coming around the bend


can't believe the first drop on this coaster!


Raven getting ready to go down the first drop


park was super clean, the way a park should be

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...the night rides on Voyage (post rain) were by far the most intense rides I have ever experienced.


I second that statement. The post-thunderstorm rides Saturday night were the best rides I've EVER had on Voyage -- so completely intense and aggressive and out of control.


I'll remember those for a LONG time...


-- Dave

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Agreed Ted...


I think all three coasters are running better than they ever have. The rainstorm definitely sped them up. The two potholes on the Voyage however were definitely noticeable after the speed-up.

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You failed to mention how the rides were on Saturday night. I hate to add to what probably become the most over-hyped night of ERT ever, but the night rides on Voyage (post rain) were by far the most intense rides I have ever experienced.


I didn't mention the ERT from Saturday night, because unfortunately our backs didn't want us riding anymore, we were beat from riding all day. plus we didn't want to take any chances on any more rain coming down because I most definitely didn't want to ride any of the coasters in the rain.

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Agreed Ted...


I think all three coasters are running better than they ever have. The rainstorm definitely sped them up. The two potholes on the Voyage however were definitely noticeable after the speed-up.



OK I have heard "potholes" mentioned several times about the Voyage this past weekend and here. Since this was my first Voyage excursion, can you tell me where the "potholes" are it would be greatly appreciated.

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I remember there was one going up the third hill. I wonder if the second pothole occurred recently, because I do not remember that one. I can concur that rain really seems to help make both Voyage and Legend run a bit faster, though Raven is good no matter what.

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Let me say this.. A coaster like the Voyage exhudes some serious forces on the track and the park does a fantastic job every season on working on these "spots". As people have mentioned, there is a spot going up the 3rd hill that feels similar to riding in a car and hitting a pothole. There was also another one that was less noticeable on the return after the triple down as the coaster snakes in and out of the lift structure.


Again Holiday World and the Gravity Group do a tremendous job in keeping this coaster running as best as it possibly can. If it was any other park, those one or two potholes would turn into 5, then 10, then an absolutely horrible ride like so many other wooden coasters out there that do not get the TLC they need and deserve!

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I remember there was one going up the third hill.


Yes, that was the worse of them. It was particularly noticeable on Saturday because of how insane the thing was running. Not sure if I would call it a "pothole" per se, because you are pretty much airborne at that point. My guess is that it sheared a bolt somewhere close and the inner track had a little misalignment. [i don't want to even know how many bolts this ride spits out a year.]


There was also another spot around the third 90 degree turn (around the lift on the return), but that one was a little more hit or miss.

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I was there too and rode it a few times with cgodsey!


I agree The Voyage was very intense saturday night! And now that yall mention it I notice the "pot holes" too. The first on the 3rd hill wasn't as noticeable to me but the second one after the triple down got me EVERY time lol. To be specific, it was right after you cross under the first drop going to the onride photo spot. Regardless The Voyage is still an amazing coaster and definitely in my tops. Godsey is right, HW does a really good job at keeping their rides at their best.

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