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[RCT3] Terminator: Salvation - The Ride

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I just uploaded my second version of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride using my RCT3, and I must say this version is much better than the first attempt.


In the new version, I redesigned the track a bit more accurate than my first attempt, added the correct queue entrance and exit, peeps in the queue, peeps on the train, added selected footage at the end of the video, with additional screenshots. There are still a few more tweaks I am planning to do. I may even add the pre-shows, landscape it a bit more. The peeps do ride it, so that's a good sign. What do you all think?


Post comments here or in my YouTube channel pages.





Version 2




Version 3

5/31/09 - 6/1/09


Version 4.1



Version 5.0



Please note the original song added was disabled by YouTube, so I had to choose a pre-selected song from their music library to add to the video. The original .wmv video is more sharper, and clearer when watching full screen, and it has the original music I chose, and a newer version I just completed, I added text lyrics effects to the video, along with the song being played. I am going to attempt to record the actual sound from the coaster, and add it as an overlay track. RCT3 doesn't allow saving sound, so I am going to try something, if it works.


Any suggestions are welcomed. If you wish for the original .wmv video of any of the videos I have on my YouTube channel, just email me, and I will upload them to you.



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I just completed version 3 of my Terminator: Salvation - The Ride. I added the pre-show building, elevator, redesigned the track a little bit, and added landscaping. The video will have additional footage after the main ride, so stay tuned for that.


It's true it's hard to do an accurate depiction of the ride, but I think you'll like this new version I will have ready later tonight. I first have to upload it to YouTube, and add whatever music I can find, since YouTube disables any music that is copyright to their terms, and I have to choose something from their library.


Check back later tonight for version 3.



Version 3


Thanks, Mr. Starr for that link on the Atari Forums, and the Terminator: Salvation scenery pack that is being made. That is an awesome sign that was made. I just registered, so I will be posting a message soon.






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Yeah, I would have to say that's not the best recreation but I give you an A for effort.


Which of mine did you watch? ver.1,ver.2,ver.3?


I am uploading ver.4 right now to YouTube, and this one I added the truck and fire, fog, changed the color of the trains, and the design, added a Terminator: Salvation queue sign, redesigned and changed the color of the track, added additional elements, removed some elements, so this version is much better than the other three. I do plan on some more changes.


I think mine is better than the two weird ones I saw on YouTube last night. The two I saw looked nothing like the layout, even though the designer said he made the coaster before the coaster was finished at Magic Mountain.


I appreciate your honestly, but watch ver.4, and you may even like this one. I would be interested in anybody else who can make one more realistic than my ver.4, so I should have the link up within the hour.



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Upload failed. I'll have to try uploading this tomorrow. What a disappointment.


I may scrap version 4, and redo it, because I just added more changes to it. I added more banked turns, like when the coaster comes up and ends the ride. I added a new more realistic sign. I will have to record it again with the new added elements, and upload to YouTube sometime tomorrow, and I am giving it a rest.




The queue in the final banked turn area, with some scenery landscaping, and did what I could with what I had to work with. I think it looks okay for RCT3 standards, until a custom scenery pack comes along.


Overview of most of the coaster.


The added vehicle on fire, or fire shooting from the pretend engine, the elevator, even not on the exact side, it works for me. It may not be a truck, but it's all I have to work with, until I get a custom scenery pack with a truck with fire.


The queue sign. The original I had in ver.4 just said Terminator: The Coaster - Join the Resistance. I knew it had to be changed.


The changed banked turn track on the top, as the train returns back to the station.

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You can now watch my version 4.1 video of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride, RCT3 style.


An Audioswap was in progress when this was posted.


The elements added, are.

  • Truck with fire, however in this case I had to use a mini-van/SUV.
  • Fog in the first tunnel, though it isn't the completed tunnel, at least it's a partial tunnel.
  • Redesigned the track in some areas, including more banked turns.
  • Added more theming and landscaping.
  • Changed the color and design of the train coaches to black, however they may show up gray in some areas.
  • Changed the color of the wood to a more lighter brown.


Remember, the song used isn't the original that I have on my computer version, that goes for all my versions.


Anyways, this will be my final design for now, and I am next going to start building a park around Terminator, not neccessarily Magic Mountain, but I will try to build Deja Vu.





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Yes, it is fast. I have only been on it once, and it's a very awesome coaster, and I recommend riding it.


There are still a couple changes and modifications that I would need to do and improve, before it's 100% accurate, but this is the best I can do with RCT3, and I am sure somebody may make one better than mine, and that's okay. I am not trying to win a prize, just having fun recreating one of my newest favorite wooden coasters.


Thanks for the kind comments about my recreation, it's alot of hard work getting this thing right.


The first time I tried building it, the train never even got to the last turn up to the station, it slowed down, and stopped. I gave up for awhile, and improved my skills, and ended up with what you see now in my new version.



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The good...

- Theming is very good

- Layout is close to the original


The bad...

- Too many unbanked turns and flat sections


Suggestion - Try watching more POVs to get a feel for the actual layout of the ride. It looks great, but try to bank your turns and get rid of the flat sections if you can.

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I will have a final version of my RCT3 Terminator: Salvation up in a couple days. I have added the second tunnel, added more banked turns, and changed the track at the top of the first drop slightly, though I liked the older look I had before, and redesigned parts of the structures.

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IPlease note the original song added was disabled by YouTube, so I had to choose a pre-selected song from their music library to add to the video. The original .wmv video is more sharper, and clearer when watching full screen, and it has the original music I chose, and a newer version I just completed


CaosterTube has no limitations on music, or quality of video. You could upload here.

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In this final version, I have added both tunnels, created my own 'Sector 1, 3, 12' signs posted in various areas on the ride, such as 'Transport Tunnel', and my own "Take the Tunnel". I redesigned the track a little, the first drop, and various other places which needed an upgrade. I also changed the station structure elements and roof, the transfer track structure as well as the train comes back to the station. I added a Terminator: Salvation movie poster, and additional scenery not on the actual ride, just something I threw in for good measure.


I attached the Terminator theme to this video as well, so I hope you enjoy this version more than the last. If you wish for the 'sector' signs, I may be posting them in this thread over at Theme Park Review.


Comments and Suggestions are welcome, so please write me a comment and subscribe if you like my videos. Thanks.



For anybody who would like to use my designed 'Sector Signs', here they are. I made these with Paint Shop Pro X, studying the real signs, and once added to a ride on RCT3, they look like the real thing, however though mine look big on my 5.0 version, you could always resize them to fit your ride. All I ask is due credit mentioned in your video if you use these. Thanks.


Take the Tunnel


Sector 3 Transport Tunnel with Graffiti


Transport Tunnel


Sector 1

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For the 'sector' signs, right mouse click and "save picture as".


I have never uploaded a coaster before with all the elements, so how exactly would I do that, and where would I upload it too?


If anybody uses this coaster, I would want proper credit for the design, however I am sure many people would redesign it a bit.


I am glad everybody is liking this recreation of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride that I made with RCT3.

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You can download my RCT3 Terminator: Salvation File Track Design below, and follow the Read Me File Instructions and Information for Installation, and I hope it works.


Do Not unzip under C:/Program Files/Atari/Roller Coaster Tycoon 3/Style/Themed


You will unzip this in the RCT3 green arrow folder. You can find this usually in My Documents/RCT3/Coasters


If you have this folder in Program Files, than you will unzip there. Email me if you have any problems, or if it works great.



RCT3_Terminator_READ FIRST_WordPad Document.zip

Terminator: Salvation - The Ride Filetrack [RCT3] and a Read Me File (Wordpad Document) Attached!


Steps to do to Install, but please read the READ ME File [Wordpad] document for additional info.

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I just completed some new Sector Signs to go with your Terminator: Salvation - The Ride coaster. "Save As Picture", by right mouse clicking them.


If you do use these and make a video with my Terminator: Salvatiuon in your park, you must provide me with credit. Thanks.


Enjoy these. I redesigned the "S", and design, and Text. Once you have inserted tehse onto your coaster, you can't even tell if they're off a little. They should look realistic once you add them onto your RCT3 Terminator: Salvation - The Ride coaster.




Sector 7 Loading Zone from a POV video of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride.


Sector 7 - Loading Zone


Sector 9 - Take the Tunnel


Warning: Track Closed Ahead


Sector 3 Transport Tunnel with Graffiti


Sector 3 Transport Tunnel with Graffiti


Sector 12 Transport Tunnel from POV of Terminator: Salvation - The Ride


Sector 12 - Transport Tunnel


Warning: Track Clsoed Ahead sign from photo from Terminator: Salvation - The Ride

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