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Utopia's Orion Kingdom [RCT2]

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Rapids look AMAZING! Incredible architecture couple with a brilliant setting. Good job.


Personally I'd get rid of the brick walls on either side of the path, but the roller coaster supports used as path supports is a real winner in my book.

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The park is so much fun just to look at.


The only item I would change is the bumpers used on the rapids ride. They need to be below water as well as above like the supports for the building are unless of course they are meant to be floating on the water. Now that I brought that up just my opinion again but I think the supports going into the water looks alright but in the case of the building putting only footers in the water might be more realistic. In most real world situations a steel support never touches the water if it is all possible not to.


Have you thought about making the course of the raft ride invisible and using single rail coaster track as the guides along the course? This would require you to make a second raft ride above the current one and then removing all sections that don't need to be seen. The lift sections and drops, they need to be seen. Then lowering those sections over the invisible track. It's a lot of work but the pay off is worth it.

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Thanks everyone.


^I have tried that procedure before, however I have NEVER had any luck merging or making anything invisible. 8 cars is a very tricky program to use. But if you know a good step by step illustrated instruction, I would be willing to give it a shot.

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Well I took your suggestion and made a step by step guide on how to do an invisible River Rapids. Just because I did it doesn't mean I expect your park to change.


It is GREAT the way it is!


It all really goes back to my water park. I had so many people ask in the thread how I did this or that and about 15 PMs about it. I said I would explain everything so this "How To" is just the start. If it gets some positive feedback I will make more. It took me over 6 hours to get that one put together so I won't do it again if no one is interested. I just needed a little push and your comment was it. So thank you. I know that a lot of other people have made this type of River Rapids before (mainly at NE) but no one ever bothers to really explain how it's done, what can go wrong and why it happens. So there you go a complete "How To".

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Thanks so much man. I have been fiddeling around with it in a empty landscape. I am not going to try it on this ride at the moment. I may not ever, but I want to be 100% sure I know what I am doing before I do it. LOL.


It is great to know though. Totally appreciate it. Oh and glad you like mine.

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Ok, doing some work today. Trying to finish up the El Salvador section so I can start on the next. So let me know what ya think!


First off major thanks to dmaxsba2408 for help with the raft ride. Looks fantastic and all the credit for the hack goes to him.

^Once again foliage is not complete but ride is.

^Ride bumpers no extend under water. Thanks for catching that one.


And as far as the Floorless goes. I re-did the station. Now the theme I am going for is that of the Mayan God of Death Ah Puch. The station is "supposed" to be the coaster coming out from under the grave yard and through the mausoleum. Please let me know what ya think.


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Thanks, I am so glad you liked it. In all honesty you need to be congratulated on making such a unique rapids ride in the first place all I did was help you make the track disappear. The course that ride takes is just amazing. Very well planned and executed. Well Done! So happy you sank those bumpers. Looks so much better that way.


Interesting twist on the floor-less station. Like the idea and it looks like your pulling it off pretty good, look forward to seeing it when it's finished.


Keep up the quality and this park should be a winner.

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Im back, progress is slow. In the process of moving to Tampa, going to be working down at MacDIll AFB. Should be fun...whats not fun is trying to get house ready to sell or rent


The newest addition to the park is a Arrow Suspended Swinging coaster. Obviously scenery will come last, but what do you think about the layout? It is themed to HABU which is a venomous snake found on Okinawa and many of the southern islands of Japan. When I was over there we used to see them at night up in the trees and hiding in ammunition storage bunker. NOT COOL. Not terribly toxic, but still venomous.


So anyway. Some photo.


Station with transfer track.


Most of the ride


Big drop on the second portion of the ride.


Ya like?

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