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[NL] Terminator Salvation

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Armed with just some skytower images and a POV, I started trackwork on Terminator Salvation.


Trackwork now is far from done, because I'd first like some feedback from some peeps who have ridden it, making sure it all fits.




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I rode it on opening day. First off, the station and turnaround to the lift needs to be higher off the ground. 15-20 ft should be good. Second, the turnaround right after the lift needs to have a bit more of a drop going into it and should be banked more. The drop goes completely over to the other side of the lift and followed by a small airtime hill before the "deadman's turn". After that, everything looks fine from what I can remember. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

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Lol guys, I know it's pumpy, that's because I'm still working on the actual layout. Once everything falls into place, i'll start smoothing things out.


Anyways, I need the help of the riders once again. I can't get any pictures of the section from the turnaround that goes around the pre-drop to the station flythrough. The POV that's on youtube is kinda useless because the less is humid after the tunnel and takes a long time to readjust to the light, making the drop out of the tunnel and following turn unable to see.


Here's a link to the pictures of my ride, where I just threw something in what I tought was right, but I'd like some confirmation or help from your side.


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I understand that you haven't ridden the actual coaster and are working with just a POV and pictures, but I'd like to offer a few constructive criticisms...


- The diagonal drop before the first tunnel has a little bit too much of a bump before it drops... not really too bad but it just needs a little adjusting to be completely accurate.


- The turn toward the station fly-by is too gradual. On the ride, that turn is pretty tight and it kind of throws you around a little bit. In fact, that section from the turnaround to the end of the ride is pretty violent (in a really good way).


- The aforementioned turn is also banked really high. It's probably about a good 65 - 75 degree angle.


- After the second tunnel, the track actually climbs a little bit before making the right turn toward the sweeping curve. So, after the tunnel, it is still straight for just a little bit longer until it banks right.


- Lastly, the little camel hill after the sweeper is a little more straight. Not by much, mind you, but it rises, straightens and then curves on the down side.


Other than that, you've done a great job thus far. Keep up the good work.




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I am uploading my version of Terminator: Salvation The Ride using my RCT3, however it isn't 100% accurate, so there are some minor changes that I had to make to get the train back to the station. I'll have the YouTube link posted soon.


In the video, there will be photos as well I snapped at the end of the ride, so stay tuned for those.




Version 4.1


I'll watch the YouTube version above in this thread. I haven't watched it yet.


Hyyyper, The layout is about right in the diagram you have. I rode Terminator on Monday, Memorial Day. You can watch that video on my YouTube Channel as well.

Great video. RCT3 doesn't save actual sound from the coaster, so it was great to hear the actual sound from this coaster using No Limits. I don't have that software.




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