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Just got back from the park and the polyp was not running this evening. All in all i had a good time, i forgot to charge my camera so no pictures sorry. I rode the coaster twice and most of the larger flats, im always sad to see coasters leave, but sadly i dont see this one being bought and moved.

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I've gone to Kiddiland every year for the last 5 as there was always talk of it closing and Little Dipper was my first coaster. Now it's officially closing after this summer. What really sucks is that it's not even a low turn-out issue. It's family squabbles over the land. Little Dipper is so small, someone must have room in their backyard for it. The average suburban Chicago yard does.


Yes, the Little Dipper is an okay ride, but in my opinion there is so many better rides worth saving at the park like the carousel (fastest and greatest carousel I've been on), Polyp (How many parks have an Octopus like this where the cars are attached, and don't spin, but the arms do?), Dippin Drop (Moser Spring Tower - I feel these are much better than the other drop rides - although haven't tried the big family spring towers yet), the Scooters (Bumper Cars)- (These are hard hittting ones.), and the train (I actually want to go on a train ride whereas at other amusement parks, I just avoid them. That tells you something about that train.)


If you want to ride a better Little Dipper in my opinion, go to Kings Island and ride the Fairly Odd Coaster. The Tilt-A-Whirl is a nice and fast Tilt-A-Whirl, but yet other carnivals have Tilt-A-Whirls so it's not a big deal. I think if they tried, they could sell the park to another company. I think they are only thinking of selling the land as land though. I don't really know how much more you can build in that area though. The golf course in back of the park wasn't every even sold.


Near Kiddieland, you go to 2 Mcdonald's, Denny's, IHOP, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Boston Market, Jewel, Menard's, a movie theater, Ruby Tuesday's, Wendy's, a race track, a college, Russell's, Sears, 2 Burger Kings, Taco Bell, 2 Pizza Huts, a Flea Market, Dunkin Donuts, Blockbuster, Walgreens, Value City Furniture, I think Advance Auto Parts Store, and Murray's (Reileys), Dollar Tree, Little Ceasar's, Game Stop, Aldi, some food store that I don't know if it's open, CVS Pharmacy, Toys R Us, Brown's Chicken, Portillo's, Marshalls, Factory Card Outlet, Best Buy, and more.


I don't think the Value City is filled up yet (closed down), and neither is Amlings. I think Sears to fix your parts place and they have washing machines in there is going to be closing located in Melrose Park.


So, what store is going to go around there? Are they thinking of a mall, or are they thinking of houses? I don't know if they can zone that area for houses even. My point is that besides houses, what are they going to possibly build there? Who wants the land when you have everything around that area already. Well, okay not everything because there is no Meijer, Lowe's, or regular shopping mall, but still.

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I hope this isn't taken the wrong way or doesn't sound too off, but in times like these, I almost wish it was going because of money troubles. It would be a bit more understandable and easier to swallow then the fact its closing for no reason other then family squabbles.

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