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Well Last November I started a park. It was called Embassy's Worlds of Discovery. It was owned by Embassy Hotels (similar to Marriott's Great America.) It was located in between Savanah Georgia and Hilton Head Island. When you entered the park it there was a long midway with a big fountain in the middle, similar to KI's International Street. There were many shops, a few rides, a theater, and a couple restauraunts. At the very end of this area was an Observation Tower and a TGG Woodie Very Similar to Voyage at Holiday World. The first section of the park was America. It featured the Parks oldest Coaster Riverside Runner (Donau's was named after it.) Also in this area were classic rides like A Whip, A Carousal, A double Armed Ferris Wheel, and the main attraction in this area... Double Loop. It was similar to Geuaga Lake's but this one also featured a Corkscrew. Conquistador at Donau was inspired by it. The next section was Caribbean and it featured the two biggest coasters at the park. A Custom Vekoma SLC similar to Kumali. The other was a mini B&M Hyper like Goliath at La Ronde. There was a pirate ship, Top Scan, a custom Intamin River Rapids, and a HUSS Top Spin. There was an underground tunnel that lead to Europe. There was a Parachute Tower, a CCI Woodie with Gerstlauer Trains. A Festhaus style restauraunt with a theater in it. There was also an Intamin Bobsleigh Coaster. I never finished anything else but there was going to be a Vekoma Mine Train, a few flat rides, and a China Section with a small B&M Floorless. And a hotel was planned for the park but never started ground breaking.


I never got to post this park cause it got a corrupt file the night I got my Graphics Card. I'm thinking about restarting this project since Donau is now on hold til' I get more RAM.


Here you can see the B&M Mini Hyper and a few other rides. The side of the tunnel with the Parachute Tower was Europe, the other side was Caribbean. Notice the maintenance roads?

Here is the Top Scan with the Vekoma Custom SLC in the background. I tried to make unqiue landscaping here at EWoD

Here is the odd looking station for the CCI.

This is the CCI.

The reason for the tunnel is because the B&M Mini Hyper and the maintenance roads.

This is the Landscaping Sheds located in the back corner of the park.

Another View with the Gravity Group Hybrid in the background.

This is Double Loop.

Here is the Intamin Bobsleigh. Many rides at Donau are inspired by rides here.


More theme.

This was the backside of the Main Midway, it featured many restaurants. The Dodgems were not completed yet.

A Building in Caribbean.

Overview of the park.


I'm thinking about remaking this park, what do you think?

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