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PTR: Soak City Opening Day

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Hello all,

Fairly burned and on an empty stomach, I returned from Soak City's opening day last night. Overall it was a really fun day! Nothing too out of the ordinary in the park, but the main attraction of today was obviously the noon opening of Breakers Bay. I got to the gates around 11:40 & waited it out. Finally, after a great speech by marketing, Larry McKenzie & that one clown thing (don't wanna even try to spell it haha) cut the ribbon & Soak City/Breakers Bay was open! I'm proud to say myself & a friend were tied for 2nd person(s) in Breakers Bay ever (Publicly at least), so that was kinda cool!


After riding ripcord a couple times & just chilling in Challenge Park, I went back out to my car, got my swimming trunks & went to Breakers to finally try it out. When I got in the water was FREEZING, but after a lil' while it warmed up. I waited about 10 minutes, and finally the waves started. It was such a great experience knowing that you've been following the thing you're sitting in for the past 7-8 months! After about a minute of waves, the wave cycle stopped. There was a mini-uproar of "Where'd the waves go?" and "This is stupid" erupted and people started leaving. I really felt bad so I decided to just stay in there & see if anything would change the next cycle. Nope. I really hope they change/have changed that, because if they don't, that's a ridiculously short cycle! (I'm guessing they were just testing the cycles & what not). Then I went over to the other side of Soak City. I road all of the slides (excluding Hurricane Falls), and then left. Fast, Faster, and Fastest were really fun, the speed slide was horrible & felt like I was sliding down a ladder, and Raging Rapids, I realized I'm very thankful for. It's such a unique & awesome ride/slide!


For the majority of the day, I spent time riding ripcord, riding the go-karts, and lounging around Challenge Park. Ripcord crew was awesome like always, I had an insanely good laugh with some little kids on the Go Karts, and I went on the Bumper Boats for the first time! Fun stuff.


Overall I had a really great day! I'd like to personally thank all the VF staff who made the whole Breakers Bay ceremony happen. I really love seeing VF step it up & make everything a big event. It's a great change!




Those guys were there today.


Just cut it already!


These guys were jammin. Cool stuff!


They had a tad bit of trouble cutting it haha.


Finally open!


I'm being overcome with waves of joy! Ha.


Oompapa says "When I get hot, I go into Breakers Bay & cool off!


Wild Thang


Godly. All hail the ICEE Mix-It-Ups.


Here's where you rent Cabanas!


I loved all the signage!


Guitar hero?


Beach Bites!


Beachware woohoo!


You know you make me wanna shout!


Some people reach for the sky, some reach for Steel Venom. I'm one of those SVers.


Coastertube Video of the Opening Ceremony!



Well that's all for now!

I definitely won't be returning until June.

Hope you enjoyed this!





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Top Posters In This Topic

I think this is a good addition to VF. However, the execution of this is a little lacking.


You can tell that the next few capital expenditures at VF will be here, based on the amount of dead space between the pool and the rest of the waterpark.


They've also got to work on the entrance. Right now, unless they've moved the control point closer to the Looping Starship, you have to leave either complex (pool or slides) to go to the other. It may not seem like a big deal, but having to get dressed in order to go between the two can be a major pain.


And the name of the mascot is Colonel Oompahpah, FYI. He used to be a much bigger portion of the marketing scheme when I was growing up.

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I agree. Although the only reason the entrance(s) are how they are is because of the Lazy River. Unless they have a bridge that connects the two bridges/entrances, it'll most likely always be separate. In future years, I have a feeling that there will be an expansion which will include the removal of the current kids area (Lets face it, it sucks) and a replacement that won't be huge, but will include a tipping bucket.


I'm also thinking that because of how much space there is, the park will add some kind of racing slides.


Again, all guesses/hopes, nothing is even rumored

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