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Best region of U.S. coaster wise?

Best region?  

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  1. 1. Best region?

    • Northeast
    • Midwest
    • Mid-Atlantic
    • South
    • Southwest
    • West/West Coast

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I searched and was surprised to see noone has asked this question before (if this is a repeat thread, mods feel free to lock and delete). I was inspired by the coaster map thread that shows all of the parks, and it got me thinking: which region is the best to live in if you are a coaster enthusiast? Here's a rundown of the more notable parks:



Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags New England

Lake Compounce


Dorney Park




Darien Lake



Cedar Point

Six Flags Great America

Kings' Island

Holiday World

Indiana Beach

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

Beech Bend

Six Flags St. Louis

Worlds of Fun


Mt. Olympus/Wisconsin Dells

Silver Dollar City



Six Flags America

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Kings' Dominion



Six Flags Over Georgia


Walt Disney World

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventure

Sea World Orlando

Busch Gardens Tampa


Freestyle Music Park

Alabama Adventure

Magic Springs & Crystal Falls



Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Kemah Boardwalk

Sea World San Antonio

Cliff's Amusement Park


West (Coast)

Six Flags Magic Mountain


California Adventure

Legoland California

California's Great America

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Universal Studios Hollywood





The bias in me says Northeast, but it's hard to go against the South or Midwest in this one.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I voted for the midwest. I could be wrong but the coaster population seems a bit more dense in that area than the north east. I think 'the best of the best' are all in the north east, but the midwest -by it's sheer number of 'very good but not great' coasters- wins. *cough* thanks cp for all your slightly above average rides *cough* *hack* *gag*


Also, I always thought of KW as being more of a midwest-ish park. The actual midwest is a lot closer than the Atlantic Ocean.

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Midwest!!!!! We got Cedar Point, Hellcat (A.K.A. Avalanche) Hades, Voyage and other amazing woodies. Plus the Wisconsin Dells has has at least seven theme parks or places with a few rides. Not to forgot the amazing airtime machine that is Viper. Midwest is the best!! Other regions propaganda no more!!!


And no I didn't forget Beast and Son of Beast you Kings Island fanboys. Maverick all the way!

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Definitely the North East. Not only because I've lived here my entire life but because the parks don't compare to any other part of the country. Outside of the North East I've only been to Cedar Point in the Midwest, Six Flags America, Busch Gardens Europe, & Kings Dominion in the Mid Atlantic, Dollywood, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, Sea World Orlando, & Busch Gardens Tampa, & Freestyle Music Park (HRP at the time) in the South. Other than Cedar Point nothing beats North East Parks in terms of coasters. GADV is definitely the most popular destination followed by Hershey which I prefer over GADV. Pennsylvania has some of the best woodies like Phoenix, Jack Rabbit, Ravine Flyer II, & Lightning Racers. Plus almost all of the North East parks have that traditional amusement park feeling which is hard to find anywhere else in the country. In August I'll finally go to California with TPR & will get to experience all of the parks in California! The only place I've visited in the West was Las Vegas & I rode every coaster except for Minor Mike & Speed (was closed) & they weren't really that great.

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I can't vote yet, as I've only done Florida and the East-Coast, but from what I've heard from other people about the other areas mentioned, I think it'll be hard to beat the North East. I'd like to visit a lot of the midwest parks etc. but I've yet to meet someone who tells me that the Voyage is better than El Toro or Phoenix. And Superman (Bizarro) was immense (and again, no one seems to think Maverick is better...).


Maybe I'll vote in a few years

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It's a tough draw for me. The only advantage the West coast has in it's coaster selection is that we can ride them in the middle of January. There aren't enough noteworthy rides out here to say it's the best reigion for coasters. We have the MOST in a region, but if more than half of them suck....well...

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The Northeast seems to be the best IMO. And for anyone that chooses the West Coast...it's basically just California, which does have some really good parks and coasters...but that's it. You have to go faaar away to get to the next "good" park.

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Call me a quarter of a rebel, but I went with Midwest. With parks like CP which is arguably the best coaster park in the world, SFGAm which is one of Six Flags's crown jewels, and Holiday World which has the world's number one wooden coaster, that's just too much awesomeness to pass up.

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Did I make a park's selling point on a good ride? My bad, what I meant to say was that, they're all classy people there, they have a great line up of woodies, and the world's tallest (but still pretty lame ) water ride. I totally didn't say something idiotic, that'd be stupid...

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Based on your regions, I've been to 5/6 of them. I would say the northeast clearly has the top coasters in the country, but I would think the south has the best parks (though I've never been to the "Florida part of the south" unfortunately).


Since the title of the thread says "coaster wise," I will vote Northeast.

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I've had a taste of every region (except South-west) and I would have to say the North East. We have some great park, but, above all else, we have the best of the best. I've always been a guy about quality, not quantity. I'll take 1 amazing coaster over 10 good/great coasters.


After that, I'd say Mid-West, South, Mid-Atlantic, West, with South-West omitted for a lack of experience.


With that being said, though, I must admit, come January, I sure as hell wish I was a west-coast/Florida guy.

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^ Yes


I think the Northeast has the most parks simply because there are so many major cities to serve on top of the fact that there are so many smaller family run parks and large corporate parks to serve.


Second place is the South because there are the Central Florida parks, combined with DW, SFOG, Carowinds, and FMP. Then there are a lot of smaller family run parks, but not as much as the NE.


Third is probably tied West Coast and Midwest. The Midwest/Great Plains area has SFGAm, SFKK, CP, HW, SDC, WOF, and SFSTl on top of some smaller parks, while the West Coast has SFDK, CGA, KBF, DL/DCA, SWSD, Legoland, and some smaller parks.


Mid Atlantic has the least amount with BGW, KD, and SFA, and not too many smaller parks.

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