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Cliff Jumping!

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I did a few cliff jumps last summer.


Ranging anywhere from 25-52ish feet Definitely entertaining.



My take: Shorter jumps are more fun because at any height over 40ft. it starts to hurt however you land. Also, rope swings aren't as cool as cliffs and are way more dangerous anyway. The highest I'd be willing to do is about 70 feet, anything higher and you can break yourself just by landing on water incorrectly.

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I did once, and I absolutely loved it!

It was when I was down in Belize for a missions trip the local kids were bringing us through the jungle and by this river.

It was only about 15 feet and maybe 19 at the highest, but it was still a really big rush!



One of the locals, this kid was seriously awesome.

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Hello again everyone! Cliff jumping season is here again. I am so happy! I've been to a couple new places, and have a few more planned.


Our latest adventure was to Hermit Falls in Arcadia, CA. The hike in was very easy, and only about 1.5 miles. As for the jumping, all I can say is "wow"! There are several different heights, and the pool water is beautiful. There are also two natural water slides. Another plus is the dam on the way in....It can be jumped! I don't know exactly how tall it is, but it is definitely fun. We took some video footage and created a little movie. It includes video of the smaller and larger jumps, as well as the dam. Check it out!


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I love cliff jumping! I just went with my friends to Nelson's Ledges (near GL's Wildwater Kingdom) the other day. Did my first dive! I'm going again this summer; I'll get pictures.


About Nelson's though; it used to be a quarry. Now they filled it with water from a spring and it's a HUGE lake. There are some really cool caves next to it too. I HIGHLY reccomend going if you're in the area.

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