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TPR's Termination Day! Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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I just got word from Six Flags Magic Mountain and I'm happy to confirm the following schedule for Termination Day:


9:00am - 10:30am - ERT on Terminator

10:30 - 12:00 - Free Time

12:00 - 2:00pm - Picnic area open

2:00pm - 10:00pm - Free time

10:00pm - 11:00pm - ERT on Terminator


So nighttime ERT on Terminator *IS* confirmed!


Elissa and I will also be working on some extras throughout the day...stay tuned!


--Robb "Oh, and the event is SOLD OUT!" Alvey

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Even with night time ERT confirmed. The park closes at 10, is there still no guarantee it will be full ERT for that hour due to the line at closing?

It has been guaranteed that we will get a full hour ot ERT after the park closes.


Please NOTE! - Someone has just cancelled so there is *ONE* ticket available right now for this event!



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Cannot wait to finally ride this ride at night with warming fire!


Robb. Just curious. As much as I love the pre-shows. I am wondering if we will have to watch them everytime we ride. Or will there be someway to get back in line without having to watch it all over again.

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^ This is correct. I have already talked the park about this. They will want us to watch the pre-show once, and then during re-rides we can go through the rooms without having to watch the pre-show.



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^ Robb posted with a "3/4" of the tickets are sold out, then the fallowing morning stated there were only 25 tickets left. In my head I figure that we are probably looking at a group of somewhere between 100-200 people. Which means we'll all get to take the tunnel over and over again.

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I promised to leave Robb alone until the 28th so I'm posting these questions in the forum for anyone to answer:


1.) I read a post where Robb states "if you are smart" it is possible to get 2 or possibly 3 rides on X2 without paying for them. Obviously one strategy is to participate in the running of the bulls. Beyond that, can anyone elaborate on what "being smart" means?


2.) Another question on strategy: when the park opens is it better to have a good position in the Flash Pass line or a good position in the X2 line when the opening of X2 could be delayed long enough to take you out of the running for a Flash Pass?


3.) Finally, I just watched "Roller Coasters in the RAW, Volume 1" in which Robb has a difficult (painful) time with the S & S 4D coaster in Japan and states "that was worse than 'X'". Is X2 better? Smoother? Less painful?


Finally, one only Robb can answer:

4.) I read your response to a post about whether or not on Termination Day we will be allowed to position ourselves favorably with regard to the running of the bulls toward X2 as the park opens. I think you said that generally we are not free to move around the park during a limited ERT, but you would ask about this specific case. Do you have an update on this?


Thanks!! Really looking forward to ERT on TD with TPR!!!



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