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Six Flags Great Adventure Bizarro Opening Day

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The weather was nice. The sun was shining and Bizarro sat waiting to give its first official rides. After a train stopped on the top of the lift and confetti on the track the ride finally opened. Hope you get enjoyment from the pictures. Pictures will be loaded as soon as I chop them. The files are too big. Also this is my first time posting, any tips would be nice. Thanks everyone.


Friendly Faces











More fire!


More confetti


Mark Kane himself


The horse was no match for Bizarro


Happy riders



First Riders. The Golden Ticket winners


queue signs


New entrance




Celebration confetti landing on the track. woops


Hello Mr. Kane


Cool shot with sign and train



Mr. Six looks scared


Mr. Six and I

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Posted Images

Is there an easy way to reduce the size of the images so I can get them up here? I have photoshop and i'm working with it now. Or atleast trying to


Just google "free image resizer" and you should find some good places.


Also, a trick that I learned:


1. Paste picture into Microsoft Word

2. Shrink or enlarge it as much as you want

3. Hit the print screen button on your keyboard and paste back into Paint

4. Cut out what you don't want

5. Save

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Great pics! Is the ride any smoother than Medusa, i always thought it was a little rough for a B&M. And what kind of stuff plays through those speakers?


Thanks! For me, I felt Medusa coming through the entire ride except for the obvious mist, fire, props and sound. Going up the lift you are spoken too by a person, once you crest the lift I believe it is music and yelling and once you hit the brake run, Bizarro is chanted untill you arrive in the station. It was a positive experience for me.



Medusa has a place in my heart because I worked at GA and Medusa was my first coaster and B&M I was trained on.

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Wow those trains look pretty freaking sweet! They just seem a little bulkier but I love the colors they chose. And fire is always a nice touch. It just seems super far from the coaster. But maybe its just the angle.


Freshly painted track and refurbished trains look like brand new shiny toys for any kid!


It would look amazing with the flames a lot closer, but i'm sure the engineers and designers went as close as they possibly can.. Each seat you can feel the flame and it seems closer than it really is.

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