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Photo TR: Six Flags Over Texas & Fiesta Texas 5/15-17/09

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So last weekend I took my first ever trip to Texas for the 32nd Annual O. Henry Pun Off in Austin. While that was on a Saturday, I took the day before and the day after to check out 2 parks I'd never seen before - Six Flags Over Texas & Six Flags Fiesta Texas. 2 days of fun & frivolity - Texas style!


Overall, each park was very enjoyable to visit. Crowds were mostly light, and employees were great. Below is a visual record of two parks that I'll most certainly visit again; likely next year when the Pun-Off is on again.


I'll put up the Six Flags Over Texas pictures first. Tomorrow I'll put up the Six Flags Fiesta Texas pics. Enjoy!


And my night ended with my own private ride on the Texas Giant. Thanks to the Giant crew for that, and thanks to SFOT as a whole for a very enjoyable first time visit. I'll be sure to make the trek again next year if I return for next year's Pun-Off.


That will do it for SFOT. Later today (Wed) I'll be posting my pics from Six Flags Fiesta Texas, which was also a first time visit. See ya until then!


Oil Derrick has a familiar look that I think I've seen in another park somewhere. ;)


Rode this in the back row, and it did throw me out of the seat a few times. Pretty fun little ride.


And the final credit of the evening, Shock Wave! Yaaaaaaaaay.


Never actually thought that I'd get a chance to ride this thing, but I did. =)


Ah yes...Sarajevo Bo-- err, La Vibora!


But I can't stop at Titan! There's still two more credits left! One of which can be found here in... Spain??


Texas Giant's lift hill also is quite illuminated in the dark.


The lift hill lighting at night looks awesome!


I was surprised at how much of a difference the extra uphill helix actually made compared to SFMM's Goliath. It's a lot more noticeable than I thought it would be.


But with the park closing soon and more credits to be had, I needed to keep moving. Admittedly, this is not the marquee I had envisioned for Titan, but whatcha gonna do?


Tons more twisty wooden goodness over here. I finally know what I've been missing in the form of a wooden coaster in SoCal! Texas Giant was all around a tremendous ride. Haven't had that much fun on a coaster in some time.




Works for me!


Hmmm...this is a giant wooden coaster...in Texas...what should we call it?


Since I hadn't eaten anything in 26 hours, it was turkey leg time!


The fact that this had horns on it amused me.


Yes please!


I wish I could see one of these parades someday. I'm not ready to say I wish this would come to SFMM because I've never seen one, but this still looks like some good nighttime entertainment is headed SFOT's way.


Oh right, I'm in Texas. Eh, still serves the same purpose as an observation deck. Too bad it was closed on this day. =(


So what does this park call this? Sky Tower? Eiffel Tower?


Hey, can anyone tell me what state I'm currently in? I seem to have forgotten...


Occasionally I have to stop myself from believing that a giant fart controls these tower rides.


The ride came across to me as a cross between Gold Rusher and Big Thunder Mountain. However, I believe the reality is that both those coasters were inspired from this one.


This I found interesting. One of the factoids usually floated about Disneyland's Matterhorn is that it was the first coaster to use tubular steel track. However, Runaway Mine Train here makes the very same claim. The claim isn't made in the pictured ACE plaque, but made over the PA in the station. Both can't be correct at the same time creating an interesting case of mutual exclusivity.


It's a credit. That's what matters.


Mr. Freeze was a fun coaster, but there's more credits to be had. Here are two conveniently located right next to each other. Woot.


OMG again again! That's a coaster with inversions but no OSTR's! I must be on drugs. This is a trifecta of impossibility here!


OMG again! Is Six Flags operating both sides of a loading area when the park attendance is light and there isn't much "demand"???


OMG! Is that themeing I see inside a Six Flags attraction???


Be there in a sec!


Time for some Freeze and yet another credit!


Batman: The Exit Queue gives a nice look at a Texas sunset.


Yellow Batman is just so... yellow. Is it good to be yellow in Texas? I'm not quite sure...


This way to your Batman colonic exam!


Freeze & Batman are all like, "Sup?"


Yellow Batman looks quite yellowish in person...


Hey there Batmobile! Long time, no see!


It's not Gotham City Backlot, but it works!


Hmmm...I'm noticing a general theme in this direction...


It also rode fairly on the smooth side of things, believe it or not. I was pleasantly surprised.


Name notwithstanding, this is a pretty standard issue boomerang coaster.


It's certainly been a while since I've heard the word "exciting" in a description of a coaster named Flashback!


Okay so it's only a Vekoma boomerang, but, any coaster that calls itself "Flashback" merits some trepidation....


What?! Oh dear. This is not a good sign...


*THE* Six Flags fluttering proudly in the breeze. In case you've never known this, "Six Flags" refers to the six flags that have flown over Texas in its history, shown here.


Also, there be a lake with a pretty view, and a state flag reminding me where I was.


At the other end of this tunnel...a woody.


As fun as it would have been to relive a fond memory, this wasn't open. But, the name "Texas Chute Out" would have made the Pun-Off folks proud!


Hey there all you KBF fans. =)


Oh right, I'm in Texas...




Eat, ride, puke, crap...in whatever order you wish. =)


Undercarriage nerdy shot!


Big Spin goodness...




In the queue is where everyone learns about Tony Hawk...


First up, something that might be coming to SFMM someday - Big Spin!


Ah finally, time for some coasters!


Holy crap, Z-Force?!


Hmmm...same name, but not quite the same look...


Bugs, Taz, and their paparazzi


Inside the park, this was the first land that I wandered into.


Only two more years before Six Flags turns 50. All our little theme parks are growing up...


I has arrived! Yay!


And a hello there to Goliath's twin + extra helix - Titan!


Why hello there former Sarajevo Bobsleds! Six Flags Magic Mountain has always been my home park, but this took off before I was old enough to be able to ride this. Problem solved today! =)


Arriving at about 6:15pm means no waiting at parking toll gate! (Why so late? Landed at Austin around noon, then drove to Texas Motor Speedway for a quick tour, and then drove over here. Only about 250 miles of driving!)


After 200+ miles of driving from Austin, I've finally arrived at SFOT! Looks a lot like Knott's Berry Farm's entrance off Beach...

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I really liked SFOT. It reminded me of a cross between KBF and SFOG. Love Mr Freeze! Too bad you didnt get a chance to check out Chute Out or the Oil Derrick, both give a great view of the area, especially on a clear day!


Did you try a pink thing?

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Awesome photos! Can't wait to see your Fiesta Texas Photo TR.


By the way, did you ride Runaway Mountain? It's a pretty neat ride, I'd say a bit better than your average "credit."


Great pics. Thanks for the TR.


I totally agree with the Runaway Mountain statement. Very fun coaster.

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Apologies for the minor delay. Pics from Fiesta Texas are ready!


The day was much more standard than the evening I went to Over Texas on. That was crazy, this was not. This was a Sunday that was pretty standard. Left Austin at about 12:15pm, arrived at SFFT at around 2pm. 6 hours of good times, shown below.


And the TR ends with one more look at the Six Flags. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Fiesta Texas. It surpassed what I expected going in, and I will make it a point to return during my next Texas trip.


Those of you going on the TPR Texas trip, SFFT may not have the most credits in the world, but you'll find a really fun, and diverse park in terms of attractions. Clean, friendly employees, and an awesome cliffside that gives this park a certain character not found just anywhere.


Thanks SFFT for a fun day. Hope to see you again sometime!






Weird symbols aside, time for one last credit before closing. !namtaB I mean, Goliath!


Just out of curiousity, WTF is with that little dollar sign in the middle of the I that looks almost exactly The Price is Right's pricedown dollar sign????


Constants in the Universe: Death, Taxes, and a mob scene at the Funnel Cake Shop around closing time.


So, um, yeah...credit...check. Get it? Credit check? Yeah, sorry...


Well, at least it's not named Flashback...


Here we go again...


Wrestling fans will appreciate this picture. =)




Poltergeist, while enjoyable, was also one of the more intense coasters that I've been on. Fun, but intense.


I don't know about anyone else, but I'd sure like this view just outside my front porch.


In one of the more unique settings for a coaster that I've seen before, the entrance is in the unassuming-looking picket fence house. Of course, all 50s-style homes had a coaster queue in their front yards. ;)


I look like a bowl of spaghetti!


Rawr! I'm big scary Poltergeist coaster!


Though the years pass and one generation comes after another, there's always fun when the kid can drive the adult. =)


Fiesta Texas is one of those parks that reminds you that big roller coasters are hardly the only reason to come to a park. Any *good* park should also have plenty of good flat rides such as the aforementioned Hustler, and this, a 50's-themed Autopia-style ride.


This one has a little more skateboard themeing than its cousin in Arlington, but pretty much just as zippy & fun.


Gah! Too many distractions! Must keep credit whoring! Time for my second Big Spin in three days.


Not only is there the best flat ride ever, but there's the best midway game ever too! OMG Plinko as a midway game! Price is Right fans, this game is totally for you!


Well I'll let Mr. Cooler describe this ride in terms of something similar that you might find in other parks.


"Rockville" is home to just about the greatest flat ride ever! Yes, now you can have the experience of being inside a billiard ball. So what's that like?


Here's a clue that the land you're about to enter is not set in the present time period - count the stars on that flag.


My favorite part about Krypton Coaster was how well it interacted with the nearby cliffside. The train seemed to fly off the cliff at least two or three times while then engaging in the standard floorless coaster element lineup. +1 above non-terrain floorless coasters.


Lift hill - In the Raw!


Iz on your loop.


Mezzin wit yer floorlez coasterz.


Superman: Loading House the Escape of Steel Ultimate Flight of Power Krypton Coaster the Ride on Fire.


Now THIS is more like it!


So Wiggles World has some stuff, and a fountain. Huzzah. Time to get back to credit whoring!


Enter the land of trademarked images and all around weirdness...


So apparently this might come to SFMM one day, but it's already here at SFFT!


Ah, 3-Point Challenge. Let's face it, it can draw a crowd.


Meanwhile this tunnel has plenty of crowd & activity.


Never having been to this park before, I wasn't sure, but, isn't there supposed to be a waterfall here? This tunnel looks awfully lonely...


Season Pass ad, or ACE buffet recruitment poster? You be the judge.


Hey look, more flags! I must be having more fun!


Oodles & oodles of wooden twisty goodness to behold.


Rattler is the longest wood coaster I have ever personally laid eyes on.


HISSSSSSS! I'm angry Rattler snake! Feed me some children!


Even though we have very snug fitting lap bars, please do not stand in the coaster car. Thanks.


Road Runner, the Coyote's after you!


But who has time for a waterpark when there's credits to obtain???


Fiesta Texas also offers an entire waterpark included in admission!


When a park like Fiesta Texas has less coasters than you have fingers, but the same amount of attendance as parks that have more, Flash Pass becomes quite useful!


Flags looks a bit different at this park...


Guest Relations: From the Makers of Jurassic Park


Welcome to Six Flags...Somewhere!


So Batman: The Ride apparently looked at itself in the mirror and saw Goliath at SFFT. Goliath at SFMM was very confused about that whole situation.


More Flags! More ... History!


Even at around 2pm, plenty of cars were still attempting to make it through the toll gate, but hey, we're at Fiesta Texas!


Hey look we're at Fie-- HOLY CRAP! CONES!!!

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I went to San Antonio back in March. SW and SFFT.

Great White is better than Goliath, but they still are great. Yeah, IDK why they added the same coaster that is right down the interstate and just a couple hours away. An invert would be great going off of the cliff.


SFFT impressed me so much. Size-wise, it's not too big, which is GREAT, but there is so much in it! It's totally an awesome place!


I loved Poltergeists station. They even had furniture on the porch! That coaster was intense. Always gaining speed and maintaining what felt like a constant g-force. The launch wasn't as quick as I'd expected, but still awesome.


Rattler sucks. "Rattler" and "fun" should not be in the same sentence.

Or paragraph.

Or chapter.

Or book.

Or volume.

Or series.

Or library.


Did you go to SW? Personally, I think that Steel Eel totally beats any coaster that's at SFFT. Most airtime I've had on any coaster.

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Rattler sucks. "Rattler" and "fun" should not be in the same sentence.


Well that's your opinion, but I thought it was a fun coaster, if for no other reason than how long it was. The thing just kept going on and on and on going everywhere. That kind of thing might lose its appeal by your 50th ride, but on my 1st, I enjoyed it.


Did you go to SW? Personally, I think that Steel Eel totally beats any coaster that's at SFFT. Most airtime I've had on any coaster.


No, while my friend was there for nearly a week, I only had 3 days total in Texas. However, a long trip is already being planned for next year that includes visits to the parks that we missed this time. We're going to try to hit Sea World if we can scrounge together the monies.


No Wile. E Coyote's Grand Canyon Blaster or Romp Bomp A Stomp ( ) credits? Or is there a height requirement?


Well admittedly the Wiggles World photos were rather abruptly cut off. I had full intentions of whoring Romp Bomp a Stomp BUT it had what easily looked like a 2 cycle line. With not much time left before closing, the choice was that credit, or Goliath, which was on 1-train ops. The choice seemed clear. Even credit whores have certain priorities!

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Great trip report! SFOT looks better then I thought, and SFFT looks like one of the best parks in the chain. It definitely looks like it has the best atmosphere of any of their parks, and it looks like they focus on small touches and theming quite a bit.


Interesting that you liked Texas Giant and Rattler..those rides hardly ever seem to get good reviews. I wonder if they've improved over the past year or so.

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Looks nice. But I still don't understand why Six Flags added Goliath, when SeaWorld right nearby, also has a clone of the ride. (Great White)


My gosh....not this topic again!!! Just because Sea World has a "mirror image" B&M coaster doesn't mean that everyone is going to go to Sea World to ride it. We as a bunch of coaster dorks know all about these coasters but the general public does not.


Now....back to the point of my post.....great TR. Loved your pics of both SFFT and SFoT. SFFT is a great park. If not for the drought the water falls would have been operational.

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Interesting that you liked Texas Giant and Rattler..those rides hardly ever seem to get good reviews. I wonder if they've improved over the past year or so.


Well, I think a lot has to do with the fact that it was my first ride on both. I can see how people with 50+ rides on both could pick apart their rides and come up a bunch of pros & cons about each. On the first ride on both, I was only really concerned with how I was having a lot of fun on them. Texas Giant, especially, seemed to want to just rattle itself right off the track going up the first curve after the first drop. That was fun.


I have to say my recent experiences on Texas Giant, Rattler, and now Terminator Salvation have greatly increased my appreciation for wooden coasters.


If not for the drought the water falls would have been operational.


Really? They can operate a water park, but it's a drought that keeps waterfalls dry? Really?

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Interesting that you liked Texas Giant and Rattler..those rides hardly ever seem to get good reviews. I wonder if they've improved over the past year or so.

If not for the drought the water falls would have been operational.


Really? They can operate a water park, but it's a drought that keeps waterfalls dry? Really?



Yes sir.....that is correct. Waterfalls both in the park and at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas sign at the park entrance are considered "non-essential". There is also a sign in front of the waterfalls that advise why the falls are turned off. *it was there on my visit 5/9*


Really??? Yeh Really.

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My gosh....not this topic again!!! Just because Sea World has a "mirror image" B&M coaster doesn't mean that everyone is going to go to Sea World to ride it. We as a bunch of coaster dorks know all about these coasters but the general public does not



Well you would have to be pretty dumb to not notice the similarities. OOps sorry! The Gp is dumb. How far are these 2 parks from each other anyway?

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My gosh....not this topic again!!! Just because Sea World has a "mirror image" B&M coaster doesn't mean that everyone is going to go to Sea World to ride it. We as a bunch of coaster dorks know all about these coasters but the general public does not



Well you would have to be pretty dumb to not notice the similarities. OOps sorry! The Gp is dumb. How far are these 2 parks from each other anyway?


Ok......much of the GP doesn't realize their similarities. I heard the funniest thing in the Goliath line. It went something like this:


GP1: Yeh...they have a ride kinda like this at Sea World

GP2: Really, have you ever ridden it?

GP1: Yeh but you don't go upside down as much. This one is a lot better and a lot taller.


I just laughed and kept my comments to myself.


The parks are roughly about 10-12 miles apart from each other. The good thing about Goliath at SFFT is that the park has 2 B&M's in the park and I don't have to visit Sea World to get a B&M inverted coaster fix.

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