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PhotoTR: Coaster Journey to WV, NC, SC, VA, MD, PA! 9 Parks!

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^ Well if you want to be exact, The lift hill and first drop of both sides were retracked. Both turnarounds were rebuilt. The entire second half of the former backwards side (left) was rebuilt and the first and second hill of the right side was rebuilt.

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Now that I think back, the left side was smoother than the right but I still don't think that much was retracked/rebuilt. IMO, TR's drop is still really rough and it feels almost uneven. And trust me, after the first hill after the turnaround, things get pretty rough.

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Now that I think back, the left side was smoother than the right but I still don't think that much was retracked/rebuilt. IMO, TR's drop is still really rough and it feels almost uneven. And trust me, after the first hill after the turnaround, things get pretty rough.


Dude, I work there and have for the last 2 years. Believe me when I say that that's what was done to the coaster. Yes I know the drop is still rough but that is because the retracking of a coaster sometimes does not work.

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After Carowinds we were headed to Williamsburg, Virginia to find our hotel and rested up for Busch Gardens Europe the next day.


Little did I know that there would be a little bonus park down the road from our hotel, along with an unexpected credit!

Our third park of the trip was Go-Carts Plus.

Go-Carts Plus

6910 Richmond Road

Williamsburg, VA 23188


They have 1 coaster and adults are allowed to ride it.


Here's a little Park Index love. (Well, I didn't see anything in there for it)


Hope you enjoy!


This is the last photo for this update.

I felt like I was going to get stuck in there, so I half assed it.


Hope you enjoyed!


Next update will be Busch Gardens Europe, which was my most anticipated park of the trip.


Stay tuned!


You can't tell from the photos, but the place was super packed so we only had time to play one course.


My Mom & I.

Anytime we get near a Pirate's Cove we make it a priority to play at least one of the courses.



My Mom & I both LOVE to play Putt-Putt, so we always make sure to play on trips. We opted out of playing at Go-Carts Plus for the price, cause I knew that we could play at Pirate's Cove for about the same amount, and it would be much better.


After Historic Williamsburg, we ventured down to Wendy's where we had the worst service I've ever had at a fast food joint.

After Wendy's, we headed to Pirate's Cove to play some Putt-Putt Golf. It was right across the street from our hotel, which was convenient.






We wandered for a little bit to look around. I didn't take many photos, but here are the few that I did take.


We then ventured into Historic Williamsburg so my Mom could hang out with Thomas Jefferson for a bit. They got along great!


This sign was above the restrooms.

I thought it was amusing, so I took a photo of it.


After we left Go-Carts Plus we just drove around Williamsburg and did a little site seeing. We stopped at this general store to look around and waste some time.

That's my Mom at the top of the stairs.


This is the last photo from Go-Carts Plus.








I followed this path thinking it was going to take me somewhere fun. It ended up being an observation deck for the largest of the go-cart tracks, and the putt-putt golf course.








If you couldn't tell from all of the previous photos, the park was super dead.

I apologize for all of the boring dead shots with no one in them, or without the rides operating.


Now, the rest of the random attractions at the park.


I like this one!



They had a Disko!

I can NOT do spin-n-puke rides, but for some reason these things don't bother me, which makes me happy cause I think they're super fun!




The biggest of the 4 tracks.





The 3rd biggest track. Boring circle track.


The next biggest track.




The smallest of the go-cart tracks.




The lift.


The train.


The reason we're here. A little credit whoring.


Park map.

It was a clean little family park. I'd say most of the park is for kids.

I tried to get a photo of everything, but I forgot to get a photo of the arcade.


After we got rested up, we headed down the road to this little park.


We arrived at our hotel and got checked in and relaxed for a little bit.

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These are great trip reports! Thanks for the pics of Camden Park, I haven't seen many pics from there before.


I was just in Williamsburg visiting BGW and Colonial Williamsburg and didn't run across that go-cart place. Great find and a rare credit! I find it incredible that a place like that would have a Disk-O to boot!


As a side note, I absolutely LOVED BGW.

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Hey Brian!!!!!!!!!!!


Hope all is well good buddy!



I just got the chance to read your thread cover to cover, enjoying it very much!


Awesome job so far



I look forward to reading about your entire trip!



Say hi to Mom for me.



Peace, Big Mike

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Thanks, froggypheebs!


Glad you're enjoying them so far.

I had never really seen any photos from Camden before either, so it was a big surprise when I finally arrived.

I absolutely LOVED their sign. I bet I took about 20 photos of just that, haha.


I was surprised when I saw that Go-Carts Plus had a Disk'O as well. Although, it was a pretty nice little park. Hopefully they get a little more business than when I was there, cause it was super slow.


Glad you LOVED BGW!

It was by far my favorite park of the trip. I'll leave it at that so I don't spoil my TR, hehe.



Big Mike,


Thanks for the kind words, and thanks again for always being so awesome and nice.

I'm glad that you're enjoying the TR's so far.


I will indeed tell my Mom that you say hi.

She knows all about you. I always show her your thread when she stops over to visit. She loves it too!



Thanks again to the both of you!

I'm glad someone reads them.

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Thanks again to the both of you!

I'm glad someone reads them.


You can throw me in there for the count as well. I look forward to each of your new updates & you're the only reason I'll be visiting camden this year. I basically knew nothing about it before your TR. Coaster trips with moms rock, my mom and I stopped at Hershey on the way back from Philadelphia last summer after wanting to visit HP for years. Like your mom, she doesn't ride coasters but we had a fantastic time on a wide variety of rides & I did ride 3 coasters

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Thanks for the Camden photos! I'm visiting the park for the first time next weekend, and was looking forward to riding the Sky Diver...


Do you think it was just down for that day, or will it be closed for a while?

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Very nice trip reports so far. I have definitely enjoyed reading it.


On a note about thunder road. A comment had been made on Carowindsconnection.com that Dani (CP PR @ CW) said that it is actually only 2 years through a 5 year rebuild. It will be done in 2012. I always have an enjoyable ride as long as it is in the center of the car closer to the front. The rest of the ride it just a major headache.


Keep the trip reports coming though. Thanks

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Our third park of the trip was Go-Carts Plus.


Though far from a credit whore, I actually tried to find this place last year during our trip to Williamsburg--and utterly failed.


Doesn't look like I missed much...but now I know. Thanks!

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I've been to Go Karts Plus once...... back in 1995 when I was 3! I don't remember much, but I do have so photos of me and my dad on one of the tracks and of me on a rocket ship ride similar to the train which is there now. Looks like a great place.

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