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Photo TR: WOF 5/14

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Hi Everyone,


Some friends and I decided to head down to Kansas City last week to check out Prowler and see what all of the fuss is about. Overall, Prowler is a fantastic coaster. It offers plenty of air that is sure to make the most desensitized coaster nerds feel joy once again Enjoy!


Thanks for reading. We had a good time and you all should go check out Prowler. Rachel also decided to book a flight to Africa...that gorilla really made an impression I guess.


Some more awesome music :)


We stopped at Carrabas for dinner.


Time to go...


Hmm...I guess it's just more fun when it's inside of a mall.


Mess of steel.


Still just an "OK" ride IMO...



Hi Patriot.


NO!...Don't eat Timberskara and Coasterplaya!!!


Who's this I see on the front of the map???


More scenery.


We decided to skip TW. To compensate, I had Rachel beat my kidneys with a nearby steel rod for 2.5 minutes.


Cameron went in as a boy and came out as a man! He also will not shut up and leave me alone...


You get some nice views of Prowler from the train.


Yay for lasting over an hour at WOF without getting bored!


Mamba on the other hand is awesome!


We weren't in the mood to have our semicircular canals smashed in so we skipped Boomerang.


So here are my thoughts: Prowler is a fantastic ride and a great addition to WOF. It offers a plethora of air in a nice setting. With that said, I still like Renegade just a hair better. I would say Prowler offers more air, but the overall layout isn't as good as Renagade. Just my two cents...


Sexy trains.


Now there is some wood that I want to throw myself on!


Here come some happy riders.


Yay for 1 train op on the new coaster.


Here's what we came here for...Prowler!


Rachel got tired of waiting for Cameron or myself to make a move so she took out her hormonal rage on this unwilling gorilla. She found out that we really do have more in common with these creatures than you think :)


We ARE Ride Warriors! (although not on as much meth as the kids in the commercials).


WOF has some lovely scenery.


Hmm...passes don't work at the gate?...What a shock!


Some hot entrance action for ya.


You stay classy Kansas City.


Ok lets go ride now.


Oh what's this?!? Our awesome CF platinum passes don't work at WOF either??? We're 0/2 this season so far and its only May.


I think we enter here.


OMG!...There's Mamba!!!


Looks like Angelina Jolie has been known to prowl around these woods too.


We decided to listen to some awful 80's music on our way to the park to prepare me for my internship this summer at Valleyfair.


Our sexy ride.


Here's the crew! Me with my irregular bowel face, Cameron looking emo, and Rachel looking like she likes her chances for some hot action today! We shall see :)

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I hope you didn't have to pay for Parking or Admission!? I hope they don't try to pull that on me when I go to CP and KI!


Get it together Cedar Fair!


Prowler looks awesome! Not too many photo ops for this ride are there?

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Nice TR. Just a shame you didn't feature any of the flats...of which there are a ton. You did a great job of showing the scenery though. WoF is one of the "greener" parks I've been to.


And I was surprised at how much speed Prowler keep right up to the breaks. It definitely hauls some ass!

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1. Patriot's station looks like a ski lodge. Does not look very patriotic.


Didn't they just use the same blueprints from Knott's Silver Bullet with a few minor revisions?


Some awesome shots! Thanks!


That's what I have heard as well. Seems rather similar to me.

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What type of ride is "Cyclone Sams?"



My other ride is your girlfriend.

With the stickers surrounding that one, I think it's safe to say this guy has never been laid.


Excellent assessment.


For those who haven't gotten the point. Go remove those stickers from your car, NOW!

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^It's like a traditional trabant with riders facing each other. I can just about handle any ride anywhere but this one makes me a little sick. The cycle on it is quite long and very disorienting.

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1. Patriot's station looks like a ski lodge. Does not look very patriotic.


Didn't they just use the same blueprints from Knott's Silver Bullet with a few minor revisions?


Some awesome shots! Thanks!


That's what I have heard as well. Seems rather similar to me.


It's based off of Talon at Dorney Park. That's what WoF told me in an email a couple years ago.


^ I read online that it's a Chance Wipeout.


Now can anyone tell/show me what that is? All I know is that it spins a lot. I have a low tolerance for spinning so I've never had the nerve to go on it.


that ride frickin' rocks. You get really close to the ceiling, there's wind, sounds, neon lights. It's a TON of fun!!!


EDIT: I now realize you guys were talking about Patriot's station ... Not the layout. My bad!

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