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American Idol 2009


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I was sure there is already a topic about American Idol but I didn't find any, so 2 second beofre the final ...


Who do you want to win ?


I am with Adam ever since he sang Ring of Fire. It was really something.

His version for Mad World was so good that even Simon was speechless.

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Actually, I found a number of topics about American Idol when I searched, but they're all pretty old and inactive. It seems kind of late te be starting one for the '09 edition of the show, but I guess it's OK (if anyone's interested).

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I would love to see Adam win it! I love his style and the way he entertains. Danny had been my favorite the entire time, I loved his beautiful raspy voice, I know he will go far. I was quite surprised that he wasn't in the final two. My teeth just about dropped out of my mouth when he didn't make it. I thought for sure that he and Adam would be the last two! I never really got into Chris's style. Oh well....


Go Adam!!

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I've liked Adam since the top 13 were announced. I knew that he was amazing, and would make it up to at least to the top 3.


Now that it's just Adam and Kris, I'm starting to get nervous. They're both incredible singers, but they're completely different. Adam is more of a frontman that can lead the show with his screams, while Kris is someone who could easily make his own album and appeal to everybody, not just the glam-rock fans.


I'd be very happy with the winner, no matter who it is.

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Damn, I was really hoping for Adam to win. I don't have any problems with Kris, but Adam is simply amazing. I have no doubt that he'll have a great career ahead of him no matter what. I hate myself for being so addicted to this crappy show!

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I had never watched American Idol until this season. I had known about the winners in the past just because it is such a big Pop Culture piece, but I had never taken the time to sit down and enjoy it. I was anti-American Idol. We started watching it early in the auditions this year just because there wasn't anything else on. We skipped the Hollywood crap, and picked back up the first week of the Top 36.


Through all of it, I was a big Anoop fan, though I knew he wasn't going to win. I also really liked Gokey and Allison. I really thought Kris should have been eliminated within the first few weeks. His shy cuteness kept him in the game.


When I was dialing the phone the every 5 seconds the other night like a little school girl, I knew I had a problem. In two hours, I got 3 votes in for Adam. I then gave up.


I thought that Adam was the best overall this year, even though I do believe he does need some lessons on tones and octives. Some of the notes he belts out are amazing, and could kill a 6 year old if subjected to them long enough, but he needs to learn when to use them.


I thought Kris was very vanilla. He is the kind of guy you have seen before, like a Jason Mraz or a John Mayer. However, that is why I believe he won. The show is American Idol. It is kind of like choosing the girl next door, or the All-American boy. Adam just doesn't fit that mold at this point in time in our society. Although I thought Adam was the best performer, and had the best voice, America is just more comfortable with a Kris.

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^I agree with you completely however, I will throw in that Adam has been doing theatrical stuff since the age of ten. He even was the understudy for Fiyero in Wicked. Nowadays, it's very very very difficult to do something like that without amazing vocal training. So he does have training, but I guess he was just trying the "screaming" to do something new...and at any rate I love it. Try singing notes that high w/o screaming. It's hard to hit notes like that without using falsetto; kudos to him!


I still think Kris is also amazing, but his type of music has been done before and I like Adam more because it's something "new".

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