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May 26-27, 2012

Adventure City, Duck Hunt, and MANTA


THE SETUP: One Day Earlier: Friday May 25th.

Mr Bebe went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and obtained Big Mike's hidden ducky from the spiderweb infested tires behind the old filling station that used to house the Riddler's Revenge on-ride photo booth. DUCK #1 captured!


THE PLAN: We had purchased tickets to see Cirque du Soliel's new show TOTEM in San Diego on Sunday May 27, 2012. We planned on leaving for San Diego on Saturday around 2pm, and hit Adventure City in Buena Park along the way, picking up TWO brand new credits.


THE PRICE: It cost us each $15 and a funny look from the cashier to get into Adventure City. It's basically a kids park, and there is some sort of "rule" that you must have a kid with you to get in. But they let us through, no prob.


THE ADVENTURE: They had a very nice looking carousel


Oooohhhhhh artsy


THE HERO: Lady Bebe has always desired a job in the Civil Services. She inquired with the Police


And then showed the Fire Dept just how MANLY she could be


They felt she was better off working the farm circuit


There was a pen that had a pig resting his head on a giant tortoise. Lady Bebe felt obliged to rub the pork belly


The Oinker succumbed to Lady Bebes advances and promptly rolled over


Make your own sexual innuendo using the three words in this sign: ENTER - PULL - COCK.


They had a small drop ride


We headed toward the BIG ride in the park, Tree Top Racers. Lady Bebe turned out to be too small to ride it :-(


Just kidding! That photo was doctored. The Bebes got in line for Tree Top Racers, a rickety wild mouse coaster.


The vehicles that you ride in are quite interesting, and extremely cavernous inside


Tree Top Racers in action! The paint job looked quite new and vibrant


Lady Bebe's in that Racer. You can barely see her


Next up: Freeway Coaster


Remember kids: SAFETY FIRST. NO Texting while driving. Bebe..... Bebe......


Freeway Coaster in Action! This little kiddie ride was a bit painful for an adult to ride. A bit too small, as I felt I was going to topple over the edges of the cars. The teenager in front of us kept yelling, "AAAhhhggg!!! Mah Kneez, Mah Kneez!!!!"


Adventure City seems to be pretty heavy on the "transportation" theme. After getting off the Freeway, Lady Bebe decided to try the bus


They also have an airport


And a train station


Choo Choo!


The train almost crashed as they drove by Lady Bebe


We thanked the mayor of Adventure City for bending their strict rules, and he gave us a MANLY MAYOR pose!!!!


THE TWIST: En route to San Diego, we decided to go get two of the three duckies that were in San Diego. The first: Boomers in El Cajon.


We found it at the third hole of one of the courses. There was a family playing at the hole and they must have thought we were pretty odd! DUCK #2!


THE INCITING INCIDENT: We headed off to Belmont Park, passing right by Seaworld, home of the 3rd Duck that we WEREN'T getting. We grabbed the Belmont Ducky and headed out. DUCK #3!


TO SEAWORLD! We had previously discussed coming BACK to San Diego to ride the new coaster MANTA, which just opened TODAY (MAY 26, 2012). There was only 2hrs left before they closed. ANOTHER new credit. A BRAND NEW ride. A DUCK. We couldn't resist. We bought FUNCARD season passes and headed in.


Screw the new coaster! We went right for the DUCK. We actually got quite the nice tour of the VERY LONG layout of the Manta coaster as we traversed its course trying to find the hiding ducky. DUCK #4!


THE RIDE: We managed three rides on Manta. It was a really fun ride!!! Not especially tall or fast, but it made the best of it's limitations and has some of the most intense POPS you'll find, especially near the back. The seating was comfy, the ride was smooth (1st day, it better be!), and the staff was jazzed and trying their best to keep pumping trains through. Best of all, they offered a FREE 2hr fluffy fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo.


THE SIDEKICKS: While waiting in line for our third lap, someone yelled out, "Hey Bebes!!!" It was ChickenBowl (Jeremy), X2CoasterFreak (Andrew), and Jeremy's brother Tristan. They cut to the REAR of the line just to hang with the Bebes, and we all paired up for Front Row rides to end the day.


A short while back, ILoveRides posted a photo of Spears and Bumblebee posing the question: Manly Pose or Serious Face? JoJo replied (and I concur), "Seriously Manly". IT'S OFFICIAL.


The next day we headed to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for our Cirque du Soliel show TOTEM. It was really good! We've seen at least a dozen Cirque shows and it was one of the better ones. You can PM The Bebes for opinions on other shows.


We left San Diego around 4pm and headed to a friends house in LaVerne. It just so happens that John's Incredible Pizza was on the way (sorta). DUCK #5!


AND... John's has a coaster credit that the Bebes don't have yet. It was running! We were allowed to ride! BUT WE DIDN'T. We're just not as big of Whores as you all think we are!!!! That being said, John's looked like a really good discount pizza buffet. It was clean and had a ton of options. The arcade area was big and even had a legit carnival ride (other than the kiddie coaster). We might just go back to eat and play (and probably whore it up, too!!!!)


THE FINALE: What's in this tree?


What's in THIS tree?




Yeah, Scandia was on the way(ish) to our friends house too.


Mr Bebe poses with his newly adopted children. Happy Memorial Day!!!! THE END.

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Another amazing trip report from the Bebes... who would've ever guessed?


I'm glad you dressed up in the firemen costumes at Adventure City. I tell so many people about that, but nobody ever does it. Dressing up like firemen and riding emergency vehicles that are too small for adults is my favorite part of that park.


I *LOVE* the seriously manly pose!!!! You guys are going to have to send me an image file of that for future use.


And come on guys, even Spears and I rode the John's Incredible Pizza coaster! Get with the program!

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^ Haha... We did eat there, but it consisted of like 3 lettuce leaves, with a side of lettuce, and lettuce for dessert. I wouldn't call them "vegan friendly."


EDIT: Turns out you can make custom pizza there I guess, and their dough is vegan... so maybe they're more vegan friendly than we knew. Still - they're no Tomato Joe's.

Edited by ILoveRides
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Well, Coasting for Kids was a pain in the ass. No, LITERALLY, My ass is killing me still. 9hrs on one of the hardest surfaces available on a coaster takes its' toll.


But it was a good experience for a great cause!!!!


All in all, The Bebes managed 131 laps, taking two short bathroom breaks after laps 25 & 50, a mandatory one-hour lunch break (they actually removed us from the ride together and brought us back on together after lunch), and one more potty break after lap 100. There were a few people who managed (i believe) 141 laps and only got off during lunch (congrats to Josh, Bruce, Matthew and Jake)!


Everyone at Knotts was great, and accommodating. Continental breakfast spread was setup on tables near the Jaguar entrance and they left it out for us until just before the park opened to the general public at 10am (about 3hrs). We were able to store all of our personal belongings in the ride op booth. Jennifer brought up bottled waters and left them for us at the station. We were provided a Mrs Knotts Box Lunch (3pc chix, mashed potatoes, corn and biscuit) OR a Veggie Wrap (for the vegetarians) for lunch. We were also provided our choice of Canned Pepsi, bottled Sierra Mist, bottled Diet Pepsi or bottled water to drink during lunch (and take with us). They also had a special spot setup where we could get fresh baked cookies and bottled water from lunch until 5pm whenever we wanted. The ride ops were really great and enthusiastic throughout the day as well. Thanks Knotts!!!!! Job well done!!


NOBODY said "HI to the Bebes" at the event, although Greg & the Condon family said it was "nice to spend some quality time with The Bebes". Thanks Greg!!!! Ditto!


The Bebes will have an official Coasting for Kids day photo trip report up soon! Of course, it's sure to be more funny than informative, so stay tuned!


-Mr Bebe

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MONDAY August 6, 2012

Road Trip to WHERE????

Part 1


The car is packed...


Identification. Money. Itinerary. CHECK!


The car is all gassed up...


The tires have air...


ROAD SNACKS! Where could we be going???


Bravo Farms Cheese Factory?


Yep!!! Bravo Farms has one heck of a bad-a$$ coaster on site, that NOBODY knows about!!!!


And here it is!!! Lady Bebe grabs her 9,254th credit, becoming the all-time rollercoaster riding leader!!!! If you count these things.


No, not really. This was just a pit stop at a quaint little shop.


Onward toward our real destination!!!!


Blackbeard's Cap-n-Kids in Fresno, CA.


There would be NO WHORING here. But that's OK. We didn't actually come for the rollercoaster. We came for something else.......


A hidden Big Mike DUCKY!!!!!! Got it!!! And it's a pirate! Arrrrrrgggh!!!!


Then we went to Rotary Storyland to get ANOTHER DUCK. But they were CLOSED!!!! Noooooooooo.......


...ooooooooooooo!!!!!!! It's right in that well!!!! I can.....


Almost..... Reach.... It.....


Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuckieeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Unable to retrieve the Storyland Ducky, we headed back out onto the road.


Were we going to PRISON???? For duck-napping???


Were we driving all the way to INDIA???? For tasty curry?


Were we going to RENO???? For blackjack & hookers?


Nope. It's John's Incredible Pizza in Roseville, just outside of Sacramento. For PIZZA???? For ROLLERCOASTERS????


Nope. For another DUCKY!!!


AND PIZZA!!!! Yea!!!!


While TPR was enjoying ERT on i305 at ECB, The Bebes enjoyed ERT on Incredible Express. AT NIGHT!!!! OMFG!!! It was AMAZE-BALLZ!!!!


Even with 2 TPR members present, the line for Incredible Express looked like THIS!!!


We finished WHORING and drove to our overnight accommodations in NAPA VALLEY... Where could we be headed NEXT??? To Be Continued......

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Get out, the Blackbeard's coaster is STILL closed? Did you notice if it still had orange tape all over the track? Apparently it needed welding in 14 places!


Also, I'm disappointed you never got into Rotary Storyland--lots of charm, even if it should be renamed The Spider Web Capital Of The Universe.

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We didn't notice any orange tape. We also didn't really inquire about the coaster. There was NO ONE in the rides area and a bunch of kids on the water slide.


Starbucks Bob,

We noticed that same bit of irony!!!!



We're cursed!!!!!! Curses!!!!!

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TUESDAY August 7, 2012

Road Trip to WHERE????

Part 2


We got up early and headed out to our next destination. Where could we be going today???


After a nice little drive through Napa Valley, we arrived at our destination....


Sonoma Train Town


We managed to snag a PRIMO PARKING SPOT right near the entrance...


...despite the hoards of parents and their children eager to fight their way through the crowd and get into the bustling park!


Yeah, we're gonna ride that there train.


The Engine


Here it is!!! Lady Bebe grabs her 9,255th credit, if you count these things too.


The pretty grounds


Fearlessly, Lady Bebe crosses the train tracks WITHOUT looking both ways first!!! She MUST be on some sort of MISSION!!!


For a tasty beverage? Hmmmm, what's Mr. Bebe looking at up there?


Whatever it is, it requires to be knocked down with a stick.


A hidden Big Mike DUCKY!!!!!! It was covered in spiderwebs and surrounded by spiders, but Mr Bebe got it down. There was still a spider on it after it fell to the ground. Sorry, PETA people..... we killed it!!!!


It's a Choo-Choo train conductor ducky!!!! AT TRAINTOWN!!!!!


And then we whored it up on the Dragon Coaster!!!!


Interesting, that the Dragon Coaster at Traintown has a ladder standing by right next to its' highest point, just in case it stalls, so that people aren't stuck up there for over two hours...... Unlike some OTHER Nor-Cal park!!!!


Speaking of which...... We headed over to Six Flags Discovery Kindom to try our luck on the recently re-opened Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFDK!!! CREDIT # 199 for The Bebes!!!!! What might be our #200???!!!!!


Lady Bebe LOVED S:UF!!!! Well, no.... not really. The Bebes both agreed that S:UF was a solid, fun ride. But, it was nothing SPECIAL. We'd rate it #3 at the park behind Medusa & V2. If you're interested in the ride specifics, read on: SPOILERS: S:UF launches riders out a tunnel to start. The tunnel is neat, as lights ignite as you fly past them toward the exit. You travel about half-way up before going backward through the station, gaining speed. One of the best parts of the ride is when you lose momentum going backward, before flying through the station again. There is a really nice POP of air as you reach the top and level out. The remainder of the ride was meh. END SPOILERS


No Loose Articles EXCEPT SPORTS BOTTLES?????


YEP, here it is.... The Sport Bottle holder at the loading station! AWESOME!!!! I've had to hide SO MANY sports bottles, only to have them GONE when I get off the ride. Also, I might mention that operations for S:UF were INCREDIBLE! I was concerned with only a 12 person capacity on a single-train launcher that the line would CRAWL. But they were working really hard to get people on & off the ride as fast as possible, and were even calling for single riders out of the line! KUDOS SFDK!!!!


AND they're selling Beer & margaritas now??!!!!


We didn't see too many shows, but made it a point to see the elephant show. It's the best show there, but that's not saying much.




Si Vu Cock


Lady Bebe LOVES QAQ!!!!


Mr Bebe obliterates a sno-cone


We went back for one more ride on Superman:Ultimate Flight, only to arrive as it broke down. FAIL. We went to Vertical Velocity instead. After getting off, Superman was running again, so we headed over, only to be turned away because Mr Bebe was wearing a camera bag. Attached to his belt. Secure in every way. "That needs to go in a locker, sir." So we left the park.


And, as it would turn out, there IS a crane standing by NOW.


We traveled to our overnight accommodations in Martinez, CA. Where might we be going tomorrow??? To Be Continued....

Edited by The Bebes
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Nooooo... save the spiders!


I am obviously jealous you went to Train Town. TRAINS!!! But thanks for the photos - I've never seen a TR from there.


I could've done without the elephant vagina, but otherwise, excellent TR!

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WEDNESDAY August 8, 2012

Road Trip to WHERE????

Part 3


We got up early and headed out to our next destination. Where could we be going today???


California license plates are issued in order featuring (1) number, (3) letters, and (3) numbers. If you time it out just right, they might issue you a plate that reads : SEXY GOOO.


10:38am our first stop of the day: Pixieland, just outside of Oakland, California.


Sorry you have to see this David, but here is their choo choo train.


In an effort to stay current, they outfitted the carousel with a Spiderman Trilogy theme (the Sam Raimi version, DUH!)


There it is! The Pixieland Dragon Coaster. This will be our 200th credit!!!


EFFF NO!!!! Lady Bebe WILL NOT make this #200!!!! We move on...


...to the picnic area.


What's that up there?


ANOTHER hidden Big Mike Ducky???!!!!!


Yep! And, once again, it's covered in spiderwebs. EEEEeeeeeeewwwwwww!


10:53am We're back on the road toward our next destination


The Oakland Zoo


They have a Tiger Coaster here, but once again, Lady Bebe says "NO!!!! Kiddie Coaster WILL NOT be #200!!!!" What WILL our #200 coaster be????


Mr. Bebe is awfully eager to check out the Crocodile Cove picnic area. He heard that there is a rare breed of bird nesting in there.


There's the nest... crafted out of leaves and SPIDERWEBS!!!!!


Mr Bebe fearlessly reaches into the nest and calmly retrieves the bird.


The RARE Hidden Big Mike Monocle Duck. It's our 11th Ducky!!!!


We know how much ILoveRides David enjoys weird animal parts... so here's some Giraffe Butts for David!!!!


We looked for these quiet coyotes all day long, but couldn't find any. They must be Uber-Stealthy!!!


Tortoise Butt for David


Sony, the 36" LCD Monitor


Zebra Butt for David


Warthog balls for David


Lady Bebe shows what kind of athlete she is by eating an Icee with one hand and holding a water bottle in the other hand, all while riding on a giant ladybug


Porn stars


Dueling reptiles


The Amazon Milk Frog. FACT: When it feels threatened, it spews out poisonous jizz.


My favorite moment from the movie Independence Day: "Realeasssssse meeeee....."


Goat Butt


The Flying Frog Brothers


Dueling amphibians


RARE Desert Bebe Tortoise


Monkey Butt


Leeza Gibbon


RARE South American White Teddy


Common American Garden Hose Snake


Australian Blue Neck Genie Crane


For fast acting headache relief... Choose Bear


VERY RARE California LadyBebe


And we're off to our next destination!!!!


Santa Cruz!!!


This was the view from our budget motel bathroom


It was Pepsi can Wednesday at the Boardwalk. We exchanges an empty Pepsi can for an $11 unlimited ride wristband. Lines were long all night. We rode the carousel (one of the rare Ring-Grabbers still operating), checked out the new Haunted Castle (not bad), a ride on Giant Dipper (YES!), a long wait for Fireball (Always super fun!), Space Race bumper cars (fun!), Cave Train Adventure (lame)...


... a REALLY long wait for Rock-o-Plane (OUR FIRST!!! AND Super fun!!!! But painful.)


And finished the night with two more laps on Giant Dipper (EASILY the best wooden coaster in Nor-Cal... maybe the best coaster in Nor-Cal, PERIOD.) What a monster day we had!!!! What does tomorrow have in store for us???? To Be Continue......

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Easily, the Bebes trip reports are the most entertaining on here. OMG I haven't been to the oakland Zoo in like 30 years and it's so funny we were just talking about that yesterday- really!



It's the "fearless Mr. Bebes" pics like this one that really crack me up...


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