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SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2010

The SECRET Trip 2010



Ever year Mr. Bebe and Lady Bebe alternate turns taking each other on SECRET trips. Sometimes the trip is completely random and unknown, such as the year that Mr. Bebe woke up Lady Bebe, blindfolded her, put her in the car, and drove to Las Vegas. Sometimes the dates are planned, but the details are unknown, such as the 2007 secret trip Lady Bebe took Mr. Bebe on to New Orleans. This was one of those such trips. We had already spent a large amount of money and took a trip to New Zealand, so a small secret trip was in order this year. We already had tickets to Uproar Fest in San Diego, so Mr. Bebe planned a few extra activities around the event that Lady Bebe didn’t know about.


Mr. Bebe woke up Lady Bebe early Friday morning. “Let’s Go, Bebe! It’s secret trip time!” First, Mr. Bebe drove to the Burbank Airport, then veered off and kept driving to our First surprise: Chick-fil-A in Upland. Nom Nom Nom.


Mr. Bebe then proceeded to drive to the Ontario Airport, then veered off and stopped at our second surprise: Scandia Park. This would be our first time at this small local park.


We purchased our all-day pass and went inside, traveling through the arcade and directly to our first new credit: The Scandia Screamer.


While climbing into the awkward seats, The Screamer bit Mr. Bebe.


Lady Bebe thought it was funny.


There’s the culprit. As for the ride, it wasn’t much to write about, but it was scary in the way that it might fall apart at any moment.


Next up, Little Dipper. After these kids were done, The Bebes took three uninterrupted laps. We then rode their drop ride, Gravitron, and had a 10 minute uninterrupted spin on the Tilt-a-whirl.


Mr. Bebe has blue balls.


But that didn’t stop him from winning the first game of miniature golf by ONE point.




100 Psycho Freaks from Waco, Texas??? I assumed they mean WACKO, but Waco was made famous in 1993 when cult leader David Koresh and his followers protected the Branch Davidian compound from ATF investigators. The siege lasted 50 days and ended with the compound being burned down and over 70 people left dead. So, maybe they are Psycho WACO freaks.


Game #2, Mr. Bebe takes a HUGE lead early


Lady Bebe doesn’t think it’s funny


She tosses the scorecard into the lake


Luckily, Mr Bebe was able to retrieve it with his club


And proceeded to win BIG!!!


Good-bye Scandia. We hit the road. Lady Bebe fell asleep in the car and woke up just as we pulled into the hotel. She assumed we were in San Diego. What she didn’t realize was that we were in Temecula.


Mr. Bebe had gotten tickets to the First Annual Temecula Valley Wine and Culinary Showcase at the Monte de Oro Winery. There were over 30 wineries and a dozen restaurants represented, serving food and wine samples for four hours. We ate a lot and got pretty tipsy by the end of the night. It was great fun and I’d recommend it to others!


The next morning we drove to San Diego and checked into our San Diego hotel. Exhausted, we took a nap. Upon waking up, we headed to the beach for Fish n Chips.


We went to the Tin Fish at the end of the Pier at Ocean Beach. Wayyyyyy up there at the end. After stuffing our faces with fish, we headed to the Uproar Fest.


We got there just before sunset, having missed the four day-time side stage acts. Halestorm (who?) was just about to take the main stage.


Calicoasters said he was going to be there in the general admission section. I looked, but couldn’t find him. Where are you, Cody?


Next up was Stone Sour, a decent side project of Slipknot front-man Corey Taylor.


Hetfield next to us didn’t seem to be having a very good time, though.


Co-headlining Uproar Fest was Avenged Sevenfold. At the time we bought our tickets, we were unfamiliar with Avenged Sevenfold. Mr. Bebe procured a set-list and all the songs that they would be playing. By the time the show was upon us, Mr. Bebe was a new fan of the band, maybe even more-so than headliners Disturbed, for whom we went to Uproar for. Avenged Sevenfold was pretty awesome, but so loud my ears were ringing for two days.


Rounding out the night was one of Mr. Bebe’s all-time favorite bands, Disturbed. The show was pretty good, but singer David Draiman’s vocals were weak. We headed back to our room and crashed hard.


The next morning we headed to Hash House-a-go-go for Sunday brunch. The wait was about an hour and a half. But they served us complimentary drinks such as this tasty watermelon-kiwi spritzer. Yum!


Mr. Bebe got the famous Sage Fried Chicken and Waffle Tower. Please allow extra time.


Lady Bebe got the Griddled French Toast. The portions were massive!


Food Coma. The Bebes were destroyed.


We left San Diego and took a detour to Bates Nut Farm, a general store type of outfit.


This is the kind of place where you can take photos of people in the outhouse!!!! Fun!!!


They also had a small petting zoo area.


And a giant pumpkin field.


We left the nut farm and hit the road, back to Los Angeles. But there was ONE MORE SURPRISE………


Castle Park in Riverside. Another local park that The Bebes have never been!


Park Map


Castle Park was actually a really cute little park with a pretty good arrangement of flat rides and three rollercoasters.


Our 3rd credit of the trip: Screamin’ Demon, a spinning mouse coaster. Fun!


Next up: The Cornerstone of Caste Park, Merlin’s Revenge rollercoaster. It’s a smaller family coaster, but it’s their big one! Also Fun!


The Bebes love the spider!


What’s this doing on the train tracks? I better move it so the train can get through.


Bebe, Noooooooooooooo!


Another Little Dipper kiddie coaster gave us our 5th new credit of the trip.


Lady Bebe was upset that the Tilt-a-Whirl was closed.


Mr. Bebe was upset that the Big Wheel was….. GONE???


We headed into the Arcade for the Ghost Blasters ride, a shoot-the-target dark ride where Lady Bebe always wins.


But not this time! Mr. Bebe WINS 1140 – 0!!!!


Lady Bebe is unimpressed. Sure, her laser gun was broken, but Mr Bebe still WON!


Eat your heart out, Big Mike!


Castle Park ROCKED! Uproar Fest ROCKED!!! And Secret Trip 2010 ROCKED!!!!!

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Awesome TR! The parks look a lot of fun. As for Disturbed, The Sickness and Believe were pretty awesome, Ten Thousand fists started to send them downhill. Then inside the fire or whatever its called came out and it was just okay, but perfect Insanity is AWESOME! Asylum... I am not a fan... The lead singer of Disturbed is meh, but Corey Taylor is GOD!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey all!


The Bebes will be making an appearance at West Coast Bash tomorrow at SFMM. We can't wait to see all of our TPR friends, and make some new ones, so be sure to say HI if you see us!!!! AND we will have our friend Matt with us, who has NEVER been to SFMM OR an enthusiast event, so make him feel REALLY welcome!!!!!! And, as always, we will post an epic Trip Report afterward.


See Y'all in the A.M.!!!!!!

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SATURDAY March 19, 2011

West Coast Bash : Six Flags Magic Mountain


In 2010, the Bebes attended both days of WCB (SFMM & KBF). Day two, at Knotts, with only a few hours sleep, was very difficult. We spent a good amount of time resting at the lunch tables and sleeping through the presentation in the theater!


This year, we had to work a long, late night just before WCB and then back to work early Monday morning. So, we opted to attend ONLY the SFMM day this year.



The Bebes just got home from a long 13hr work day (night) and are ready for bed.

WCB starts in about 3hrs. Ohhhh Nooooo!



After a short nap, The Bebes AND Matt are up and ready to leave the house for WCB.


Lady Bebe’s erratic driving gives Matt his first Ride of the day.

WCB will be Matt’s first trip to SFMM



We arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

WCB, Here come The Bebes!!!! And Matt.


These people came all the way from KANSAS to attend WCB!!!!


Gertrude came to WCB in her Jeep today


Lady Bebe forgot something in the car, so Mr Bebe was checked in by Chuck and Big Mike.

“Where’s Lady Bebe? “, Big Mike asked.


Then, he spotted her through the crowd


Lady Bebe came running to the Big Man


Reunited and it feels so good


We met up with our other cohort for the day, PulsarCA aka Tall Paul


WCB coincided with an ACE event AND Physics Day this year. Physics day, much like buses, makes Mr Bebe’s blood boil.


But before we can enter, Lady Bebe goes to the bathroom.


Mini Robb Alvey predicts that today will be a very Manly Day


To evade the crowds, we planned to go right to Riddler, at the back of the park, and work our way toward the front.

No one in front of us, no one behind us. Yes!!!


Except Gertrude. That crafty bird beat us to Riddler!!!


And Riddler wasn’t open! BLAST! Off to Gotham City, Quick!


Atom Smasher was also Closed.


Green Lantern was Closed. But we managed 3 quick stay-on rides on Batman.


This poor girl couldn’t even look us in the face to tell us that Goliath was also CLOSED.


We headed to Scream and got screamed at by this old dinosaur


We must’ve found the party here at Scream.

C’mon Vogue. Let your body move to the music.


Uhhhh, where’d the party go????

Morning ERT on Scream looked like THIS if you weren’t on the Robb Alvey Train.


We met up with ILoveRides David and ILoveBunnies Hilary Duff (Brittney) who gave us a super duper Manly Pose.


We went to X2 for a couple rides to finish off ERT, as the general public came running toward X2!


Fast Pass: The Ride had a huge line.

Can you use your Fast Pass to skip the line for Fast Pass?


MANLY on Tatsu.

This was one of the FREE photos we were able to get, thanks to SFMM and TPR!!!!

This is one of the COOLEST Perks of the event!!!!!!


We headed to the top of the hill for a ride on the newly renovated Superman: Escape from Krypton.

It had all new paint, was running at full speed (over 100mph) AND goes backward now!


AND running BOTH sides!!!! But which way do we go????


We chose the right side. We chose POORLY.

The ride broke and we were stranded in the ice cave for over an hour.


Apparently, you can only ride if your group consists of Man, Woman, Man, & Man with limp wrist.


Man, Woman, Man, & Man with limp wrist. CHECK. Matt loves the cock!




Dan - checking his e-mail.

If you saw Dan checking his e-mail at WCB, you should e-mail him!!!


We caught up with Calicoasters Cody, who had an audience as he told tales of lore and yesteryear


OK, so Lady Bebe isn’t the only girl who uses the restroom 100 times a day!


After lunch, we were treated to a backstage access tour of the Tatsu Service Road.

Interesting new views of Tatsu and Revolution from back here.


Tatsu is definitely in excess of the posted speed limit!


I had to wait a long time in a peculiar position to get this AWESOME photo of Tatsu.


Robb had to get into a peculiar position to get a photo of me taking that AWESOME Tatsu photo.


Robb’s AWESOME photo of Mr Bebe’s junk. Thx Robb!!!


I see you, Jeremy! And your little hoodie too!!!!


Matt couldn’t get his hoodie over his hair!


We finally met SuperShawn in person!!!


TPR Afternoon Takeover on GoldRusher after the service road tour.


Then it was time for the Group Photo.

The Bebes are in the back row, just right of the center.

Where were YOU when this photo was taken???


What we DO, reflects WHO we are.


After the group photo, we left SFMM and went to Tall Paul’s house for a nap.

He even set up a futon and blow up mattresses for us to crash on! THX Tall Paul!!!!


We returned to the park about an hour before ERT and met up with David and Brittney for the most MANLY Goliath ride EVAR!!!!


Night ERT on Scream was disappointing (couldn’t hear the music, didn’t notice any lighting effects, and the rain stung!), but Batman ERT kicked some major a$$!!!! The lighting & fog effects were amazing!


We headed for a nighttime ride on Apocalypse. This thing is just amazing after dark!!!


Then, on to X2.

David and Mr Bebe Ro-Sham-Bo for the INSIDE seat in row 6.


After a spin on X2, David and Brittney called it a day and left.

Good-bye Manly friends!!!! Thanks for hanging with us and making WCB so fun again!!!


Mr Bebe lost 2 photo vouchers, but SuperShawn was so SuperCool that he gave us his voucher!!!

Thanks SuperShawn!!!!


Before leaving, Lady Bebe had to go to the bathroom (Duh!) and emerged in this super manly pose.

Success in the Bathroom!?!


Hey guys, show me your MANLY pose!

Uhhhhh, OK. 100% NOT Manly.

Thanks William, Neal, Robb and everyone else at TPR & SFMM for another great (and Manly) WCB!!!

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It's nice to see your report Bebes! Sorry I didn't say "hi" at WCB. Our paths didn't cross during the day, except at lunch, and you two were fairly into a conversation with a few other people at the time. I didn't want to be rude and butt in, so I figured I'd just run into you later, but never did.

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Bebes... you outdid yourselves with this one! Totally worth the wait. There is so much hilarious-ness in that report. Gertrude's jeep, mini manly Robb, Green Lantern under construction, Lady Bebe peeing, Hilary peeing, manly Goliath, rock paper scissors, tons of bonus manliness, and the best ever - man woman man & man with limp wrist. And that's not even everything. Such a great TR, I was LOLing the whole time.


Thanks for hanging out with us again this year... WCB just wouldn't be the same without The Bebes. We had such a fun time!


Oh, and in response to "Can you use your Fast Pass to skip the line for Fast Pass?" Actually, yes, you can. Just show your fast pass at the front of the line.

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Wow guys!!! Thanks a ton! We're so glad you enjoyed the TR!


John, so sorry we missed you! You SHOULD HAVE butted in!!!!! And I can't believe we never crossed paths ALL DAY! How crazy!


Big Mike, It was SO GOOD to see you again. I wish we would've hung out with you a little more!


David, you and Hillary Duff ROCK! Can't wait to hang out again!


SuperShawn, A pleasure. We had a decent time at the mountain last week, except for the bee sting I got while riding Revolution. It's still red and irritated! We'll definitely let you know if/when we go to a park. I'd suspect a Late May-June trip to SFMM for Green Lantern.....


Caesar, You TOTALLY should be in this report. One of the most epics moments of our WCB ----> when CAESAR ditched US and rode the Goliath train that WASN'T manly, never to be seen again!!!! LOL!!!!

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HELP THE BEBES PLAN Theme Park Tour: Part Vier (TPTP:4)


So, the timing for the TPR NorthEast trip isn't going to work out for us.

Our backup plan, taking our OWN mirrored NorthEast trip, also isn't going to time out right.




The Bebes have never been to the Orlando area and could sure use some planning advise. We pretty much have an idea of the parks and such (IOA, Disney, BGT, etc); but would love some suggestions for:





-Route planning

-Hidden Gems





Dec 31 - Jan 21


We will be spending our first 6days on International Drive, utilizing the iTrolley as our only mode of transportation to visit:

-Fly from L.A. to ORLANDO on SAT New Years EVE (arrive around 6pm & take LYNX Bus to iDrive)

-Discover Cove on Sunday (New Year's DAY)

-Universal Orlando on Monday

-IOA on Tuesday

-Seaworld on Wed

-Aquatica on Thur


We will rent a car on International Drive and spend 3 days in/around Tampa:

-Busch Gardens on FRI

-FREE DAY in TAMPA (What should we do here?????) on SAT

-LegoLand Florida on SUN en route back through Orlando to Cocoa Beach


We will spend SUNDAY NIGHT at Cocoa Beach

-Is there a restaurant in Cocoa Beach that we should go to???? And a dish you'd recommend???


We will return our car to Port Canaveral and board a 4 night RCCL cruise to the Bahamas (MON P.M. - FRI A.M.):

-Coco Cay (What to do here????????)

-Nassau (What to do here???????)


Upon returning to the mainland, we will head to Disney for the remainder of our trip.

We will spend 9 days / 8 nights at a Value Resort; with only Disney transpo / public Transpo available to us:

We will have a Magic Your Way 6 day pass (not park hopper).


-Disney Boardwalk,Downtown Disney, & La Nouba on FRI or SAT???

-ONE FREE DAY near Disney World on FRI or SAT (What might we do???)

-EPCOT on a Sunday?


-Swim with Manatees / Airboat day trip on TUESDAY


-ANIMAL KINGDOM on Thursday?

-RETURN to a Disney Park that we didn't get enough of on FRI?

-SATURDAY we can visit a park in the A.M. before catching our Magical Express to the Airport for a 7pm flight.


Please help us make the most of our trip!!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and of course, a slew of epic trip reports will follow.

Edited by The Bebes
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