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Is that POOP up there in the fountain????

Looks like a couple of logs to me


That was a hilarious report! So many funny captions, plus sweet backstage pictures! I too will guess that you favored the pot room over the glory hole (just typing that makes me giggle). Welcome back Bebes!


PS: What's up with the watermark comments? I seem to have missed the beginning of this inside joke on TPR.

EDIT: Never mind, found it. Thank you search box!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was bored with insomnia and was re reading stuff(yes, nerdiness and insomnia combined,lol) and am still very amused by tons of your TRs. I want to say you guys, chuck, big mike, and of course Robb have the best photo TR threads on tpr and are caption masters. So glad you guys are back, love reading everything you come out with!

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That means so much to us!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Compliments like that make The Bebes blush from ear to ear. We are so lucky to have the loyal readers that we do. We really have Robb, Big Mike and Chuck to thank for giving us inspiration. I must also add ILoveRides (David) onto that list, he cracks us up!! (Check it out if you haven't already: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54658)


Now, if only we could get off our asses and post the rest of our TRs...

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MONDAY May 29, 2010

New Zealand

Rainbow’s End


In 2008, Lady Bebe’s Mommy passed away. She had been to New Zealand and had always talked of returning some day and bungee jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge.


So, in 2010, the Bebes planned a trip to the land of rainbows to honor Mommy by taking her ashes with us and spreading them into the harbour while bungee jumping.


Mr. Bebe plugged his nose, as if he were jumping into a swimming pool.


We also did a lot of other neat things, such as a trip to a Maori Village (native Polynesian New Zealanders) for a history lesson and a feast.


We took a journey down to the city of Rotorua and the Wai-O-Tapu Geo-thermal preserve, an area of incredible volcanic activity.


We went underground cave tubing through the Glow Worm caves of Waitomo. After negotiating the cave to the lair of the glow worm, we shut off our headlamps and calmly floated along the underground passage enjoying the light show on the cavern ceiling. INCREDIBLE!


We took a trip to the West Coast and went Canyoning. We trekked about a mile into a rain forest and followed a small river, jumping off falls into pools below, and rappelling down 100ft waterfalls.


We visited Rangitoto, New Zealands largest dormant Volcanic Island, and climbed to the summit. We also visited the Zoo, Aukland Museum, Goat Island Marine Preserve, and Tiri Tiri Matangi Island, an open bird sanctuary housing 12 species of bird and three reptiles that cannot be found anywhere else in the world!!!!


And, of course, what kind of TPR people would we be if we traveled all the way to the Southern Hemisphere and didn’t visit New Zealands ONLY theme park (and three rare credits)! So, we grabbed a bus and headed to Manikau City Center (quite a ride from Downtown Auckland).


What’s that off in the distance???!!!!! A drop ride!!!!! We must be close!!!!


Rainbow’s End. That way!


Right next to…… The Cemetery????!!!!!


Whatever! We made it to our first Theme Park ever in the Southern Hemisphere!!!


We went in and purchased our all-day ride wristbands.


Park Map. Relatively small park, with some decent theming and an OK crop of rides.


Since it was a very slow day, they were operating with an unusual schedule where half the rides would operate at a time, for about 45 minutes, and then the other half. Alternating throughout the day. This forced us to consider our route, to ensure we got the three credits we came for!!!


Sooooooo, which way do we go? Which way do we go?


We hit their newest ride, Invader. Good fun on these things, but I think the smaller versions actually provide a better ride.


Smack dab in the center of Power Surge were plastic bins for personal items. I don’t know how safe it is to have these here, but it was nice to not be charged for fluffy fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo.


Then it was on to the big coaster at Rainbow’s End! The aptly named: ROLLERCOASTER


There has long been debate on the color Indigo in the Rainbow, and I believe it was removed from the colours of the rainbow in the 80’s. But Rainbow’s End chose to remove the Green Car and keep Indigo. Those Kiwi’s are such rebels!!!!


The Rollercoaster has a loop….


…And a corkscrew.


No Trip Report would be complete without a Lady Bebe pee-break.


There was a nice looking log flume, but we passed on it, since it was a little bit chilly out.

FYI: Late May in New Zealand is similar to Halloween in San Francisco, 60ish during the day and 50ish at night.


We saw this Knott’s flyer on the back side of a western themed building! WTF! Does anybody know anything about this???


Credit #2 was Goldrush, a nicely themed indoor runaway mine-train ride. We rode it three times. Nice Ride!!! With theming!!!!


What’s that?! We totally have to get some of those sweet looking fries!!!


Hunger’s End (aptly named) has them!!!! EXCELLENT!!! But they are closed. BOGUS!!! Hunger continues…


… But not for long. We went to a different, nearby eatery for some bacon cheese fries. The bacon in New Zealand is more like ham, and the cheese is always white. MMMMmmmmmmm.


Use some Kiwi Style Tomato Sauce if you’d like. In the States we call it Ketchup.

FYI - Kiwi has three meanings: a) slang for the People of New Zealand. b) an endangered bird of the ostrich family only found on the islands of New Zealand. c) A sub-tropical fruit native to New Zealand. So, if you ever say you want to “eat a Kiwi”, make sure everyone knows EXACLTY what you’re are talking about!


Mr. Bebe crams the cheesy bacon fries into his head.


Toooo much cheesy bacon fries!!!!


Off to Cadbury land (kiddie land). Cadbury is the most common brand of chocolate in New Zealand, with many varieties that we don’t see in the States.


Kid Tums approved??


Credit #3!!! Dragon’s Flight.


Doh! :-(


The Bebes have encountered this rule before, and Mr. Bebe employs his charm to persuade parents to let their children ride with the Bebes.


What’s Lady Bebe doing??? Did she find a kid to ride with her???


Yup. Mr. Bebe. The ride ops were very accommodating and told us that since it wasn’t busy, we could ride! SCORE!


Remember kids, keep a look-out while stealing from the cookie jar.


Lady Bebe loves ice cream!


On her face.


Mr. Bebe REALLY loves ice cream.


On his face.


Rainbow’s End is quite small, and doesn’t really have anything stand-out, but we managed to keep ourselves entertained. We finished up our icy treats and bid farewell to Rainbow’s End!!!


The Bebes LOVED New Zealand (North Island) and look forward to returning to visit the South Island!!!! Ka Ora!

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Hey guys - Nice trip report of our little local park. Glad you enjoyed the rest of the country too. Looks like you had a good look around the North Island. The South Island is even more spectacular but you might like to give it a while before you return (at least until all the earthquakes peter out...).



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I love The Bebes!!


Very interesting trip report, and I too LOVE the last picture!


Feels like just yesterday I had my arms around Lady Bebe!


I actually liked this so much that I am now going to get out a map and figure out where New Zealand is lol. (Big Mike is not the smartest)



Cant wait to see you guys again at WCB!



Love Big Mike


Oh yes!!!!


Best Friends!

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