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In the past few weeks I have moved states and switched operating systems! Now I am living in Las Vegas and the internet here sucks, so without a lot of net time, I have developed a coaster I randomly named Spider. Why? No idea. It doesn't have to deal with flying (that's the type of coaster) or a stingray (inspiration). Plus, I don't think I have seen ANY Vekoma Stingray type coasters on TPR, so here is to popping the cheery.


I know it's not perfect, but I am not expecting it to be. I don't use any tools including AHG or Swiss. I do believe that tools take away from creators natural talent (as Jarmor has said). This is all pure hand built, and it will stay that way. There are a few pumps, but it is still a work in process.


Supports haven't gone up yet...simply because doing supports in NL on a mac is a pain in the @$$...and Im not quite sure how to even find the footers.


Should also probably mention this is a work in progress. Hopefully as time goes on, I can come back to it and improve it. This is also my first full-on NL coaster.


Ride Features:

- 90* Lift

- 90* Drop

- Overbanked horseshoe turn

- 2 immlemans (lie-to-fly)

- Vertical loop

- Corkscrew



- After the first time through, the trains will not stop on the lift again. There is no way to avoid that through the first cycle.

- Does not pass tunnel test, but that's fine because it's a flying coaster. Movement is limited so rides would not be effected.

- G's go into yellow with the lie-to-fly or vise-versa.


Have fun!


Have fun!




90* Drop

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