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someone very cool goes to my school....

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Ya, it was kind of cool. Back in 7th grade he had his Bar Mitzvah at USH, he had the whole bottom level to him self, with all the rides operating to, (he also had an in n out truck, but thats a different story) so later that year i found out how he could afford to have the park open to himself, his dad is Larry Kurzweil who is the president of USH, so when that big fire happened to the backlot, he was the one who was doing the press conference.....



oh and also my middle school was Celebrity High, even though it was an hour away from hollywood.


Also WIll Smiths son was in my grade, we had Alac Baldwin's daughter, Jamie foxes daughter, and a dozen other celebrities..... But what was surprising was that not once did i see any one from TMZ




*****end of story/*****

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Do not take this personally, but I do not think we need this topic with its own thread. Also please be a bit more descriptive whenever you do create a new topic.



I would recommend reading this before posting again:




If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM.

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