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This weekend I am going on many small, local, theme park related adventures. Today I went to downtown Plainfield, IL to see construction of Springfest, our annual carnival!


The Ring of Fire, just pulling up to the midway!

The Fun House

The Tornado

The Tilt-A-Whirl coming of of the truck!

What is that, in the distance?

"The Orbiter"? This is new to SpringFest! You are all witnessing history in the making, folks!

More of the Orbiter.

The Kiddie Midway.

GRRRR I'm an EVIL Candy Truck. Gimmie some candy!

One of the best rides at the fair year after year, the Dizzy Dragons!

Funnel Cakes!!!

Spider Mania.

Dragon Wagon!!!!

More credit whore goodness!

As I was leaving, my other favorite ride pulled up! The Gravitron!



Thanks for reading!

Operating fair photos either tomorrow of Saturday!

Elite Pro Wrestling Photos Sunday!

SFGAM and Bucaneer Battle photos on Sunday!

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Ah, the Dizzy Dragons... Brings me back memories of when I was really little at my local fair. I always got put into a dragon with a bunch of "big kids" who kept spinning it so hard that I have actually thrown up afterwards.


I've never seen a Ring of Fire train upclose before. Can you try to take an upclose picture of the inside and outside of the train?


~ Jess "Dizzy Dragons make me sick" Chan

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You haven't lived your life until you ride Orbiter! My experience was crazy. Holding on for dear life!


I've ridden both a carnie version & BGE's with pretty much the same experience of nearly losing my lunch.Looks like the same company that did the carnival just up the road from me a week or two ago as they bought along the same flats....then again the ROF we had was blue,not black.

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I just got back from the fair and it was very fun. It is always nice to have rides so close to my house!

The Orbiter, or only the most insane ride ever created in the history of anything!

The Ring of Fire, I took a pass on this today.

More of the Ring of Fire

The Gravitron was closed when I got there, but it opened later. Not as good as it usually is.


Me on the ride.

I spun around so fast, and I was the only person riding!

Nearing the end of the almost five minute cycle.


The Orbiter

The Dragon Wagon-IN ACTION!

First Drop


Spider Mania

Dragon Wagon and his next set of victims.

Dizzy Dragons



Mini Jets

The Hampton Combos. (?WTF?)

Home of the Pork Chop on a Stick (More on that later)

Wave of Fire (Ring of Fire's long lost brother?)

Rock Wall


Awesome Penguins!

Ring of Fire again


And now, our main event of the afternoon. In one corner,

Pork Chop on a Stick!


And in the next corner,

Griffin "The Vortex" Eldred w/Sprite


What a maneuver!

What a showoff!



Okay, so that's it for the fair for now. Tonight I will have night photos of the rides and my trip to Elite Pro Wrestling! Tomorrow I'll have SFGAM Photos!

Thanks for reading!

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Sorry for the double post again, but I have photos form Elite Pro Wrestling and SpringFest at night!


The stage with a jumbo tron!

1/2 of the Elite Pro tag team champions, Marshe Rockett!

Sal Thomaselli


High 5 from Acid!

New Champion!

Synn, Me, and Acid



Now for SpringFest again!

Ring of Fire

Cool Gravitron

Ring of Fire




SFGAM tomorrow!

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