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A few photos from a Ride Warrior

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My uncle took me and Mitch to KI this weekend for Ride Warriors. He didn't take us til' Noon Saturday so We missed All Saturday Morning ERT, and Beast tour. The park was pretty crowded Saturday but I didn't care. We didn't get a whole lot of rides in on Saturday (Minus Dback ERT.) Q&A Was fun, but Beast's Birthday Party wasn't that great so I left it early. At about 9:20pm. I got in Line for Beast. But it closed from 9:50-10:05 because of the fireworks so I didn't get off til' 10:10. I than went to Diamondback ERT. The queue wasn't that full we waited 7 Minutes for Very front. After that ride the line kept getting smaller so we Just kept getting on and alot of times staying on for up to 8 Rides without leaving the station! It was great, at about my 28th. Ride I started to not feel so good. A skunk sprayed in the woods, the on ride photo hurts my eyes, and all those G's were starting to get to me. So I got off on my 31st. Ride (ERT had just ended.) I went back to the hotel and fell asleep. I set my alarm for 6am. but my ride turned it off and woke me up 9 hours later, so I missed all the ERT on Sunday! Luckily the park was dead and I got a walkon on Delirium, Drop Zone, Invertigo, and SOB (Stayed on twice without leaving the train.) But I missed Racer tour by a few minutes. SOB Tour was amazing, loved it! We left around 7:40pm.


I took over 200 Photos, but I'm only posting the more unique ones.


We started our day at Son of Beast and waited around 100 Minutes, took this photo of TG's track.

Happy people on Delirium.

Had some Skyline Chili and took this from Skyline Patio.

Than we went to Diamondback.

I think they just built this fence around the pumps a week or so ago.

I took this photo from Diamondback's queue stairs going into the station.

I hadn't ridden Beastie since April 2008 so I decided to ride it again.

Than went to Drop Zone and got a second ride on it.




Crypt is now a B&M Mega Coaster

Not too good of a photo cause it was night and I didn't have a tripod.

Random stuff in Crypt.

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Diamondback splashing at night.

Diamondback splashing at day.

Backlot splashing at day.

Entering last helix.

Double Corkscrew.

I hate when people walk infront of the camera when they know I'm taking a photo!

Paul took a similar photo (his is better though) so I copied him.

SOB Fail.

Flight Deck Bridge.

Slingshot was only $5 so why not...?

Which one is better?

If you look at my Opening day PTR, I took photos of these same geese when they were just a few days old, now look how big they are!


Trying out my zoom, and these people are at the top.

Old FoF Trains.


Amazing structure.

The trains look sooo tiny!

Exiting the MCBR.


Getting close to the final brake run.

Old loop footings.


Blue train.

Look at those amazing curves!

Would be better if it was brighter.

Yes everyone, I DO love Son of Beast!

Adventure Express.

Most likely Vortex wheels.

Congo Car.


Another Invertigo Photo.

Took over the fence and saw a Test Seat.

Took from WWC's exit.

My favorite-est photo.

Out of the MCBR.


Thanks for reading!

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Seconded on the epicness of LSHoF from WWC. I'm tempted to make it my new background, but my Vortex/Diamondback shot (I still need to upload my opening day photos here) is pretty much coaster porn to me.

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