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Photo Trip Report - Cedar Point and Geauga Lake 1977

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Really amazing pictures. The park has changed so much since then.


Build Gemini and Maverick and I think I would have enjoyed the park back then more than I enjoy it now. Especially with all those nice trees and a better Blue Streak (from what I've heard).


Actually, back then, the Blue Streak was a much better ride. It had the old restraints - a simple leather seat belt that fit over both riders, no seat divider and a padded bar like the Coney Island Cyclone still has. It was so much more fun to slam into each other during the ride.

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Haha...yes, I remember those old restraints! I also remember an awful lot of airtime and the coaster was actually pretty smooth despite ending up in your partners lap when you rounded the bend!


When I was a young teen (and weighed a lot less) this was the scariest ride in the park because it just seemed so out of control. I remember feeling at one point that I was literally standing up (not intentionally, of course) while going over some of those hills!


I guess I could see why they added the seat-belts/lap bars and took out the old buzz bars, but unfortunately...that took away a lot of it's thrill factor and old-school charm.

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Yea! Thanks for posting these! That was right around when I started going to CP with my family when I was 6 years old.... These pics really bring me back to my favorite period at CP! Awesomeness!


The Mill Race picture reminded me that it was the one ride I've ever evac'd from... We got stuck on the 2nd lift, and my mom & sisters were in front of us at the top of that lift... It's not super tall, but the catwalk was this narrow plank... Quite scary climbing out of the log, onto that little catwalk.


The other flume was called Shoot The Rapids... It was really fun too!


You must have been awestruck when you caught sight of Gemini being built! I remember my first trips down that first drop! We thought it was insane, and you dangle over the top a bit in the front... As a kid, I was always scared I'd just tumble out the front, so I'd brace my feet against the front of the train.


Thanks again for posting the super-nice stroll down memory lane.

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Yes, I remember the old Mill Race on the midway as well. Only rode it once, but it seemed like a fun little log flume.


Speaking of evac, I remember the first time I got the courage to ride Blue Streak and they stopped it about 3/4 of the way up the lift! I just froze and wondered if we were gonna roll backwards and die!


One of the attendants came walking up the steps and had to unlock the buzz bars because three little girls were riding together in one seat.


Luckily, there was a single rider that was about three seats back that she was able to sit with for the remainder of the ride. She was absolutely terrified and bawling, but managed to get out and walk down a couple of steps and get back in the coaster.


I wonder if she ever rode another coaster after that episode? I don't think she could have been more than 7-8 years old!

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