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Lena's Mix of trips!

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Part II



Next day we stayed by the pool to try and catch some sun. There were

showers on and off the entire time we were there




Tried to get close to the geckos


Even the signage is colorful!


Another cloudy day


I love the feeling I get when we are about to enter THEME PARKS




Today let's start here


I just was taking pics of various things


Went to see Shrek for the first time




Some of these posters were hysterical





And if this clarifies the question in the HRRR topic...yes, there will be

country to choose from



I took these while on the Twister Queue


I still love the tracter in the wall


Before I knew this view would change



Inside twister




Simpsons...we opted out, and to wait for the kids






Back over to IOA. When I think of music from the park, this is the music

that I remember first. The JP music...chills ...


I know they don't (or maybe they do), but I feel like they moved the dinos


closer to the deconstruction


before they took down the dragons




does anyone ever show the garage?



Hotel in the airport


Great, more rain


Jet Blue names their planes. I never knew that. I learned alot on this trip




New York


In the plane



I can't wait for my trip this summer!!! Looking at these pics leaves me with

great anticipation!

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You and Matt just made my day. You, for all these great pictures and Matt for this:


Lenaapple1974 Quote:

We took the shuttle bus, and passed Epcot on the way. To this date, I have never been too interested in going there.



mcjaco - AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!



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All of you pictures of Orlando make me want to make the hour drive there. Plus there's something about driving down I-4 and seeing the giant Mickey power line thing.


I'm heading to NJ the first week of July to hang out with my pops and the photos just made me even more excited to go to Great Adventure. I haven't been since I was 15!


I really enjoyed them!

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All of you pictures of Orlando make me want to make the hour drive there. Plus there's something about driving down I-4 and seeing the giant Mickey power line thing.


I'm heading to NJ the first week of July to hang out with my pops and the photos just made me even more excited to go to Great Adventure. I haven't been since I was 15!


I really enjoyed them!


Thanks! Oh I know. Although, my drive will be considerably longer! lol. (I'm coming from NY) The second I pass the FL border, I know the anticipation will be building up the entire way to Orlando! Silly, but it does. And of course it has to be such a LOOOONG state!


Great Adventure is great. There are just so many good rides there. I cannot wait to get back there myself.




My HersheyPark update will probably be awhile. I just want to know, because remember, I really do not have much in the way of pics of the park. Most of it is the Zoo park. I want to know before I post, who wants all the animal pics?



EDIT: Went to Great Adventure on Friday. I just have to say, like ALL THE FLATS ARE GONE! There really isn't much left as far as "adult" flats. I guess they didn't get much love... So my trip report should hopefully follow prior to my leaving next Wednesday.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I guess no one was interested in Zoo America then? LOL. Let me know if you are and I will post those also.


We made pretty much a last minute decision to go to Hershey for a weekend at the end of last summer. We really were not prepared for this park. We were not planning on going in the water at all... so I figured we would have time to at the very least ride stuff. YEAH RIGHT! First, the park map just confused the crap outta me. NOT COOL! All the rides are intertwined and looped into each other. I think I was just blindsided by the way the park was situated. I am used to parks that are easy to get around I suppose. Add a cranky husband, who doesn't like crowds.. (side note, stay AWAY from this park Labor Day weekend from now on) And it could very well end up being a disaster! We survived, and in turn, are returning to try to complete the park mid August. I have kept two days aside for the park this time around. Do the water part of the park one day, and any rides on that side of the park that day. Then the next day, we only have to walk half the park. And we are NOT doing Zoo America. I like animals and whatnot, but it was a complete waste of time being we had only one day to be there. So, if anyone has any ideas on how to conquer this park, I will more than gladly be willing to listen to it, even if it is majorly detailed. I do not mind! The more info, the better. Maybe it will make up for the lack of pictures this trip... Total fail for me. Well, on to the pics... Next up is my surprise Great Adventure trip from this past Friday! I hope I have enough time before leaving for Orlando to get it done!


And then we went in here... BIG MISTAKE! We were annoyed, hot, tired...so we left after this. :( Total FAIL.


I hope next trip will be better.


Park map. ICK


This is an interesting ride I think I will go on next time.


Wasted some time in the arcade! Why oh why? This is my daughter by the way.


I like taking pictures of this ride


This is the same coaster, so it doesn't count.


This is my only coaster pic!!!!!!! See, I told you. FAIL!


Fountain shot. The must have picture when there is a fountain.


OH, someone please explain this to me. Shouldn't buying tickets in advance SAVE time on the line? It wasted a good 45 minutes just to get in the park. I have never seen anything so unorganized in my life. Is there a better way to do this?


From the parking lot. This lot just felt sooooooo long!


Next day we went to the park


My failed attempt at trying to catch the Go Kart track whilst moving in a car in the dark, without knowing how on earth to use the cameras features with no flash.


It's easy to win when you have no one to play against... ;)


Oh yeah, they have batting cages too


My son enjoyed the Go Karts, even though he was too short to drive. Maybe this year he will be tall enough.


First night, we went to this place. It had mini Golf, an Arcade, Go Karts, and water bumper cars.


But it had lots of...corn? Fields, whatever...


Well, it is the sweetest place on Earth after all!


There are various restaurants around the hotel. We chose Applebee's. Dessert was free...or shall I say whipped cream?


My kids disliked the hallway. Shining much?


And it had a kitchen. Just like home.


We opted for the smaller room the first time out. This year we have a two bedroom suite.


The room was adorable. I loved the colors.


Our hotel was brand spanking new for 2008. We are going back this year. I want to see how it holds up over the first year. I heard lots of "complaints", however I had none.


Why Thank You Pennsylvania. Now only another hour or so to go...


I started out trying to catch various weirdness on the road.


It was quite crowded. It was Friday afternoon. I suppose not the smartest time to leave on a venture through NYC. We did have time though.


Took the Holland Tunnel for the very first time in my life


We drove through NYC.

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I am wondering how I have missed 2 trip reports without getting an email notification??


I said the same thing on my visit to Great Adventure this year, it is all coasters and kiddie rides, the flats are history.


Have fun on your trip sweetheart!



Peace, Big Mike

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LOL, Big Mike, not to worry, you will KNOW the next time I post something! OH WAIT, that would be NOW! I'll send a message after though.


OK, here is the first part of my Six Flags report. There are three parts, and a video....


Here it goes! (Oh yeah, there is some reading first)



I have decided I cannot continue to do the PTR the way I did the HP one.

I cannot save it to finish later. Not good.


This is my last installment before my Florida trip! I am so excited!

I cannot wait. The only thing that sucks is that it will take us

like 16+ hours to get there. A plane would be so much easier, but for a

family of four, between rental car, and airfare, I am saving over $1000!!


So anyway, on to my almost surprise trip to Six Flags Great Adventure this

past Friday. I will not bore you with too many people pictures... I actually

was in alot of pics this time out! Go me! This was kind of the replacement

trip for the rained out 5/16 date. NY/NJ has been getting so much rain,

I had little hopes of going. We checked the weather on Wed, and it said like

50% chance of rain for Friday. Then Thursday, it said 20% chance. We

already had off from work, so decided to leave it til the A.M. to see what

we would do. Woke up and it said only 5% chance! And we were off!


Made it there about 1 P.M. I decided to get the Big Six pass. For $50,

I can go 6 times. Since I had to go to the processing bldg. to get my

picture taken, we decided to ride S:UF first. There were five of us. Myself,

my friend Michelle, her kids Lucky & Ally, and Ally's friend Ashley.

We made the decision to split up because we didn't want to leave the bags in

a locker. Every coaster has them now. $1 per use. Not too bad. Only

I like to take pics from the queue. That sucks. I need to find a

Smaller camera that fits in a pocket for my park trips I guess. So anyhow,

the S:UF line was at the 60 minute mark. It is faster then that when moving

though. In under 5 minutes, we were up to the 30 minute mark. They were only

running one car! YUCK. And all of a sudden, over the loudspeaker... we

are having some minor technical difficulties. Lots of people were leaving

because of this. They took the other train out, to which I got a video of,

and will post that I guess at the end. I never saw that before, so it was

all good. We made the choice to wait it out for a bit. Only 40 minutes or

so and we were in the seats. Well, three out of five anyhow. Michelle held

our bags, and then they were going to go on when we got off. Upon entering

the station, our seats wouldn't go all the way back down. They hung in limbo

kind of diagonal...thank goodness not in flying position! The train behind

us however was not so lucky! Turns out that Michelle and Lucky did not get

to ride. We were evacuated from the seats manually, and the floor it seemed

wouldn't come back up. Interesting experience. So, even though we

waited longer, the train behind us got exit passes!! How nice of them.


Ok, that is really the big story. Other than that, we went on to ride El Toro,

which is now much rougher than the last time I rode in 2007. I have to say

I think that El Toro's demise may be sooner than I originally thought.

I really hope not. I hope it was just a bad ride, although I have been on

the front, and the back, and I never had such a rough first drop. The color

has also faded drastically. I chalked this up to never having paid attention

to a new wood coaster before. Does this always happen?


Enough babble. On to the pictures.


We started with a star of sorts. I was the odd one out! No one told me

to wear Converse!


While the parking lot was sorta getting crowded as we got there, VIP was mostly



I tried to get some S:UF angles. I kind of failed at the other coasters though,

maybe. I tend to forget sometimes. And it is hard to find that "angle"

that I think people would like to see.


A great deal


Still on the outside


NO, it's not Disney, that's for sure


Rules.... and really abide by it, because you WILL get thrown out for the season

if they catch you!


Front gate


Aw shucks... (not that I was riding today anyhow)


I hear Mr. Six is not supposed to talk, and cast members can answer anything

you want to know




Minus the big scary Ronald Clown


Meep Meep!


Cyote wanted to see what Michelle was doing


No way, not me - EVER


I do not think that I ever got pics of this area...



But how many game stands should I take pics of before I get bored?



It seemed like a necessary shot at the time


Another no no for me...


New (to me) systems...


And there it is... the ride with my favorite element


I could not fathom how long it would take to ride if the queue ended up in here


Ahhh.... My pretzle loop, my precious


Did they install the rings yet? Oh sorry, my bad... wrong thread! Wrong Park!



Self portraits! (Myself on left, and Michelle)



For all you pole junkies out there



Nice and rusty


I can never remember all the elements names


Cool angle


Here they come!


Mechanical stuff


Only a little bit more to go.... Why on earth is this sign so far away from the

queue? I cannot read it from there and I have 20/20


Here's a closer view


Hey Michelle! Sorry you aren't gonna be able to ride!



Manually taking people out.


Debating on what's wrong perhaps? Remember, they said MINOR delays


On the way out of the ride


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Maybe it is me, but it looks like Coyote is trying to feel Michelle up?


Also, after we ride Kingda Ka, we have to do one of those two NEVER EVER rides too! I will let you choose which one


Finally, your signature has July 19th for your visit, I think it should be June.



Peace, Big Mike



PS - Thanks for the PM

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Big Mike, funny you thought that! I completely thought that Cyote was trying to get some action! lol Good catch on the signature!


Ok, here is Part II


Next up, Sponge Bob, I mean...UM... what was it called again?


Can you see my eyes?


We just started to act silly at this point


They get to "walk" on the moon


They may have changed the movie, but it uses the same seats


One person is checking the seat belts! WHAT!? PHOTO OP!


Off to the Golden Kingdom, where Ka is not working


It's all childs play


The tigers were lazy. It actually ended up being a hot day.


Some mist releif


The water stayed on top of his head in droplets


El Toro... in its fading color



Here is that ride that is no more...the spot stays for spiritual ease...

Actually, I noticed that like almost ALL the flats are pretty much gone. Sucky.







I see you hiding behind that bull! Don't worry, I will seek you out again in



Up they go!


A new angle for me


Ah, a sight for sore eyes!



I totally love the colors


Honestly, I didn't even hear the sound about halfway up the lift. I totally

forgot to listen to it.


Coming down this element, I totally felt the heat. I almost thought my eyelashes

got synged. It hurt so bad. Turns out a bug flew into my eye at the same exact

time! UGH!


They may have changed the name.... or did they? I am confused...





Missing Tee Pee


Woo woo, I mean Blackbeard's mine train, or whatever it is called.




The sun even came out a bit!


One last faded pic of you before I go...


The kids in the log


Ok, one more...

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  • 3 weeks later...

Part III



Our must have fountain self portrait


off to the other side of the park






I did not ride


Even though there was no line, I had no desire to


SO before my battery died, I decided to take some more pics


It was all blocked off. I wonder if they will ever use this space again



Nitro, sorry my love, but I shall not ride you this time. The kids cannot take

it after El Toro!


They rode Skull Mtn three times without getting off instead.


On the way out, a photo op with the pigs


One last shot before we go


Upon seeing this, it was so funny...I could not comprehend why on Earth someone

would put stuffed toys in their car like this. Thought about it later on and

figured they probably won it and didn't want to drag it around the park. lol


Train 2 video:



And that is the conclusion of the Great Adventure trip!



Next, I have to get my Florida trip working... I feel after this trip, and trying to take coaster pics, I will never be up to par with the angles and shots. It makes me wonder how long some of you sit and look and how many pictures you actually take!!


I will say... Sheikra was a big fail. It poured... and they closed it due to technical difficulties, Manta rocked, and HRRR did not even test while I was there...

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  • 1 month later...

^^ I heard KK was up and running this past week!!!!!!!! GRRRR!!


I cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted. My trip came and went, and I have even been to Great Adventure since then... more of that much later. - I have days and days of FL first. We went to parks seven of the 10 days.


I really do not want to bore anyone with words. I almost feel like it has been too long to remember things correctly anyhow. I just have to say again, that I really do not feel I did any justice in taking pics of the coasters. I had such high hopes coming in with my cool camera. But either there was too much sun, not enough sun... rain... etc. So how long do you stare at a coaster for a cool angle before people start to poke you to move? lol. No, no one poked me. But I did stop and stare for a bit.


We drove down to Florida this year. With the rising costs of just about everything, we decided it was smart. We saved over $1200 between air and car rental this way. We stayed at The Villas at Seven Dwarfs Lane, through Magical Memories. I highly recommend Magical Memories. (They have lots of different properties, all around Kissimmee, all about 10 minutes from the parks) True, you need a car, and it does not have the magic of Disney, but it is magical all on its own. If you have a big family and friends going all at once, this makes it so much easier to be on a trip in a place like this.


After a quick dip in the pool, my daughter and I decided to go to IOA, to wait for my brother's flight. After their original flight was completely cancelled earlier that morning, (nice of Jet blue on the fourth of July weekend!) their new flight had been delayed from a 9pm arrival to a midnight arrival!


{To all who do not like when people post this way… Sorry, but I tried twice, and wasted over an hour of time trying to do it here. I got two errors, telling me that I could not connect to the TPR server upon clicking add photo, and then totally lost everything I had just done. I totally forgot why I do not do it that way to begin with! UGH! My images are all 800x600 for this report, and that was not the issue. }


The first pictures are of the villa. There were four bedrooms, and three bathrooms. (One Master King with large whirlpool tub, two twin bedrooms and another Master Queen with bathroom) Living room, fully equipped kitchen, BBQ areas, pool, lake, little park, club house with a small arcade, pool table, gym. One block off of 192, and there is Walmart one way, and Publix another. Sam’s club on the corner, along with a Wendy’s. Of course, there is lots of stuff on 192, including Olive Garden, and Old Town.


Also, pay no attention to that blurb of dust in the pics. I just am too lazy to fix the pics that it was in. For some reason, it keeps bouncing around. I fix it every now and then, but it shows up when least expected! I call him Fuzzy.
















I did not ever realize that you could see so much of the parking garage from the street.


Universal welcomes us


Luckily we arrived at 6:15 p.m.


To the parking garage on the left. The next day, we got to experience the parking lot from the roof!


Always remember where you have parked! It is funny watching people use the car alarms to find their car.

Although, I have to say, when I picked up my brothers, I did not pay attention to where I parked. I never do that!!! That was not fun. I had the general area right at least!


I see you HRRR


Too bad you never even tested during my entire 10 day stay!


There were lots of people in the parks during this week. I was hoping I did not regret the decision



2011 will have to do


Once in the day…


My daughter’s favorite! Cardboard Dippin Dots!



Now you will see why I say I failed at these pics…


I wanted people pics this time out, and it just wasn’t happening!


So I stuck with structure…


I really like this coaster








Looks like some TLC is needed


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Big crane




How many pictures can you take of the same stuff??







No, I do not feel like getting soaked…lol.


The music here is just amazing… dum dum. … very eerie.


What are you staring at?


NO AMEILIA, do not feed the animals!!


Why is it, that I just do not remember these things ever? Did they always have them here ?


Some HP updates. And apparently, not too much is going on in that thread, because there is only one page more since the last time I checked just after I came back.





I hope they make use of this when everything is finished.






I was playing around with the Shutter Priority setting for these night shots. I have to eventually learn, right?





This place is pretty cool at night




This was just the beginning…of what was to come the entire week! No Lines = more fun!


This is our first time on this.




Some of the same usual sights, but at night…



Ameilia being silly - sometimes she thinks she can fly!


Another try at the Olive from a different angle


The Hulk…yeah, ok. Can you even see it? J


Empty lines… Yes, I know, this is the line for tickets. No one is getting in at 9pm. But it was like this in the day too, and this was a cooler shot.





It is pretty at night





Which way do we go? Wait, it all points that way à


I’ve never been in there…


We end the day waiting at the airport for my brothers. While waiting, Ameilia found a friend to share with.

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  • 11 months later...

Well, it certainly has been awhile since I posted the last update. Things have been extremely hectic here, and I have not had the time to sit and pick the pictures. I still have the rest of my Florida trip from last July, and then Great Adventure a few times, and now Hersheypark too! I got some new credits, and I am happy I went. But before I get into all of that, let me post my next day of pictures.


Funny story: After getting my brothers from the airport, I somehow realized, I did not remember to note where I parked the car. Ok, not a story, and not funny. It is just sad. I never do that though, and we did find the car eventually! Good thing it was my own car and not a rental!


Since my brother Danny was only in for a few days, we worked around the park that he wanted to go to. So naturally, we went to IOA. My brother Danny and my husband you see, do not like the heat... We went on the Hulk first thing, then Spiderman and walked over to Pteradon Flyers where we waited for my other brother JA and son (Anthony) to go on that. Next up - Dueling Dragons. I am not sure how long we actually were in the park and looking around at this point. We were on the DD queue, and just before we were to get on, in come the storm clouds. It poured. We had to wait...and then the cranky pants boys decided they wanted to leave!! I wasn't too happy about that, but we had over a week to get our fill of the parks in. So with that, we went back to the villa, went into the pool and walked around outside for a bit.


Pictures to follow. I don't want this to close and loose everthing... so I am submitting it now. (This PC does not have any Word or writing programs to save to! DL from Microsoft Windows Essentials now so next time I do not have to double post.)

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OK..Let's try for the pics now... I will try the TPR way. Cross your fingers for me!! :)


The day started at Walmart. Anyone for a pair of boots??


JA and my son Anthony. Ready for the day


Parking on the ROOF?? Uh oh... does this mean the park is crowded? (NOPE! Essentially not much in the way of lines the entire trip!)


I see you ring a ding ding dingy dings! Too bad this is a failed credit.


Happy to finally have her Dippin' Dots


Note to self... must take more time to photograph coasters! Hanno is an inspiration!


First room in the Spiderman Queue


More queue, and probably what was the longest wait of the week.


Bugle Net


A real calendar! It was Friday July 3rd


Can't see too much....


Car model


You have been warned!


Dorky, I know - but we take one every time.


Actual cars



This for some reason surprises lots of people... even though they can see it before they get on line.


Pteradon Flyers play area



Construction walls! Cannot wait to see the finished product!




Flash ruins it...but this is before I started to mess with manual settings. Flash does it no justice.


Knight frozen in time, now just a memory.



Who's that knockin' at my door?


Started at this train for a bit. The rain decided to be not so nice.


But we got to go back out the queue, and I took some time admiring everthing before it would be changed.







There were some amazing clouds and sky that night.


Our villa was in Kissimmee


CHECKERS FAIL! This was one block from our villa... I guess the one in Old Town would have to do, that is if they didn't destroy that one too! We just went to the one by Sand Lake Road across the street from the best McDonald's ever.


The sky was saluting the weekend of the 4th!


And put on a show of its own.


This nine banded armadillo came for a visit as well. :)

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Your TRs are great and you can see the progression throughout the thread! I like how you always kind of post pics like a story that you can actually follow. You need to do the biggest rides if you don't already. You could get some great on-ride angles if you timed it carefully!

P.S.-Coyote. That's how you spell it

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Thanks guys. Taking pics at theme parks is just so much harder than my normal photography. I mean, I shoot weddings and other events, and then of course family and friends for fun. I would post that here but you all would be bored with things and people you do not know. I notice I tend to rush into things at theme parks... and snap snap snap. I am trying to slow down and look at things more now. I have been trying to change my perspective, and get more into details. The thing with the pics of people on the coasters, I always seem to have weather that casts shadows where you cannot see people's faces. I never stick around long enough because I am always on the go to find other angles either. Maybe when I get to IOA next year... I am hitting up SFNE though, so I hope to possibly get some good Bizarro pics. I HOPE!


OK, one more update for today. Next up was Sea World. I checked out every park's schedule for fireworks, it was the 4th of July after all. SeaWorld seemed to have the most promising out of the parks we were going to. We found a spot early on to make sure we had something to lean on. This firework show didn't have anything spectacular to my dismay. Next year I shall be in the Magic Kingdom watching the fireworks there. (Is it still called Wishes?). That show was ten times better.


Being this was just over a year ago, I am having a little bit of trouble trying to find any words to go with the pictures, but it doesn't seem right to not write anything about the day. Let's see what memories I can dig up...


The lines were again, short. Manta had about a 20-25 minute wait. The queue was great, but you all know that already. There were six of us that had to ride, so we had to get split up. The ride op immediately was like... back row, how many? I heard about the grey outs in the back row, so I gave everyone the chance to grab it. Why did they all look nervous about that seating? OH, yes. I opened my mouth on the queue. So I took it. Turns out that it was awesome. No grey outs. I wanted to ride again, but never got the chance to get back on it. Kraken was almost walk on. Of course, we saw the shows. Blue Horizons just was not my cup of tea. I liked the old show so much better. And finally, Believe. Dawn Brancheau performed in this show, as well as Tilikum. You can see in the pictures just how much she loved being with the whales.


SeaWorld definitely remains one of my favorite parks to visit, and I will visit every time I get to Orlando. (Especially with the 2 year Platinum passes I got for BGE!)


Now, on to the pictures!!!


Definitely the coolest signage.


I see you Manta! This definitely is no parking lot coaster.


Naturally we walked directly to Manta upon entering the park.


Are we still playing the Kraken game?


The whales never cease to amaze me.





RIP Dawn Brancheau






Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting shawks.



The males give birth... :D




This tells you what is in the tank below



More Manta



Standard shot much?




We didn't ride. Should have.



I failed at getting a clear train splashdown. Maybe next time!



This was great... The mother was feeding the baby. She saw another coming into her "pool". She did not like that one bit and went after him leaving her baby....


She was SCREAMING at him


And there is the baby..."but mama, I'm hungry!!!!"


He tried to follow her but she seemed to get mad at him and pushed him back


And finally, some fireworks to end the night




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Lena, awesome job! You got some great shots. The whale photos are beautiful and the shots of Dawn are a nice memory of her. I really love Sea World Orlando, I think it has come along way since I was kid, a really world class park. Love your trip reports, keep up the good work!

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Thanks Eric. It is much different than posting on FB! I usually don't put stories up with it. lol. Slap the pics up and voila! I mean, how many albums have I posted there since the last "installment" here!?


I love SeaWorld. I will always go back. There is so much to do, and photograph! I have sooo many shots of the whales (and fireworks)! It was hard picking only a few so I do not keep everyone bored. I also have New Horizon pics, but just couldn't bear to even go through them at the moment because I didn't like the show. This time out, I actually caught the Clyde & Seymour show where they make fun of the other shows. It was pretty funny. (If anyone wants to see that let me know...same with New Horizons)

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  • 5 months later...

Hello all!


Time for another installment of my Florida trip from 2009. I almost feel it is obsolete now, especially since I started to take pictures a little differently over the last year, but to get to the parks I went to in 2010 - and will be going to in 2011, I must get through this trip first. For this year, I hope to show my improvements in my photos. I want to try and get the details. I have been able to keep to this in my every day photography, but alas, when I get to the parks, I still find myself speeding through to get the pictures of everything. I want to slow down, and take it ALL in. Let's see if I can do that. But first...let's get to the next update.


Universal Studios. It is July 5th, 2009. My brother, and daughter Ameilia went with me. My husband does not really like this park. I guess to him once you have been on Jaws, that is it. My son sides with my husband! We went there the previous year though - so he did not feel the urge. It was a pretty nice day, although hot. Did I say hot? I meant HOT! Crowds were at a bare minimum. Now if only HRRR was open...BUT NO, IT WAS NOT! Not even testing. No love for Lena.


On to the photos! This trip I tried to capture things in a broader way. I went into it saying, let's get the "streets", the signs, things like that. Looking back, I wish I went for more details - but hey, that means I go back sooner rather than later! We will be going back this year armed with the newer camera & lens (Nikon D90). I used my Nikon D40x with my kit lens (18-135mm) for most of the shots above.


Next up: Aquatica, BGT and more USO!

Further down the line: CP, KD, BGE & SFGAdv





No love for Lena! HRRR was NOT testing. Damn Ring-a-ding-dingy-dings


Back when the trains on site were big news



Construction walls down, epic fail - fixed!






Twister queue - no lines, no waiting!







No flash, perfect timing for the attraction lighting







Since Madonna's Bad Girl video, Christopher Walken is just a very creepy man to me. (Since 1993 for those who don't know)






Everyone in the park must be on the Jaws line!






MIB didn't even have a line!



Negative on the lines!





E.T. - no lines!

I almost feel that this will be the next attraction to go. I never see a line here. So it is a must ride every time I go back.





After E.T. we had to go, but finished the park a few days later.


Our BBQ area, close to water...and a lovely sign!


Some sky

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