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Lena's Mix of trips!

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I have a strange feeling that this ride on Kingda Ka might be pretty amusing lol.



I was going to look for all my Tower of Terror photos and show you all the different poses I have done so far like feet up up the chair, on my blackberry, reading a park map ect.



If I can do all these things, it cant be that scary



Do I have to come down to Disney with you too???? hehe



Peace, Big Mike (Who will look for his Discovery Cove pictures)

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Posting these pics has been fun so far! Thanks for all the encouragement!


Big Mike, that would be cool to see all the ToT pics. You can post them here if you like, linking them from this thread from the BMRS 2009! (You can bring more traffic my way perhaps? lol) I think I shall be fine on KK.. My nerves may be slightly shot though. I'm willing to make that sacrifice to help the BMRS ratings though.


I decided in an effort to improve on my photo taking skills in the parks this summer, I am going to offer my services, and take requests for pictures. Reasonable pictures that is.. I can only imagine what can of worms that could open up… but as an example.. A specific ride, or angles, queues, or all gift shops I pass, entrances to the park…and so on. Maybe there is something else you all want to see? I will do my best to fill the requests. What do people seem to miss on their trips?

The parks will be:

Six Flags Great Adventure

SeaWorld Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando

Islands of Adventure

Busch Gardens (Tampa, I can never remember if it is E or A)

Wet N Wild




Now, let’s return back in time, we are still in the year 2005. Now that I have conquered my first upside down ride… I am ready to venture out to Six Flags Great Adventure. Some family and I decide to go for my daughters birthday, October 30, 2005, which is during Fright Fest.. This is the year she turned 13. (WOW… I almost can’t believe it). And without a story… off we go!


On the road again… here is the Verrazano Narrows Bridge… I always wanted a GOOD picture of it. Not from this angle though…


Our signature photo. My daughter and sister in front of the fountain, with its FF Red, I mean bloody water


Pre rehab… I just liked the way this looked..


What kind of theming is this… nasty spider thing. UGH.


Yeah yeah, make fun of me… whatever! (Remember guys, I wasn’t riding Nitro at this point in time yet.)


I mean, dude - that lift is 205 feet in the air!!


This actually was the longest line we ever waited on for it.


And off they go!


Always making fun of me. (3rd row)


Guess what? ………………………………...................................... It wasn’t running!!


We had the best time on the Music Express, or whatever they call it here. Does anyone know why they do not let them go backwards anymore? I felt gypped.


My camera just got some crazy shots this day. (Still using the Kodak DX7630)


Before the beauty arrived


My favorite ride in the park at the time


6pm… do you know where the creeps are?


This was my sister at the threat of bringing her near the arcade area. The theme this year…CLOWNS.




This dude was clanging some metal something or other every now and again… ouch!


Maze entrance


Line for one of the mazes - these girls were starting trouble, and were pushing and yelling the whole time we were waiting.


In the maze. More like a path.






And I end this trip with our Six Flags portrait



Next up from my 1TB hard drive is......Great Adventure! (I went alot in 2006 - coaster overdrive) I will probably post SFGA 2006 in one post though.

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For 2006 we all got a season pass for Great Adventure. And this year, we really got our monies worth!


From the parking lot


Oh, there is a picture of the Road Runner! Must…. Take……… picture with




We almost forgot to take our pic


Then we can be on our way to the first TRADITIONAL ride of the day - NITRO.




Who me? NO WAY JOSE… not yet anyhow. I will remain on the other side of this fence today.


Chicken wings from my brother.. how nice



Now lets ride Batman…



Climb up the tin can…


And there you have it…








Wait…something is different here…



Look, something new…


Its made of wood!


It’s very loud - actually, it wasn’t open yet I think….This was May 7th…. So probably not.




My daughter and I


Let’s catch them on the log flume


Going DOWN!



We call this train ride WOO WOO. Long story short, and it was extremely funny at the time - but my brother was making the crazy sign with his finger saying woo woo woo… and smacked his hand with the antennae. (keep your arms inside the vehicle at all times…DUH!) So, with that, it became Woo woo. I don’t know if I even know the real name to it… Blackbeard’s mine train maybe. LOL It is a you had to be there sort of thing









Chiller cars


Flat fun



And now some sky ride shots. I do not know, but I think these rickety things either need to be replaced, or torn down! Very scary!






And this concludes my first SFGA trip for the year 2006. J Finally some coaster shots, huh?

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That spider on the Chaos ride is known as the spider of doom. Whatever ride it is placed on usually means the ride is going to be removed. It was also on Chiller one year.


Last year the management was having fun with everyone moving it around every week during Frightfest. One week it was on Medusa, the next week Skull Mountain, the next week it was next to the Northern Star Arena.

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Well that is just not playing fair! LOL. They can't remove all their rides now, can they! Do you know if Chaos stayed? I can't recall...


It was removed at the end of the 2005 season. So many rides have been removed in the past few seasons it is crazy.

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I will be the 1st to hire your picture taking services!!


I was going to ask you to take a picture of my portrait on the Leave a Legacy display at Epcot, but I see you are not going there.


So out of the parks you have mentioned, I will choose Six Flags Great Adventure and ask for a lot of pictures of the Public Relations girl Angel Aristone!!!


If you hunt her down and get some pics, I will be VERY impressed lol.



Its nice seeing your pics from the old days of my home park, brings back good memories!!



Your doing a fantastic job Lena!


Peace, Big Mike

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you Movieguy. That is definitely a compliment! I just love taking them so much, that it inspires me to keep at it. Especially with my new camera.


Big Mike... My camera shall be at your beck and call on our SFGA trip. I will send the pics to you ASAP!! Do not let me forget to get your address before we part, unless you want a zillion and one emails. I tend to over do it.


I know it has been a bit since my last, um... update. I cannot really remember where I left off, other than I was doing the Six Flags trips. I started it at work, and forgot it. Today I am home not feeling well, and

I feel dizzy thinking about the pics, but it has been awhile, and if I am to post my current trip when it happens, I need to get a move on!



May 2006:


fountain pic




We decided to break tradition today (Nitro as first ride) and run over so we can check out the Bull, but it wasn't open yet. They decided that the line for Kingda Ka wasn't too bad, so they went to ride that.

Remember folks, I haven't been on KK yet. First time is expected to be in August with Big Mike! So the tigers are on the way....




My sister, daughter & brother



^I waited with them in queue as far as I was allowed to go. This was back when they needed "tickets" to ride

Then I went around to take some pics while I waited for them to finish up.


Some El Toro shots prior to its opening:






This sure looks different from the pics I took last year!



Now, it is off to Nitro. Have I gotten over the bug that wouldn't let me ride?


No, not yet. Soon though. That is my family over there! lol.


Hey Bugs!


We were an uneven bunch, so my daughter went alone...


Crappy map picture. I have the huge park map from back then too. It is just way too big to scan.



June 2006:


Yes guys, It is tradition... My brothers and son (who is not 14 and WILL NOT BUDGE... he won't ride

a coaster bigger than Skull Mountain!!!!).


Parade. I have never seen one of these at a Six Flags Park






Ice down his back... RUN DANNY!!!


El Toro is now operational!


UM...NO THANKS. This line was really long. We will wait.


Over to Rolling Thunder


One gives it a thumbs up, the other looks like he has a headache!


Then they ride the swings... (note to self, must get better flats pics next trip)


As of this day in 2006, I still had not been on Nitro!

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Hmm, what is next? Still 2006. This is actually the last update from 2006 because

the weather was bad, and my son got sick. We were supposed to go to fright fest in

both Maryland and NJ, but never made it to either due to that streak of "bad luck".


It was hot, we all look like crap...



Nope not yet... maybe next year...


And there they go...




Here they come!


The Great Scream Machine. Now, I have always wondered, maybe sonmeone can help.

Why do they name coasters that are NOT clones, the same name?


Family in the train


There is the bull


Big turtle


Yeah, that was it for this time around. It was really hot, and I think by this

time we had been here enough to be tired of pics.


Next up - 2007. Will Lena ride Nitro? Tune in soon to find out!

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Sung to the childhood song:



"Lena and Big Mike sitting in a car




First comes fear, then comes panic


Then comes Lena in a backseat Ka ride"



Can't wait till Aug 15th.



Peace, Big Mike

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Very cute song. It works! After all this hype, there is no way for me to chicken out. I hopefully will be good. I am sure you will capture every second of it on film though! I know my friends and family are all going to be! lol

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I actually have almost all my PTR's ready to put up now... so I will try and space them out. This is the last one for today. Hopefully it ends up on a different page then the last one. Hopefully there will be a few more posts in between this and the next.


Now we are in 2007. We went to Great Adventure a few times, and also hit up Coney Island, and the Statue of Liberty. I know the statue is not a theme/adventure park, but I will include it because it is what I did on my vacation if anyone wants me to. I also have pics from the Intrepid (2006), the day before it went into rehab, if anyone is interested in pics from that.


We went with a bunch of friends. First ride was Nitro...and you will have to wait to see if I went on or not!! (insert suspensful music here... dun dun duuuunnnn) We went on the roaring rapids. This is everyone's wet sides.


Bugs decided to get fresh this time...


I must not take pictures with bats...


Will this change help?


Not me!! ok, so my family has banned me from this ride due to the forces that throw you around and bang you up. I bruise very easy, so they will not allow it. Am I missing anything??


I'd love to have my zoom lens for shots like this, but I will not bring my good camera to this park


Road Runner with the Cyote! (The Road Runner would be me - Meep Meep!)


I love this shot


Monkey see, monkey do


Look, it was a point and shoot Kodak! I cannot explain this. It just happened.


I do not know the name of this ride... Swings from side to side... and spins?


My son getting mad that he was not winning...


But learned that if you keep at something long enough, you will prevail!


El Toro train... I didn't go on this today. My stomach wasn't up for the probable way it felt at 200 ft high.



And yes, I went on Nitro. First row too. I am not scared of the first row, I was scared, if you will, at the way the drop feels. I still don't like it. I wonder if my face looks like that all the time...lol

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You definately don't look to happy in that picture



Am I the only one reading this????



Come on people, we have to flip to the next page!!!



Meep Meep!



Peace, Big Mike

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Big Mike, nah, it is not that I'm unhappy, just that the force of that drop (still) gets me. I was just sitting back relaxing, if you will... I will still go on it everytime...front, back, whatever. I am kind of hoping KK will be like El toro, where you do not feel the drop.


Nope, lots of people reading, no one really replying. That is ok... I do not reply on all the PTR's I read. I do try, but it depends if I am at work or not, or how busy I am. I feel so repetitive sometimes! LOL. I love all trip reports with lots of pictures!


Thank you themeparkguy27. I do have some more waiting to be posted. I can do another one tonite because it is now on the next page! I feel bad because I do have lots of pics to share, but not everyone has a fast running PC. So you guys aren't even getting the half of it! But since you don't know my family, I try not to be overbearing with the people pics. Some are just so funny though....

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Then they ride the swings... (note to self, must get better flats pics next trip)


At least you don't have to worry about wasting too much film next trip to Great Adventure (there isn't much open).


The Tango (which is the flat you didnt know the name to) is SBNO. Makes me sad, b/c after a few beers at the Cantina...the Tango is a perfect way to make 2 beers turn into 4.

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Thanks Pacfanlv! I didn't even think of that... My kids are growing up in these reports. LOL. That is pretty cool. My daughter is now 16...and my son is 14. Time has sure flown by pretty quickly!


Teacups Make Me Sick, (cute name btw!!) This is true. I can take loads and loads of pics, and never stop! I've got lots of GB of memory cards to back me up! (And a laptop to dump it out into!! LOL) Sad that some of the rides do not last. That one was definitely a fun one!


Big Mike...thank you for your support!


Next up is Coney Island. It has been ages since I have been here, and we wanted to go on whatever we liked, before they decided to get rid of it all, and of course, ride the Cyclone. It ended up staying yet another year after this too.


On the train...


The Cyclone


I remember when the P.O.P. bracelets were like $11.99


I just started to take random pics... hopefully I caught a good bunch of it...




I do not care what park this ride is in...no way...


Ha ha...this ride is..um... funny.









I didn't know exactly what they would be taking away....


So as we walked, I snapped









Bump her!!


We had to...


even though it is sucky! Can ya tell??


IMO, one of the greatest rides there...I always loved this ride



And of course, we have to ride the Cyclone...


I got smashed in the side of my knee going down...OMG that hurt!


Did you know that it is considered "a park"?

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Great trips down memory lane so far! Seeing old shots of the Junkyard at Universal Studios and Nautili in the lagoon made my day.


On page 3, one of your captions says "Skull Mountain train" or something to that effect. By the looks of it, I'm going to say it's actually the Robin train from Chiller.

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Great trip reports.


You mentioned you hadn't ridden GASM, don't worry you're not missing much. Unless you enjoy head banging.


Also I loved the Coney Island update! If you can ride the Cyclone, you can ride pretty much anything!


I definitely cannot say I like head banging. It had been so long since I rode Cyclone, I just had to. The Cyclone was really just rough that first drop for me, and banging my leg something awful didn't help at all, then tame the rest of the way around. It just felt like at every up was a pause, like...let's go already! I am so used to El Toro, spoiled at that!!


Great trips down memory lane so far! Seeing old shots of the Junkyard at Universal Studios and Nautili in the lagoon made my day.


On page 3, one of your captions says "Skull Mountain train" or something to that effect. By the looks of it, I'm going to say it's actually the Robin train from Chiller.


Oh yes, I did mistake the cars. I had both, and included one for some reason, never really checking it out. I am glad I got the cars for Chiller though since it no longer exists!


Some of that stuff in the junkyard is cool. Last time I was there though, I really cannot remember if they still had one. We were kind of rushing around to do the coasters really. I had two days. As of my last trip, I was not a coaster person... so I wanted to make sure I did them. Next time I will pay attention though, because we have 8 full days.



Now, it is really early and I am awake, so I will post another update, since it is complete already. So sad that I am rushing through this, hopefully everyone gets to see it!


This one will have two SFGA days. The first one is short. The second LONG... enjoy! I know we did!



We took a short side trip to SFGA to run on a few rides...(Aug 2007)




My son tried...




It is not as easy with a point and shoot...I wish I had my Nikon here...



Yeah, it was a short day. This day was way too hot to be hanging out in lines, even non existant ones.

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Fright Fest, 10/27/07


My last SFGA Photo trip report...I never made it back last year, and the

only time I was able to go this year, was a day that called for rain. I was

nervous that they would close the park if attendance was low like some have complained, so I opted out. This last day was for Fright Fest 2007. We didn't stay at night, because by the time we were ready to leave, the crowds had started to venture in, and we couldn't even walk! My husband just will not stand for huge crowds. (Yes, so we plan to go to Orlando the July 4th week this year...lol) Anyhow, enough of my babbling, on to my rainy trip report.


First, most of us by the fountain



Our Batman rain gear


Waiting the rain out, at Sponge Bob...


Went to eat... another kinda had to be there thing...but my daughter fell... the floor was so slippery one could sue this park and own it all...


My sister and daughter LOVE this ride...


Can you guess what song was playing?


First ride: El Toro. Funny that El Toro is my favorite ride in the park, and it has the same height for the first drop more or less than my least favorite ride. (Nitro, if any of you have questioned it still) Our "theme" for this picture was supposed to be "act scared"... but not everyone accomplished this. There are six of us in this pic.



It was raining, so I put a clear plastic bag over my camera, and was still taking pics


with bag,




UH OH, I guess the fix was an Epic Fail


Creepy Ronald McDonald looking clown...over a kiddie ride!


looked cool


I think this was to take a pic of the...theming?? lol Maybe for the colors...


The sign was..funny (For Kingda Ka)


Some help from an albino stranger...


NO no no no no!


Running away from BEES!!! In October!


Of course, as we left around 3, the skies cleared up!


Verrazano Narrows as dusk approaches.



This is almost it for my PTR's. We went to Hershey in August 2008, and spent a few days in Orlando

July 2008. Both do not have many pics. But of course I will post them soon.

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OK... ONE more. I have to end this weekend with a Florida update!




This was my first trip to Orlando since 2005. We were supposed to go as a family, but something happened where we ended up cancelling. Then last minute, my husband and I decided to get away for our first solo trip somewhere. I felt bad dumping the kids on others, as we went to Florida,

but hey, we deserve it. And I have to say, I wish they were there. My pictures suffered without my enthusiastic children. Also, I was devastated. You see, our flight was delayed until about 11pm from a 7pm flight, due to delays from a storm three days prior. We got in really late, and by the time I went to sleep, it was about 3am. Of course, I wake up at 7 in the morning. So I figured let my hubby sleep. I went off to use my (then only 8 months old) new camera... Nikon D40x - in the hotel room. You know, different angles of stuff, try to mess around without the flash. Needless to say, I got some bathroom pics, put the camera on the toilet, and it somehow slipped off and fell on the hard tile floor. IT WOULD NOT WORK! Thank goodness I am a prepared camper, and had my Kodak Z610, but still, all those non flash pics I wanted, I wasn't getting this trip. So these pics are really of me messing around with no flash. I am sorry if they seem kind of boring! Also, it was my first glimpse of what was to come... WWoHP, and HRRR! Not that HRRR had really been built yet, but they had already sectioned stuff off from the original Twister queue, and there were posters everywhere.


Upon going, I was really uneasy about picking a hotel. We normally stay at a villa or some type of hotel that has a kitchen. This was my first time in over ten years picking an actual hotel. They all had some bad reviews. So I picked the Ramada Plaza on W. Irlo Bronson. It was by the Highway, and on the other side of the highway, was a jail! What the heck, right? Aside from the delayed flight, and the dropping of the camera, the hotel check in was amazing. No more than 7 minutes and

we had our key and all! Pretty good service if you ask me!





Our Alamo rental was a Pontiac G6.


IHOP was just under the overpass, McDonalds just down the road (you could see it if on the corner)


Breakfast was good, so we decided to eat here two out of three days


I tried to remember to get different views of things, although it is quite hard when you are physically



The colors of this THEME PARK are amazing... and not just because it was for the Spiderman ride


No Flash


I cannot wait!





Just some deconstruction pics




Finally got to see this attraction



One day...

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