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[RCT2] Seaworld: Adventure Bay

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Hey guys! This is a new park being developed by BelgianGuy and myself. Therefore, you will see updates from both of us.





Seaworld: Adventure Bay is a new amusement project being developed in the upper region of Gulf Shores, AL. In early May of next year, Busch Entertainment Corp. will introduce to the world their 10th amusement venue, and 4th Seaworld park. Management is assuring media that this will debut as their best, yet.


We are proud to announce our upcoming amusement attraction for next year. Adventure Bay will draw tourists from the popular vacation destination of Gulf Shores, as well as other surrounding areas. The park will open with multiple shows, adrenaline-pumping thrill rides, delicious foods, and a beautiful atmosphere which will surely please each and every visitor. BEC cannot wait to share the fun with your family, next spring!


Construction of the park began last month, and has been steadily progressing ever since.


Guests will be greeted with this gigantic Seaworld sign shortly after entering the gates.


A nice fountain dominates the entry plaza.


Work on Seaworld's first coaster has begun!


Management would appreciate any comments you have to offer.

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Rest assured BGSA is going nowhere near a garbage-can for the moment, because the sign and metro station are done by me Dbru is now working on the park so in that time I work on BGSA,


By the way I needed something else in RCT2 to do because I was getting unispired and another project helps me get new ideas for BGSA

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Work continues to progress over at the Adventure Bay site. New rides, landscaping, and shops are being developed as we speak. Take a look at what has been happening over the past few weeks:


Wild Arctic is the second completed ride in the park. It is a 4D motion simulator, similar to models found at other SeaWorld parks.


This small diner will be whipping out hamburgers and hotdogs, come next spring.


A couple trains have been sent around Lighthouse Express for clearance testing.


Many random buildings are popping up all over the park.



More soon.

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More new attractions have been constructed at SeaWorld the past couple weeks.


Whale Blast is a 170ft tall S&S tower. Riders will be launched towards the sky at 60mph, before being blasted right back down, creating strong negative G-forces.


The Sea Lion stadium has gone up near the monorail's main station.


Landscaping and theming continues over at Lighthouse Express.



More updates to come, soon!

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Thanks for the feedback, but keep in mind, this is just the park's first season, and the Sea Lions will be one of the smallest shows at Adventure Bay.

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Things are looking really nice, and the stadium for the sea lions show is perfect. I'll take something like this any day over 90% of the stuff posted on NE.... with there 50,000 seat stadiums in the middle of parks, and their 400 foot tall 4-d coasters and entire city skyscrapers encasing a ride.


I prefer something you might actually see in real life. This parks looks good and it looks realistic. The one criticism I can find is that I'd watch out over-doing all the blue. I know its a SeaWorld park and the sea is ya know... blue and all... but there's a whooole lot of it in the park. Other than the Lighthouse, it appears every building has blue as a major color in it.


But the structures look great, landscaping looks good, can't wait to see more in the way of rides. All in all, very nice start, guys.

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Today was the grand opening of SeaWorld: Adventure Bay in Gulf Shores, AL. The park opened a week late (because of construction delays), and therefore, missed the local spring-break crowd, but the premier of the park was still a success. Here are some photos from opening day:


Lighthouse Express proved to be the park's most popular attraction. Even with its decent capacity, the ride sported hour waits all day.


Guests also seemed to love Wild Arctic, the park's simulator ride. The queue-line offers a great view of Lighthouse Express' first helix.


Shamu Express was the last attraction added to the park. It is a new type of junior coaster from Intamin. Though it seems to satisfy customers, it also suffers from frequent breakdowns.


Hope everyone enjoyed their day at the park!

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We are nearing the end of our first year of operation here at Adventure Bay and I'd have to say attendence was little lower than expected, but still we had a very good year, Since we only have 2 small coaster in the park management has decided to add something BIG.


Concept drawings have been leaked onto several coaster-enthousiast forums, Construction is underway and progressing according to scheduale.


But first some more screens of our first year here at Adventure Bay


Early trackwork has begun and some parts of the ride are already rising. Still we have a long way to go with this project



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