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Roller Coasters in the RAW 3 & Coaster Expedition Vol 12

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Oooh, I remember the Bullet! Thanks for posting this vid, Robb! This ride was really insane. the g-forces in the front and back car were out of control. Check out how high the front car is in relation to the top of the loop when it hits the spike on the "way out", then imagine the speed it actually has going thru the loop in relation!?! This would be a great back yard coaster. Someone with a big back yard, (and cheap access to electricity), should make Flamingoland an offer!

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Hopefully one day someone will get it back up and running, although I hear the running and upkeep costs got prohibitive. Still, we can hope!

What the park explained to me at one point is that in order for the ride to be installed at the park, a section of track from both spikes needed to be removed to comply with planning permission.


The ride had to be shut down for 2-3 hours each day because as it warmed up, it got a bit faster and started to get closer to the end of the spike!


(I'm not making this up!)


So the coaster had an operating schedule that was usually something like 10am - 12pm, then 2pm - 4pm. (If memory serves correctly)


It was a real annoyance to have one of the parks "star attraction" closed mid-day. And often times this ride had a 30-45 minute line, so that really meant that you could only line up for it between 10am - 11:15am.


I understand that as being the main cause for it's removal.




I always thought that the reason it had limited operational times was due to the noise it created for the holiday park and local houses, the launch was pretty noisy, then I thought it was removed due to increased operating costs and Flamingo Land wanting to have a ride in its place that they could operate all day for increased traffic flow.


That was very interesting Robb, thanks for posting that tid-bit!

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**RollerCoasters In The Raw 4 will be shipping in the fall/autumn**


What's the intended theme, Robb? Too early to say?

Volume 4 will be back to the traditional Raw format. 15 wood, 15 steel coasters and a mix of new and old.


Too early to make a list as we'll be shooting footage all summer long!


Hopefull to have as many "new for 2009" coasters as I can get in there, but it depends on how much footage I can get from each park.





Hi Robb / TPR


What's the latest on RCitR4? Not moaning, not complaining... just asking.


Simon B

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Hey everyone! We have just posted another segment from Coaser Expedition Volume 12! This DVD is available at the TPR Store:



Let me just take a moment to remind everyone about something. Theme Park Review runs completely ad free, no pop-ups, no banners, and as we keep adding new features to the site the server fees keep growing! Please remember that making a purchase from the TPR Store helps keep this site running ad free! (And we would like to keep it that way!)


TPR DVDs are still only $10 each and our T-Shirts are $8. Please help support Theme Park Review! The last thing we ever want on this site are pop-up ads!


And now...EVERLAND! It's all it's TPR glory!


This video covers a 12 month stretch of time at Everland where we visited the park both while T Express was under construction and then again to ride! (And OMFG what a ride it was!) You'll see tons of coaster footage and all the TPR antics you'd expect from a Coaster Expedition DVD!






From "Coaster Expedition Volume 12" - This 2-Disc DVD features parks and roller coasters from all over Asia (China, Japan, S. Korea) with lots of fun and TPR antics! The "Coaster Footage" disc also contains more than 50 different roller coaster POVs!



Theme Park Review thanks you for your support!


--Robb Alvey


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^ Thanks Brent!


We've actually been using Aquabats for a while now. I think I first used "Pizza Day" in Volume 7 and they've appeared at least 2 or 3 times since then.


Glad you liked the video!


--Robb "Fan of both Aqua and Aquabats!" Alvey

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Great dvd once again I purchased it along with 10 & 11.


I know your obviously a very busy guy but how long till Coaster Expedition Volume 13 is out? And how often do you release them? Just as often as time permits? I guess now after the tours is where you get some time.

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^ My "Goal" (and I say that loosely because things are crazy right now) is to have Raw 4 out on Nov 1, CE 13 on Nov 15th, and then something "brand new" out on Dec 1.


We'll see if that actually happens or not though!



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Let's just hope that by some miracle it makes it back to life.


omg, i had no idea it was being removed! is that the rumor? The location of of where it is now is what appears to make it awesome... can it have the same awesomeness anywhere else?

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