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Holy crap, I am actually posting a park after 2 failed attempts to finish some of my old work. Here are some screens. Yes as you all saw in the preview threread there is a Maverick'esk coaster. It has yet to be named but even only half themed so far it came out with very insane ratings as you will see.


I believe though so far of the names I have looked at I will be calling it "Savage".


Comments greatly appreciated.


Update: I have added a wooden coaster I wanted something like The Beast. I tried my hand at a 2 lift hilled wooden coaster thats fully a terrain rider. Hope you all like it .




Top Spin near Savage.







This is Pegasus's que line and station building thus far. More added soon.

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I saw a preview of the park over at the "Preview Thread" and it looks really promising. The idea of a terrain woodie is good, but I don't think two lift hills would really suit the ride, just one would be fine.


May I suggest not using the GigaLooper trains, they just don't seem to suit the Maverick like coaster, I reckon the stand-up twister or normal twister trains would look better, but that's just me.

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1. Both woodies look absolutely incredible.

2. The scenery around the woodie and top spin are excellent/

3. The area around the Maverick clone seems a little sparse; however, the area probably isn't completed yet.


Is this park based off of the original Marriott's Great America parks or is the name just something you came up with?


Overall great job!

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To answer each and all of your questions.


1. The name just came to me to be honest.


2. The park I am currently working on is not my first but first I am going to complete.


3. The area around the park is nowhere near complete.


If you wish to look up my old parks for screens Barselonte Park and Warrington Grove park are the old park names.

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I'm crazy about the new hyper coaster, I really like the colour scheme and the water splash bit (where the coaster goes through the small lake).


Nice work so far, I do hope you will be able to finish this park.

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The scenery around the hyper's station look great! Were you inspired by the Ohio hypers?


Now onto the issues...

It looks like you added some turns at the bottom of the drops and they don't seem right. I don't think B&M builds drops like that on their real hypers. Try to make the drops more curved instead of placing the turns on the bottom of the drops.


The first hills look a bit too triangular for a B&M hyper. Try to make the initial hills a bit more parabolic like the airtime hills at the end of the ride. It reminds me of Magnum a bit.


From the really high view of the camera, it looks like you added an inversion toward the end of the ride... Normally hypers don't have those, especially B&M ones. (I'm not really sure if it really is an inversion though)


Otherwise the park looks great! I really wanna see some close-ups of the hyper.

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Well to be honest I am changing the layout of the hyper and am kinda doomed to the restraints of RCT2's settings. The whole turn after drop idea came from looking at behemoth and Diamond back.



Don't worry I didn't hack any tracks so no inverions used. The last bit of the ride is an overbanked turn into the splash pool.

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Interesting choice of drop tower name. Could it be a coincedence that both Marriott's Great America parks had a drop tower named "The Edge"?


And your scenery IS amazing. I'll say you're among the best RCT2 designers here...


I can't wait to see the actual finished product.

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^ Yes but you're still among some of the better RCT2 designers on TPR. The park has excellent scenery and from what I've seen so far, the park is absolutely incredible...


... and here is an interesting history lesson about the "real" Marriott's Great America's Edge.


The Edge made its debut in both Gurnee and Santa Clara in 1983. Similar to the case of The Demon roller coaster, The Edge was a major attraction that was not integrated into the theme of its section of the park. The identical ride package was installed in Orleans Place in Gurnee and County Fair in Santa Clara. The Edge had no specific linkage in theme to either Orleans Place or County Fair.


The Edge was an Intamin Freefall ride. Passengers rode in four-seater cars that climbed a tall shaft much like an elevator. At the top, the car moved forward and paused momentarily before being released in a pure freefall down the front of the tower. Towards the bottom, the track curved outwards, placing riders on their backs. Once the cars reached a switching mechanism, they were transferred to a lower track and placed upright in the process. From there, the cars returned to the loading area. The Edge provided a brief, yet intense, ride experience.


Early in the 1984 season, the Gurnee ride experienced a malfunction which led to a car falling back down the lift shaft. Four passengers, all teenage boys, were hospitalized and subsequently released. After the accident, re-designed anti-rollback devices were installed on Intamin Freefall rides to prevent similar accidents from happening. The Gurnee ride was removed from the park after the 1986 season. The Santa Clara ride remained in service at the park until the end of the 1995 season.



County Fair -- Santa Clara

Orleans Place -- Gurnee



Final season:

1986 -- Gurnee

1995 -- Santa Clara


Taken from...


Great America parks is an excellent site if you want to learn more about the real Marriott parks. You could definately use it as a source of inspiration for this park.

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