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SIx flags New England

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I went to Six Flags New England in July 2007 and honestly, besides Superman: Ride of Steel...er...Bizarro, their coasters are nothing to write home about. But Bizarro is amazing and I can see why it is considered one of the best coasters on the planet. If it wasn't here I probably would not go back to the park. You must ride it a lot.


Batman is pretty fun and it's really cool to see all the elements all intertwined together, but I've been on better Floorless coaters (Dominator at the then Geauga Lake). I also rode Hydra: The Revenge at Dorney Park which was comparable fun to Batman, but both fail in comparison to the awesomeness that is Dominator.


Their operations weren't the best either, but that may have changed in the past 2 years. Ride-ops were slow. My home park of Cedar Point, would have cranked out those trains in less time in my opinion. I guess that I am spoiled in that regard.


One ride that I wished that I experienced was Houdini's Great Escape, a Vekoma Mad House. I believe that it is similar to Hex at Alton Towers in England. I heard that it was really unique, but unfortunately, I didn't have the time.


They do have a ProSlide water coaster in the attached waterpark (it looked like so much fun), but again I didn't have the time to check it out.

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See I keep seeing Superman goes Bizzaro.. But I read bizzaro dosent come out till memorial weekend?


Unless they just made small changes from Superman to Biz?


If I understand the whole Bizzaro transformation correctly, then at the very least the ride is getting a purple paint job, new trains, and some different theming. The trains look really good. They now have ElToro style restraints and onboard audio! Check them out:




Here's the listing of all the new stuff for the 2009 season:



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...honestly, besides Superman: Ride of Steel...er...Bizarro, their coasters are nothing to write home about.


Yes, yes, yes... of course Superman is the only thrill worth riding with no peers and no competition and you would be best off just to ride it once and then back reverently out of the park in awe, bowing the entire time...


Or not. Superman is a good ride. But to walk through the world with blinders on that only let the Supermans, Kingda Kas and El Toros through is a very good way of ensuring that you'll not be able to enjoy any park you wander into. If you don't live on an ivory tower when it comes to coasters, I think you'll find Six Flags a nice little park with some real gems.


Point in case- one of the treats is wholly ignored by many coaster fanatics- Thunderbolt. This tiny wooden coaster (lift hill c. 70') is a really enjoyable ride, smooth as glass but with enough kick and spunk that you won't confuse it for a kiddie ride. Not to be missed!


Thunderbolt's big brother, the Cyclone really beat me up, but I'm a little guy, someone with a bit more padding or muscle mass to absorb the shocks might have a more enjoyable experience.


The Batman steel coaster is a lot of fun, yes it's been around for a few years, but the thrill of a good inversion-happy toedangler has not worn off. Waiting for the front row may be worth it too; this coaster offers a primo unobstructed on-ride photo opportunity for the front row.


Flashback is a good, solid boomerang and although I like Mind Eraser, (I'm wearing a MindEraser t-shirt right now, actually.) I know just about everyone else in the known Universe finds it extremely rough. All I would say about it is don't take their word for it- if a Mind Eraser hasn't slapped you silly yet, hop on and try it for yourself.


Additionally, there are some classic flat rides- Chaos and Nightwing are my personal favorites and bits of decent theming here and there (this is still Six Flags after all) and a great waterpark.


Bottom line, go in with an open mind, ride everything once and you'll discover your own favorites. And DON'T skip Thunderbolt.

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Additionally, there are some classic flat rides- Chaos and Nightwing are my personal favorites and bits of decent theming here and there (this is still Six Flags after all) and a great waterpark.


It is funny you mention Chaos and Nightwing. Both have been removed.

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It's a really fun park and quite nice. The water park is great, especially the water coaster! Definitely make a point of trying that out. Just don't break it like I did lol


Flats, well, they still have a few cool ones like the mad house and the fly swatter if that's your thing. There are a few others as well. Superman is the main attraction but there's still a lot to see and oh yah, another great little park is only about an hour away.


I thought Thunderbolt and Cyclone were both great rides and a lot of fun. Yes, Cyclone is rough but once you remember where the rough parts are you can prepare for it. The back is crazy

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I've been there twice. Once in 2006 for an entire day. My second time was this past summer just for an hour to ride SROS after going to the Great Escape. On my last trip we only got to ride SROS once and then the park was closed. I'm not really into flat rides or water rides, but I do know that they have a SWAT type ride and typhoon, which is supposed to be a really cool water "coaster." Typhoon is very similar to Deluge at SFKK from what I've observed.


Coaster-wise, SROS is my favorite coaster. It's packed with airtime and it's just a really fun ride. I've been on pretty much every big coaster in the United States, and this one is my favorite. All the other coasters are mediocre, except for Batman maybe.


I've heard a lot of bad reviews about the park, but personally I like it. So don't let someone else's bad review's ruin your day.

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Scream has a tendency to run 1 tower on busy days so watch out for that. Cyclone same thing, one train operation in the middle of summer is not that uncommon. Thunderbolt got new restraints this year, individual lapbars and seatbelts in place of the older handlebars, and it slows down loading alot...

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I've already been to Six Flags New England this season.


Bizarro is easily one of the best coasters I've been on thanks to the absolutely incredible air and powerful Gs. I like Apollo more, but it's the most intense coaster I've ever been on.


Batman is fun and fast-paced with some great elements (Zero-G roll especially), but be prepared for a tad bit of the B&M rattle.


Pandemonium is incredible. Definitely use the single rider line to avoid an hour plus wait, but the spinning, Gs, and sudden drops make it the park's hidden gem and after Batman and Superman, the park's best attraction.


Cyclone is good for a ride towards the front since its fairly smooth up there, but rides in the back are flat out painful.


The Thunderbolt is a nice, little coaster, but the new ratcheting lap bars allow the ops to really staple riders in and take away some of the air it used to provide. It still provides some decent pops and one huge moment of ejector air, but it's just not as strong.


Flashback is a very good boomerang and not all that rough at all, while Mind Eraser is one of the roughest coasters I've ever been on, so beware.


If you're the credit type, Catwoman's Whip is comfortable, and adults are allowed on the Great Chase, but that one is quite painful and jerky.


For flats, I definitely recommend Scream since when it's holding you and dropping you, it's the best non-Tower of Terror drop tower I've been on. If it's only in space shot mode though, it's not worth the wait at all.


Catapult is a very unique and really fun flat, but it does have extremely tight restraints and is down for maintenance frequently.


Joker's Wildcard is an average Chance wipeout, but you need a partner to ride.


Houdini's Great Escape is a really well executed Vekoma Mad House and the effect of going upside down is simply amazing.


If you're willing to get wet, definitely hit Splash Water Falls if it doesn't have a line since it's a pretty unique ride and the spinning on the way down is great.


Also, Blizzard River's worth a ride if it doesn't have a wait, but it is a somewhat mediocre rapids ride since not all of the effects are typically working.


While big, I honestly don't like the water park all that much. Typhoon is fun for sure, but it's honestly nothing special and definitely not worth the 60-90 minute wait it usually has since the conveyor belts really hamper the experience and the drops just aren't that thrilling.


Tornado is the water park's best attraction and the best of the type I've been on. Shark Attack's line moves incredibly fast as well and it really is one heck of a thrilling, but short, slide. Lastly, the Swiss Family Toboggan is fun if you have time.




Food and drinks are incredibly expensive so I recommend going to Nicky's down the street from Six Flags after you leave. They have some of the best pizza I've ever had and it's colossal.


Lastly, Flash Passes aren't typically necessary as the worst lines I've seen on weekends when I've gone were 45 minutes for Bizarro, which isn't bad at all.

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Went once a couple of years back, making a special trip. Planned on a possible two days - fortunately, since S:ROS was closed the whole first day. Honestly, if I hadn't already been to a bunch of other similar SF parks with similar rides, I might have relaxed and had a better time, but I spent the whole day in anguish and frustration. (Sob.) Second day, I went back, rode Superman 13 times, and left very, very happy. Not, IMO, worth a big trip, except for that one ride, which - to sound utterly unoriginal - is, alongside El Toro, my favorite of all the coasters I've been on...including the two other S:ROSes or Bizarros or whatever.

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