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Download A *FREE* Theme Park Review DVD!!!

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Whew, mananged to download mine before it was too late.


Robb, that was great stuff that you put on the DVD. Everything was so smooth and clear.


But, for some reason, it always freezes when I get near the end of the Flashback footage. Maybe it's my computer.


Thanks Robb!

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I "ordered" it and now I'm patiently awaiting for the link to pop up in my inbox!


Looking forward to it and I'll tell you what I think after I get a chance to watch it!




EDIT: Tried a second time after waiting about an hour for the first one..... Still no luck!

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I had a slight problem with mine that I eventually got fixed but I figured I'd post it in case others are having the same problem.


I downloaded the iPod version and it had the extension .mp4.gz on it (I downloaded using Google Chrome). Well WinRar wouldn't unzip this and neither would my other zipping program.


I actually had to change my folder settings to see the extension and just deleted the .gz off of the file name so that it just had .mp4 . It now seems to work perfectly in my media program.


Or was it supposed to be zipped?

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^ No, it's not zipped. I have no idea why it downloaded it as a .gz file but I'm assuming it must be an issue with Google Chrome because it seems to download as an .mp4 when I try it in IE or FireFox.


Glad you got it to work though!



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I'm little surprised no one has mentioned anything about what was actually on the disc, like the Flashback footage or the awesomeness that is the Myrtle Beach Hurricane.


I thought people would really get a kick out of seeing footage of some of these defunct coasters.



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^ It says it on the product information page in the store and in the email you received:


This product is downloadable. You will be able to download it right after you place the order and submit payment (2054291 Kb)
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Unfortunately, Robb hasn't found a way to make you "FEEL" the pain from Flashback you can only imagine -=)..



Btw I ordered Raw Volume 3 and a hoodie (just in case we get some bazaar weather)



The Flashback footage was outstanding. I've always wondered what that ride was like and this gave me the perfect idea that pictures could not. You keep releasing In the Raw, I'll keep buying.
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