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May 2nd - Six Flags Great Adventure

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I took a solo trip yesterday so that I could do whatever I pleased and stop for as many photos as I saw fit (almost 150 pictures in all, most are junk though.) I got to the park at around 2:00pm and found that the lot wasn't too full (yay!) As I walked in, a song with the lyrics "It's gonna be a good day" (or something similar) played over the speakers; foreshadowing maybe? I headed in, took a stroll towards El Toro, which sported a line extending out of the far queue maze, so I passed.




Next I headed over near Bizarro, happily taking in the fact that the birdge route was now open again. Not much to see; I was hoping to see a test train run through or Lex Luther himself or something but nope...just saw the Mr. Six with the Funstruction sign.


Yeah construction is fun...1 flag for you Mr. Six.


I walked through Frontier Adventures next and saw that the flume was open, wow! I didn't ride though as a steady stream of people using the sprayers were present.




I walked through the Lakefront (it's still called that, right?), into Movietown and got in line for Nitro, which was a stairway wait. As always, I went right for the back row. Nitro seemed a little faster this time around, but I have to assume that was just me.


Nitro sails over a camelback


Next I eyed Dark Knight but decided to scope out Xploratorium instead (passing up a coaster for con...funstruction.)




After getting my fill of fun construction, I got in line for Batman and was trapped by a stairway wait...gah! Nitro's stairway wait is totally acceptable; Batman's, in that smelly, humid tube, is not at all. I waited about 15 minutes and a puke cleanup in all; again a backseat ride. Batman was fun as always; the Gs on this thing seemed to have elevated over the years which makes it even better!


Batman's grey out loop.


After Batman I walked, walked, walked over to the Boardwalk. First I watched Twister's pitiful cycle which seems to have gotten even worse this year. The ride did like 1 flip, and the brakes loudly screeched when applied. Someone...please...re-program that thing.



"is that really made of wood?" -stupid kid


Scream Machine was up next; the wait was a total "air gate wait." A combination of people fearing it's roughness and the fact that the ride ops churn trains out like crazy typically makes for a nice quick wait on GASM. Once again I took a backseat ride, but paid for it this time around as I failed to remember that the last car on the white train fishtails and bounces along the track at a furious rate. No amount of defensive riding tactics can counter white train, car 7's wrath. I still had fun though, it's tough not to have fun on GASM with its wild vertical/lateral Gs, stupid fast first half, and hangtime filled second.


The quintessential Scream Machine shot.


While assending the lift on GASM, I noticed that there was no line for Superman: Ultimate Flight. That could either mean two things I thought: 1. the ride is broken, or 2. Hell had frozen over. Turned out that it was 3, it just didn't have a line for once in its 7 year history. I took this opportunity to take a spin after not riding for 3 years or so. I'll admit, I talk smack about the ride alot, but I did have fun. I stared towards the ground for most of the ride; oddly facinated with the ground speeding by below me.




Kingda Ka was next, which had a 20 minute wait or so. Once again I backseated, and was trounced by its vibration; I thought GASM was bad! Still, it adds a certain intensity to the ride.




After trying to get on it earlier in the day, I came back to El Toro was next which now had a line that started in the middle of the far switchback. It was about a 15 minute wait and this time I got it right by choosing the backseat (well, second to last.) The Bull was really running nice yesterday. As I exited I noticed that the line had dwindled to a station wait, so I got right back into line!


El Toro and the stagnent creek


Sky Ride had no line, so I hopped on


On the skyride; there's something bizzaro in the background.


I milled around for a while, re-riding things, before getting on the Parachutes. As fate would have it, I enetered the line the correct way only to be line jumped by like 12 people crossing over the grass...pfft. They were running two sets of chutes and seeing that the far ones had no line, I went over there. Of course I was shot down by a manager in a gaudy robin's egg blue button down that the side had just closed. Thanks, manager-man! I waited about 10 minutes to ride the chutes as the line swelled behind me despite that fact that the ride op was cranking out chutes like a madman.


Looking up!


After the chutes I milled around for some more, taking another Toro ride and hopping aboard the Teacups and spinning the crap out of my respective cup. I left at around 8:00pm with the song Don't Stop Belevin' playng over the speakers...if that has an sort of significance at all. Hey The Soprano's ended their series with it, I guess my TR can end with it just as well! All in all it was a nice day with pretty light crowds.

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While assending the lift on GASM, I noticed that there was no line for Superman: Ultimate Flight. That could either mean two things I thought: 1. the ride is broken, or 2. Hell had frozen over. Turned out that it was 3, it just didn't have a line for once in its 7 year history.

When I went to GADV last year it was decently busy and SUF was a walk on.

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That's shocking, usually even on slow days it has a wait. When I went in 2007 every coaster in the park was a walk on except Superman. Last year in the spring on days when the park was empty, it would still have 15 - 20 minute waits.


I guess you got lucky, it's a fun ride but too short and not worth the wait times it usually gets.

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^ lol I'm sure Six Flags would have loved that entry!


BTW, does anyone know if they always have the barbed wire fencing around the areas where the coaster comes closest to the ground? I never seem to remember all that.

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Well I know why they were put in (and are waiting for someone to sue because they got hurt by the barbed wires ) but I'm just wondering when they were put in. I really haven't been on the ride in years, like the fact that you now enter the station from the back is new to me. lol

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