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RYU-Take on the Dragon [RCT3]

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Since I've got my new computer I've been able to play RCT3 again and I decided to start of with a single coaster design instead of a new park because I'm still getting used to the game and its possibilities(I suck with cs).


So here goes:


The coaster I'm working on is a one of a kind B&M Flyer(I know I build a lot of these ).


The coaster is called RYU and has a Japanese theme to it.

This is the progress so far:


A picture I took when I was driving near the construction site


The logo For this coaster

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1. The logo looks cool, but the lettering is hard to see.

2. Didn't you already make a B&M flyer called Ryu?

3. What about Busch Gardens South America? Are you gonna keep working on that project alongside this one?


Your RCT2 skills are amazing. I can't wait to see your RCT3 skills.

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1. Thanks its the first time I used photoshop myself(my brother used to make me some fancy logo's back at the time of Sunset Hills)


2. Yes in TPP, I just like the name and it suited(maybe if all goes well this will be a RCT3 TPP)


3. BGSA isn't on hold to state clearly, I just took on another project in RCT3 because I can play the game again, BGSA is nearing to aother update even for that matter



Here are some more screens, feel free to comment!


Gotta love it


thats one intimidating view IMO


the queu line

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