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PTR: Knoebels Opening Day 2009

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What happened to the last lift hill? When I was there in August, they had all the lift hill mechanisms in place including the chain. From the pic above it seems like they threw out the lift system (which I highly doubt).

From what I see, I don't think we'll see this ride running until late in the season if at all.

It appears that they extended the last lift for some odd reason. There's another wheel to pull the chain laying on the ground below the 'new' start of the lift. I'm guessing that the cars weren't lining up as planned to enter the last lift, too much speed from after the brake run, so they are tracking the last section to ensure they enter the third lift flawlessly. Running this season? Maybe, just maybe. I counted at least a dozen guys working on the newly tracked part after the brake run on Saturday, and about five others wandering around the track. There was a group of people inside the structure looking around later in the day, I'm assuming ACErs, but there were many small children so I can't be positive. What I'm trying to say is that the ride had a lot of activity around it.
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The group on Saturday was GOCC (Great Ohio Coaster club). They seem to rotate the opening day event through a bunch of different groups.


Not necessarily fact, but I am guessing that the surge in activity on Saturday had something to do with the 300+ enthusiasts strolling around the park

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