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Erik & Misty's Smoky Mountain Adventures

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Located in the DEAD CENTER of Gatlinburg is a sit-down attraction so frightening, so mind-numbingly terrifying, that even a Viking would weep at the mere suggestion of experiencing it.


Even more awesome than Earthquake The Ride, is:




"You haven't lived 'til we've scared you to death!"


Seriously, this is one of the greatest things ever. You sit on benches in a tiny room while furniture slides back and forth on tracks and an animatronic head drones on like a retarded child making up a horror story by repeating things he's seen on The Twilight Zone.


Then, just when it couldn't get any cheesier, some actually-pretty-cool stuff happens.


I loved it.


"Join us as we make contact from beyond the grave."


"Experience awesome action as objects and ghostly figures come to life in this spectacular and mysterious adventure."


"Knight Rider wasn't evil."


"His windshield wipers were. It didn't come up much in the show though."


"We have visited many ghostly sites, and collected some of the most evil artifacts imaginable: the steering wheel from Hitler's staff car, the left-turn signal from Charles Manson's VW, the windshield wipers from that car that played Knight Rider."


"Here we have created, brick by brick, stone by stone, one of the world's most mysterious haunted attractions."

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I did Hauntings several years ago. It was a cool little show, glad to see it still there.


Really enjoying seeing all the attractions around the Smokeys. Haven't been there in about 10 years .

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What did this crap-tastic spookfest run you ($)?


The official adult price is $7.99, but it's only $3.00 for Sevier Country residents.


/Coming to the area? Hang out with us! We're like walking discount books!

//Note: Offer void if you're annoying or we're busy.

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I concur with the good cfc. My next time in town, this is a must do along with the epic Jurassic Jungle Boat Ride.


Don't forget Earthquake. It's a real live action ride and you are in it!

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HAUNTINGS!!! I loved that place when I was a kid. I talked my dad into going in there back in the mid 80's and it was awesome! Gatlinburg used to have a lot more cheesy type attractions like Hauntings, World of the Unexplained (kind of a more interested in the occult Ripley's museum), World of Illusions, The American Wax Museum (in the town's old theater), Gatlinburg's Haunted Mansion, the old Ripley's Believe it or Not with the gigantic water faucet suspended in mid air out front, and all the gigantic arcades with all the latest games. A few of those are still around, and some have changed buildings like Ripleys after the original burned, but the 80's was a great time in Gatlinburg!

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Located at traffic light #7 in Gatlinburg is Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. These exist in many different touristy areas, of course--but each one has (at least somewhat) different exhibits.


The exit dumps you into an arcade.


Well...I can take a lot of photos of even the most minor tourist attractions...does that count?


Awww. Damn you, boobie-robbing mirror trick!


Whoa! We're gonna get to see that chick's boobies! Outta my way, kid!


A prehistoric area and a chick with tiny wing tattoos (not part of the exhibit, actually).


And this is the world's weakest balcony stunt. You have to stand on it forever, it makes noise before it starts, and it only tips you forward an inch or two at an extremely-controlled rate of speed.


...I call it a standard issue spinning tunnel.


Ripley's calls it a Swangin' Bridge...


The dude with the camera makes people jump out of the way when they walk through the door.


The ever-popular giant chair and a painting of Spider-Man painted on spider webs (not as cool looking as it sounds, I'm afraid).


Restroom gag. This is positioned across from the clearly-labeled men's room.


Whereas Misty made a tie-dye shirt at Dollywood. Here she is, in her new shirt, demonstrating how she's shorter than the world's tallest man.


This dude made a detailed wax figure of himself, using his own body hair to complete it.


I do like trompe l'oeil, though.


More death and weirdness.


Vlad The Impaler.


A lot of the torture stuff kind of freaks me out, actually.


John Dillinger escaping from jail with a fake gun made from soap and whatever else he could find.


Many of the displays are rather macabre. Let's head into the jail/torture/death area, shall we?


A hologram of Ripley describing some of his adventures.




Coolest claw game ever. You can win a shrunken head doll or a two-headed cow.


Circling above the lobby.


At the top of the stairs to the second level is a horse made out of coat hangers.


This is kind of what my hair looks like if I let it grow out.


I think this is a nice touch.


"Odditorium" is a much cooler name than "Museum." I feel gypped.


Part of the lobby area that can be seen from the outside.


This one is three stories tall, and is supposed to look like an earthquake has torn apart its structure. (I think it's a bit too subtle, though.)


It's a fun little tour. You can set you're own pace, and it's air-conditioned. Hardly a "must do," but still amusing.


Believe It or Not!

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^ No, thank you!


Honestly, I was a bit unsure about this thread when I started it. (Was it too much non-coaster stuff? Would anyone really be interested in a bunch of photos of mini-golf?) But people seem to like it, and I'm having fun doing it--so I guess it's all good.


Gonna need me a banner soon.


/Looking forward to some Deep South Trip reports.

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I've only been to Gatlinburg once but it was a lot of fun, and I definitely want to go back after reading this thread! And I have a picture of me and my husband in that giant chair too. I'm a little short and I couldn't climb up in it without help. Sad.

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Ahh, Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. The folks and I had a good time there last fall. We all used to watch the old TV show when Jack Palance (one-armed push up guy/Curly in City Slickers) was host. Brought back some great memories, including the Chinese monk with a hole in his skull that could hold a candle.


We wanted to do some of the haunted stuff and the aquarium, but there just wasn't time. S'ok, the Pancake Pantry with it's great BACON and pancakes along with the Candy Kitchen more than made up for those misses.


Erik, this really is a handy reference. Any chance of Dollywood Splash Country?

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Awesome thread! I have a soft spot in my heart for this area. Spent many vacations there. I swear once the original Ripleys burned down the fire spread the Ripley's seed all across town sprouting the new, bigger museum, mini-golf, an aquarium, more mini-golf, etc. Now that company pretty much owns that town.

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Relatively new on the scene in Gatlinburg is Blindshot Barnaby's Circus Golf. Squeezed onto a small plot of land across from the convention center at traffic light #8, it consists of one 18-hole blacklight mini-golf course and a mirror maze--both of which are pretty cool.


And that's Blindshot Barnaby's. Worth checking out if you like indoor golf.


The tiny exit.


Once again, Misty proves victorious by finding the exit first. (Obviously, I was distracted by the dancing.)


Bravo! Now then, how do we get out of this thing?






And now, Misty would like to perform for you her special Mirror Maze dance. There will be no further commentary during the performance.


That's pretty cool.


On to the Amazing Mirror Maze.


Misty rules the day! (Note how the babe is slightly lower than in the last photo. She has been dunked.)


Hole #18 is outside.


Lots of cut-out fun, too.


On the left is a video screen with a psychic who predicts how you'll do on the hole.


...and scary zebra-eating clowns.


Lots of cute theming...


I am not actually the monkey boy. Sorry.


No, Smisty! Get out of the way!


What's this guy up to?


Giraffe wants my balls.


Step right this way!


Misty gets her first hole-in-one (of three!)


Not sure what I'm doing with my golf racket here.


So that's how they do it. I always figured it was tape.


Hole #1 on the left, and #17 on the right. It's a compact course.


It's $10 for golf, $8.75 for the maze, or $14 for both. (Half that with Sevier County ID.)


All of these guys sing whenever someone gets a hole-in-one at the end. It's actually quite entertaining.


I believe that's Mr. Barnaby on the left.


The upper facade features animatronic trapeze artists.

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Hail Mirror Dance (not to be confused with River Dance, Lord of the Dance, Dance, Dance, Revolution, Dancing with the Stars, Dancing Queen, ...and where am I going with this anyway...)


Me and few of the other mini golf fiends will get a kick out of this one. Themeing looked pretty cool. Never done blacklight golf before, come to think of it.


Cool addition to the thread sir!

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Why does Misty have plastic gloves on?


They make everyone put on disposable gloves, since smudges from peoples' hands would make it easier to identify the mirrors.


There are now three mirror mazes in the area, and they all do that.

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