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Erik & Misty's Smoky Mountain Adventures

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A few comments:


1. Those are some of the worst wax figures of celebrities ever, but they're all better than the Ellen animatronic at Epcot.


2. I was always rather fond of the Hollywood Wax Museum in Buena Park.


3. The wax museum on Cannery Row in Monterey is even goofier than this one (and it's narrated by John Steinbeck).


4. Thanks for this entire thread.

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Is the first guy Harry Connick Jr? It doesnt look like him at all, but thats the only actor/music guy my wife and I could think of.


On a side note,we have really enjoyed all of the pics and comments along the way! We have followed this whole TR, we just dont get to post much!


Thanks for keeping us laughing!


Jeffrey and April

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Is the first guy Harry Connick Jr? It doesnt look like him at all, but thats the only actor/music guy my wife and I could think of.


Nope. But thanks for the other nice stuff you said!


The chick looks exactly like Miranda Richardson. And if it's not, they should change it, cause the figure looks more like her then any of the other figures do of their respective celebrities.


You make a good argument. But no, that's not who it's supposed to be.


Can I guess?


Sure. Give me a way out of my poorly thought-through contest thingy.


I'll post the answers sometime tomorrow, if no one has guessed correctly by then.

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Oh, wait - that's NOT supposed to be David Caruso?


The first one kind of looks like a young Jerry Orbach, but they would never make a wax figure of him. Kind of looks like he's wearing a scrub top, so maybe someone from a medical show? I'm grasping at straws, here!


Pink chick - Drew Barrymore? Madonna?

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"My penshil has never sheen shuch a dishgusting dishplay of faggotry!"


That combined with Connery's VERY accurate likeness made this my Caption of the Month.


My personal favorite, CLASSIC!

A very good likeness of the dude who played Keanu Reeves' girlfriend in The Matrix, don't you think?
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Okay, a big thank you to everyone who guessed (or otherwise responded). You guys are the best!


But it's time to take mercy on you and reveal the "true" answers.


Remember, though, I'm just the messenger. Don't blame me when those answers make no damned sense.


Brilinjo already correctly guessed Steve Carrell. As for the others....


From right to left: Elvis Presley, (Humphrey Bogart), James Dean, and Marilyn Monroe.

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"Raptor dude says, "Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago, if your a godless athiest"." Our if you took basic biology

Anyways, awesome tpr! (I wish I had discovered this thread earlier)

I passed the wax museum but had other things to do...

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Well, there’s been a lovely flurry of activity here since our mention on the front page. But that’s no reason to hold up the next exciting installment of Erik & Misty’s Smoky Mountain “Roadside America” Adventures!


Walden’s Landing is a somewhat-funky little shopping center, located between traffic light numbers 3 and 2B in Pigeon Forge, and literally built around a mini golf course: Firehouse Golf.


And that’s Firehouse Golf and Walden’s Landing. As always, thanks for reading.


Oh...Wild Life Fire Department. Got it.


I like how hole #18 is set up (even though you can’t win a free game off of it).


I won both courses, by the way. I just thought I should mention that.


WLFD... Why Leaves For Dinner? What Looks Funny Dead?? When Larry Falls Down???


Am I taking my own picture here, or slyly taking a picture of the woman playing mini golf in chaps?


Noooo! Don’t jump, little golf ball!


Smisty showing off the Boondock Saints shirt she bought at Red Rocket.


I can’t figure out why you’d need to do #2 again (unless it falls off during #3).


And now for the red course. (Note MagiQuest across the street.)


The last time we played here, it was Winter (see the fourth picture in the very first post of this thread, as a reference).


Loop-deeeee-looooooop!!! (But Smisty goes around.)


Let's start with the yellow course.


There are two 18-hole courses.


Can we play mini golf now?


And now, for dessert, ribs!


Calhoun’s calls this “banana pudding.” Which is kind of like calling Scarlett Johansson “a girl.”


Attention Kilwin’s customers: Simply entering our store may kill you.


Calhoun’s is one of our favorite restaurants in the area. And did I hear someone inquire about Kilwin’s?


One of these stores has smoochie geese in it.


Note the sign on the left. Because who wouldn’t want to buy shoes from the devil?


Awesome, I’ve always wanted to eat the shell.




Featuring cool/nerdy pop culture merchandise, like this Bender shirt. (Yes, Misty bought it.)


The coolest store in Walden’s Landing is undoubtedly The Red Rocket.


Firehouse Golf is themed to bears fighting fire. Obviously.

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^ Amazing!


But it's not filled with bricks. It's filled with live racoons, to throw off her balance.


Nevertheless, I would totally send you something awesome for this, but you apparently live in Australia. So, instead, I shall simply declare you "E&MSMA's Poster of the Week!"

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These are some great trip reports!


Thanks! And (assuming you are who I think you are), it was great meeting you over at Blazing Fury the other day!


Total crap that your personal rules don't enforce trying for the loop on that hole!


My personal rules involve winning. But I actually did go through the loop. Of course, the ball came out so fast that it bounced off the back wall and passed the loop again--but hey, I tried.

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Yay for the Kilwin's mention! Can't believe you remembered someone (me) asking about it months ago. I liked your caption for it, too, although most customers in my store would instead gasp, "Oh, I gained 15 pounds just walking in here and smelling!" and think that was the cleverest thing EVER to say. I can only wonder what kind of comments are elicited by that sign.


I love following along with this thread. Keep up the fantastic work!



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Just wanted to say it was great meeting you this past Saturday at Christmas Place... it was amazing! My wife and I are going to try and lure my parents up there to see it.


Again, your trip report (reports? minireports?) is excellent. Keep up the good work, and we promise we'll keep on reading!


Squid & Squidette

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