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Robb & Elissa's Transatlantic Cruise!

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Well this sucks.... Photos are done. Video is done. But the wifi here at the hotel sucks. Everytime I try to upload it times out. . It's 1am now and I gotta get sleep.


I'll try again tomorrow.



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Great time was had at Tibidabo today! We actually shot our first HD POV on their new coaster. We'll see how that all turns out in a few days! And if it looks good, then Roller Coasters in the RAW Blu-Ray here we come!


Anyway, the internet at the hotel sucks ass so I can't post any new photos or videos. I'm having to do everything from my iPhone (which is working AWESOME BTW)


Will have more updates after we get home tomorrow!



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I think I managed to get the Spanish Death Shuttle video posted! I had to make it a bit lower quality, and I can't actually see it, so I hope it looks ok. I'll have photos of this AWESOME Spanish fair up when I get home tomorrow, but for now, I bring you...





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It basically was Ramses on crack and Ramses was one of the most f**ked up thinks I've been on!!!


And yeah Elissa hated it (rocking type motion makes her sick) which is why she was nearly crying!


One thing that doesn't really show on video is the the other spike didn't appear to have any brakes or failsafe at the top. When I rode it was a full train and wet tracks! It looked like we were getting VERY close to the top to where even Elissa was a bit worried! But she needed the credit!

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While Elissa is on the death coaster Elissa is on the DISNEY EXPRESS!!!!


That was at 3:06 into the video.


Anyway, That ride looks...WRONG! I need to get on it right away!


I doubt we will ever see this in the USA though.

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And seeing Kristen was a nice break...



Definitely one of what I would call a "Geddit Credit".

Where one time on it is enough. Definitely.

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