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Robb & Elissa's Transatlantic Cruise!

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Hey everyone!


Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've been at sea for the past 6 days on a Transatlantic cruise going from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Barcelona, Spain.


You can follow updates on our Facebook page (link below) but at 55 cents a minute for internet, I can't upload too much!


Follow along our adventure! In the next two day we will be getting some rather obscure credits!



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Hey everyone!


We finally got to a port that has free Wifi so I can upload a few photos. At 55 cents a minute it's just hard to upload photos while we are on the ship and the iPhone Facebook App works so well that I can upload a photo in under a minute!


Anyway, to bring you all up to speed we are a little over 3/4 done with a 14-day "Transatlantic Repositioning Cruise" on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas. This is the type of cruise they do when the move a ship from one location to another. For the rest of this summer, the ship will be doing Mediterranean based cruises, and then will come back to Florida in the Fall.


Many times you can get these re-positioning cruises for DIRT CHEAP (an inside stateroom for this cruise was only $399 per person - which is CRAZY for a two week cruise!) but then you do have to get one-way airfare from Europe back to the USA, which is the expensive part. But even still it's a BARGIN!


Anyway, a few photos for you....


Now we are in Lisbon, Portugal! (Check out the Funcenter update on the forums or hte park index!)


We still have a few more days on the ship left! I'll keep posting photos to Facebook or to the forums if I get free wifi again!


Thanks for reading!


Although she prefers to play with the ship's random decorations!


They have a CRAP load of toys for KidTums on the ship!


Mmm...Rainbow testicles and chocolate cubes! Yummy!


...plain pasta for Elissa!


Steak for Robb...


Finally, after 9 days we get to see what our ship looks like again! (I'm not complaining, I *love* the sea days!)


Our first port was Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands. (Go check out the Loro Parque update on the forums or in the park index!)


KidTums has a habit of murdering all our towel animals!


Mini-Golf anyone?


Another sunset from our stateroom.


I'll bet Big Mike wishes he was KidTums right about now! :D


Hmm...between the Cock-A-Leekie and this, the kitchen must have some pent up Phallic issues to get rid of!


"This pacifier is TOO BIG!"


At dinner, KidTums gets a new "hat"


"Cock-A-Leekie!" LMAO!


This view is MUCH better than my office at home! (Seriously, I've been doing work! I've edited almost the entire DVD of Roller Coasters in the RAW 3 on the ship!)


Another impression of PSYCHO PUSSY!!!!


"That's right...I've got two dudes at the same time."


KidTums' best impression of PSYCHO PUSSY!


Sunset from our balcony.


That's right, we are in outer space!


"You are here!"


I've had some sex that isn't as good as this salad. No, I'm serious, it was AWESOME, and you can get it EVERY DAY. Imagine, a perfectly awesome salad, better than some 'normal sex' EVERY FREAKIN DAY!


The view from our Stateroom's balcony.


KidTums and Russell just chilling on the balcony having a cigar.


I think the newer Royal Caribbean ships with the Promenade are some of my favorites (Freedom & Voyager class have these) and the new Oasis class is even BIGGER!


KidTums loves her new "Onion Bracelet!"


How very cute.


KidTums versus Alligator! KidTums WINS!


There is plenty to do on the ship, however I wouldn't recommend a transatlantic for the first time cruiser.


Here will be our view for the next 9 days crossing the Atlantic Ocean!


KidTums is not a fan either!


NOT a fan of the lifeboat drill!


We started in Ft. Lauderdale Florida nearly two weeks ago!

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Elissa, Kristen, and Janice are all beautiful!



"I'll bet Big Mike wishes he was KidTums right about now! "


You had me pegged exactly! After I blurted out a "Mmmmmmm" after looking at Janice's picture, I scrolled down and read that! Too funny!



Have a great rest of the trip!



Peace, Big Mike

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Man, I hate the lifeboat drills! The ones on the Disney cruises are especially brutal.


At least half of the ship's occupants on the one I went on a few years ago were roughly ages 6 and under. So they took all the kids (and their parents) to the top deck and told them all had to put on their life jackets fast because the ship was sinking. Pretty scary for a 3-year-old, right? So then what do they do? They hold a contest to see which side of the ship can scream loudest! So basically someone in an official-looking uniform has told all these kids they're about to die, and then they tell everyone around them to start screaming!


Pretty much every kid on the ship was crying for the next hour. I'm pretty sure the resulting therapy bills were much more expensive than the cruise itself.

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That sounds brutal for any age range.


I'm sooo glad we don't have to go through something like that, any and every time we decide to head over to the Gulf Islands or main Vancouver Island, offshore, lol.

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Freakin A! It took me a couple pictures, but I've been on that ship before! The heart of the ship above the promenade was so cool when it was working. For those who haven't had the pleasure of sailing on the Navigator of the Seas, the "heart" is this geodesic type art structure above the promenade that opens and closes with lights like a heart beating.


I did the Caribbean tour with Jamaica, Haiti (fake Labadee), etc and it was sincerely one of the best times of my life. It helped to be with quite a large group of friends though.


I hope you guys are having an awesome time!

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Hmm, can't help but notice that swine flu did not exist in Spain until around the time the Alveys got there...coincidence...? Robb's gift to South Korea on the Columbia Double Loop Coaster was a fart, to Spain, its swine flu. Which country was let off easier? Maybe I should start a poll...hmmm. Robb...maybe it wasn't such a good idea to star in that pig version of that donkey show down in mexico...

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Been a pretty crappy visit to PortAventura so far. We got on Baco, which was awesome, but the "happy valley" like staggered ride openings, one train operations, and the rather large crowd is making it impossible to get on anything with under an hour plus wait. I like the coasters here but not enough to wait that long or buy the $30 express passes to ride a Kumba-like clone or a bad woodie.


We are in line for the drop tower which luckily looks only about 30 minutes but after this it will be mostly KidTums sized rides the rest of the day.


What a shame the operations are so poor from such a resort class park. It wasn't like this on our visit two years ago.


I will report more later.

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It ended up being an "ok" day at PortAventura. Baco was awesome and we got on it rather quickly. The drop tower would have been 30-40 min but we jumped in the single rider line which helped. We beat the crowd to Stampida but still waited about 20 min due to one train on each side.


Overall though the biggest let down of the day were the overall bad operations and staggered ride openings which created one long line after the other.


Baco was the only coaster running two trains, Dragon Khans line never got under 45 min (and I don't think the ride is worth that wait), and other than the Baco crew which was hauling ass, all the ride crews seemed to crawl. Khan was going at Tatsu crew speeds sending a train every 5-7 minutes!


There was a ton of stuff for KidTums to do and all with no lines, so that was good. And I still think the park is one of the nicest in the world, but man, if you're gonna be a "world class park" ACT like it!!!


It even took me 15 minutes just to get a drink...and there were only two people in front of me!


Oh well, there is always next time...



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The day was awesome! I agree with Robb that the staggered openings and one train operation sucked. But I forgot how much I liked Baco and there was so much awesome stuff for KT that it made up for it. (plus I'm not a dragon khan fan). I think KTs ride count today was somewhere around 30+! (more than the rest of us for sure)

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I had a really good visit back in late 2007 as well. Sounds like Port Aventura haven't quite got up to speed yet on the operations front this early in the season - bit poor really, it's been open about 2 months already I think.



Now maybe that's just a Spanish thing (remember the scaffolding on Tornado at Parque de Attractiones in 2006?), but there's no excuse for a big resort like that.


Glad the rest of the day made up for the bad operations.

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