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BSU Late Nite 2009 - Parking Lot Carnival - Setup Update!!!

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Hey guys! This is going to be my last Late Nite Carnival after my 9 long good years at Ball State University where I'm currently enrolled. I am planning on graduating in July 2009. Anyway, Late Nite Carnival is usually host on the 2nd to last weekend of the semester before the finals week. They started out with 5 rides and every year it becomes bigger and bigger. This year, there will be 15 rides! If you're a student at Ball State University, you get a free admission but if you are not a student at Ball State then it's 5 bucks for them.


Here is the Promo they are putting on about this...


Be sure to catch the FUN at the

Late Nite Carnival

Friday, April 24th

(Rain date: Saturday, April 25th)

C-1 Parking Lot from 8pm-1am


Featured at Late Nite Carnival:

15 Carnival Thrill Rides

Including: Ferris Wheel, Giant Slide & Bumper Cars

10 Carnival Games

Including: High Striker, Ring Toss & Fast Pitch

Face Painting, Caricatures, and Balloon Artists

Main Stage & Side Stage: Live Performances

FREE: Pepsi, Popcorn, Cotton Candy & Sno Cones

Also Available: Elephant Ears, Lemon Shake-ups & Walking Tacos



Latest Update:

As a thriller enthusiasts, I'm not refering myself as Micheal Jackson, I had to take pictures of the update before I head to work/class today! There will be more update around 5:00!


There are a lot of rides getting ready to be assemble together! I will let the picture speak for itself!


Enterance from the Campus to the Commuter Parking Lot!


I'm seeing familar rides here...


This is new... I'm not sure what it is at this point.


Glass/Fun House being set up.... This is definite going to be done by this afternoon... You will see what I mean in bit.


I'm still curious what this could be?


The ususal... The Giant Slide... Same spot for the last 3 years actually which I find it a little funny.


Pharaoh's Fury


Classic Rapper... Yo-Yo!


Ring of Fire is back! It was here in 2007... I did miss it last year.


I forgot the name of this ride... Basically you sit on a huge skateboard and spin around.


Scrambler... Classic ride


This is new... I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps Space Shuttle? Nah I don't think it is. What you think?


Freak Out is back again! This was a popular ride last year. It was awesome.


What?.... A Flying RV? Are we doing Spaceball theme this year? That would be cool... Actually I think this is Breakdance 4.


Yay for Round-Up!


Back to the Glass House. It's already moving...


Yay! The slide is out! Look like someone crap in there... What can you say! It's Ghetto Carny Style!


Let's do Big Mike Style!


More update to come soon!

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The "Rockin Tug" is actually a "Skater" Not sure if thats a Zamperla or Magestic.


The white ride is a Fabbri Kamakazi


The other ride you question with the blue trailer and red tubs is a Tilt A Whirl


That is so weird! I didn't think of that. I was thinking of something extreme. It make sense now. Thanks. It can be a tricky when the rides are compacted.



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^ It wasn't long ago when I actually saw a Tilt racked. It tricks a lot of people because when they put up a Tilt, they don't use any parts of the trailer itself, they just winch pieces off, and basically build it from scratch.


The Spider for example is built like that too as well as some older Scramblers. (The scrambler in your above pictures is actually a late 80's design and incorporates the trailer along with the ride itself.)


Many carnivals have taken their older rides and had them custom racked to save time on putting them up.


This carnival is only 1 night? That sure looks like a lot of rides for that, but thats cool. The carnival company is probally getting a nice payment to just be there.


I learned a lot of stuff when I was little and would go and watch my local church carnival set up every May.

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This carnival is only 1 night? That sure looks like a lot of rides for that, but thats cool. The carnival company is probally getting a nice payment to just be there.


Yes, it is only for 1 night. If it rain on friday, there is rain date set for Saturday night! It is looking good so far as the weather forecast goes as of today. I'm sure it cost small fortunate!


This is cool. I love Ball State. It's a beautiful campus. I love the basketball arena.


It is a beauitful campus. Tommorrow I will throw in some Campus picture and picture of David Letterman Communication and Media building. : ) I figure why not since it will be a nice tribute to my last Late Nite Carnival of my college career!



New update as of 4:30 P.M. today!


Freakout is slowly being put together. I'm guessing the heavy wind make it harder to set it up.


The "Flying RV" turnout to be Breakdance 4. I'm not sure about this one. SFKK's version look more secure than this one as of now.


This ride has been relocated so here is the new spot! Yes! Ring of Fire is actually up now!


Scrambler is almost ready to go!


Skater is up! Would it be fun if skater go back and forth as it get faster and then fly through the loop?


Whee! Can't wait till Friday to get on it!


Very American! Mmm! I think it would make it more fun by adding real fire to it to fit with the name!


Giant Slide is crunkin' up!



Cliff Hanger just arrived on the scene! Whoo hoo!


Close-Up for Cliff Hanger!


Solution! This is actually Tilt-A-Whirl! Thanks to John Peck from TPR.


Tinsel Town has hit MUNCIE! Glamorous... Right? No?


Scary looking!


Anyone ever experience driving on the highway and have this face looking at you? It would be a weird feeling!


Tornado has also arrived on the scene!


More update tomorrow morning! I believe the Game Booth and Food Stands should be arriving sometime tomorrow if it goes with the same schedule like last year.

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I think that is Orbiter. An extreme ride that spins like crazy. Cliff Hanger and Pharoah's Fury are THEE best rides at any carnival.

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I may be wrong, but that looks like some form of a Trioka.




That is a Tivoli Scorpion. It has the exact same motions as a Trokia, except its a little lighter, smaller and faster.


No Ferris Wheel yet, huh?

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This is the Tivoli Scorpion:



I want to try one of those so bad. It seems like a lot of stuff for ONE day. For the Kamikaze, it's similar to the Ring of Fire (maybe a little less roundy), but it has 2 gondolas that go upside down. One goes to the right, and the other one goes to the left. It has two vertical big arms attached to the structure, and the gondolas are on the bottom. I think it's actually called Screamer.


The rides that carnival owns (some could be gone) besides what you see there are Giant Ferris Wheel, Medium Ferris Wheel, Sizzler, 1001 Nachts, Scooter (Bumper Cars), Thunderbolt, Musik Express, and Slingshot.


If the event gets bigger next year, maybe you can hope for some of these if they sound good to you. I really doubt the Thunderbolt and the Giant Ferris Wheel would ever come to a 1 day event though, but I wouldn't ever think they would have a 1 day event with 15 rides either.

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If the event gets bigger next year, maybe you can hope for some of these if they sound good to you. I really doubt the Thunderbolt and the Giant Ferris Wheel would ever come to a 1 day event though, but I wouldn't ever think they would have a 1 day event with 15 rides either.


I didn't think either but it became so popular last year with less than 10 rides and it was crowded where you have hard time walking around but still it was fun!


Here is the latest update from 11:30 today:


Now the Carnival got fences... I am glad of this because a lot of people were sneaking in and ripping through the orange plastic fences last year and and this is a closed events for Ball State Students/Staff/Faculty and guests. There were public people tried to sneak in.


The Giant Slide is finally up!


Tornado is slowly setting up...


As you see here... Yo-Yo is getting to be set up. The light was on and the crews were all over it after this picture was taken.


First testing of the day!


More Ring of Fire testing...


This bad boy is getting this ride put together...


This was like that for like 10 minutes... Wonder what it would actually feel like sitting up there that long?


More update tonight!

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Apparently Ferris Wheels were overbooked and Bumper Cars were not safe so that give a little relief.


Anyway... Here is a little tour of the Campus as I walked toward to the Carnival for the further update. I will have 2nd part of the tour tomorrow sometime! Okay here we go...


Architecture Building - College of Architecture and Planning.


Bracken Library - Does it look like stacks of books on the shelf? That's one myth...


David Letterman Media and Communication Building - This is where I work and take classes toward to my telecommunication masters. : )


Little overview of Shafer Tower, Art and Journalism Building, Ball Communication Building, and David Letterman Media and Communication Building.


Irving Gym - Currently under construction - View the layout / View the webcam


Robert Bell - Home of English, Math, and Computer Science Major Geeks!


Worthen Arena


We are almost there... I can see Ring of Fire from here!


Many food booth has arrived and Freak Out is set up!


Another Fun House is set up... This one seems to be more interesting than Tinzel Town on the other side of the carnival.



Freak Out is being set up!


Screamer is set up at last... I'm looking forward to ride this. I never been on it before.


Screamer is being checked....


Scorpion is up and ready to jam!


Tornado is ready to go...


One of many power generator to light this carnival!


Yo-Yo is ready...


Dippin Dot!


It's ready to go...


Feeling twirlin' already by now?


Pharaoh's head...


Little commerical break... Fences Rental! Let's go National! I don't get any payment for this... Darn.


The carnival midway company who made the magic happen with these rides!


tomorrow is the day! I can't wait!


Last update of setup is tomorrow morning!

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Hey Jeff! This is Ted Adams.

It's crazy to see all of this up on TPR! Unfortunately I can't be in muncie this weekend. I haven't been on a ring of fire in quite a few years. I'm assuming you've been to fairs at the fair grounds over the years? Similar to what you have posted but no ring of fire for the last few years!

Hope it's tons of fun!


Some one should steal that pharaoh's head before they put it on

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Sweet, telecommunications major. What are you looking for when you get out? Television or Radio? If I ever go back for a 4 year degree it will be to Ball State only because I should be able to get out of there in 2 years with my credits from Vincennes University Broadcasting classes.

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^ LOL. Neither... Multimedia Production via the WEB! It's a another world there. : ). This masters program has web portion of the masters in a way so that's pretty much where I'm heading to such as web design/developement / Flash / etc... I could go to Computer Sciences but I saw this program "Digital Storytelling" and love it for the last 2 years.

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Televison but not interested to work at the station. More like freelancing and film production/marketing is pretty much my area. Telecommunication doesn't have to be Television or Radio, it can be films or Web Marketing or whatever... i'm in the marketing area to advertise. My internship last summer was working with small company with big names clients as well local clients. Oasis of the Sea, http://www.oasisofthesea.com was one of the project that I was a part of. I helped with the web portion of it. It was fun production.


I have a major project with a few friends that I'm working on and planning to launch it in Spring 2010 which I can't reveal at the time but it's exciting! Of course! It's theme park and roller coaster related! : )


I will post a new thread when it's time.

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Okay... here is the last set of set-up photos before the carnival actually begins!


But wait... here is part 2 of the tour... There's more than what I am showing you... I am showing you as I am going building to building for whatever I need to do in the last two days and brought my camera with me and take pictures as I go!


Ball State Benny... If you see Ball State official logo instead of the bird, that's Benny!


That's Student Center which is currently under construction. This is the fun place where you can go bowling and play pools and on every Saturday Nite, they host Late Nite activities and they bring in random activiites from Inflated twister, boxing, obstacle course and more... It's fun place to be!


Fine Art Museum and this is where Spring Graduation takes place! It's huge! Oh yeah, Cooper Building is on the left... Home for Geography & Sciences Nerds and HELLO NURSES!


That's a huge acorn! Teacher College is the 2nd tallest building on campus with 10 stories... That's where I did my undergrad for the first 6 years and another year for my first masters.


This is god awful picture of me. But this is a proof that I pre-register for the Late Nite Carnival which mean 1 hour early admission! SCORE!


For you football fanboys, let me introduce you the Scheumann Stadium. More info on Wiki...






Behind the tennis court... Ring of Fire, Pharoh's Fury, and Tinzel Town is visible!


The rides seems to be ready to go!


It's going to be a great evening!


Last additions for the Late Nite Carnival...

Trackless Train! *KIDS CHEERS*


Late Nite Carnival Enterance!


Trampoline Attraction! Whoo hoo! It's naked right now... You're naughty for looking at it! Tsk tsk!


Main Stage is set up... There will be several live local bands playing tonight!


My first ride for tonight...


Thank you for being a part of the Late Nite Carnival Set-Up!


You can follow me on Twitter at

as I'm twittering throughout the night!


I should have photo trip report sometime this weekend! Take care everyone!

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