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Two Southern California Scandia Parks

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I live in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, so the nearest park to me is Scandia in neighboring Ontario. It is a very small park, more of a family fun center with a few flat rides mixed in. However, towering over it all is the Scandia Screamer. For a park of this size, the Screamer is a pretty decent sized coaster, and it looks quite impressive while driving by on the 15 freeway.


I have been to Ontario's Scandia a countless number of times, but what I have never done prior to this week is visit the other So Cal Scandia park. Also next to the 15 freeway, but approximately 45 miles to the north, is the Scandia in Victorville. It is simply a family fun center (no coasters or flats), but it does also have a banner attraction to grab the attention of those driving by - a Gravity Works skyscraper.


I paid a visit to both parks during this past spring break week, and thought I'd post a few pictures. And just FYI, according to Scandia's website (scandiafun.com), there is a third park up north in Sacramento. It appears to have the same set of attractions as the one in Victorville.


I'll wrap up with a shot of the nicely landscaped miniature golf. An all-day ride wristband costs $20, and is good for unlimited golf, go-karts, bumper boats, and, believe it or not, the Sky Screamer. Definitely worth it, as a single ride on the Screamer itself costs $16. They also give you a few arcade tokens with the wristband. All in all, a GREAT deal, so check it out.


It's hard to show pictures of these rides in action, as there was nobody on them except us. Everyone was either in the arcades or batting cages. So ride operations here were even more interesting than at Ontario. Anyway, just as proof that the rides were running, here I am on the bumper boats.


And another Baltic Sea Bumper Boats. There are those water jets again.


This Scandia also had a Stockholm Raceway. Similar to Ontario's, with perhaps some tighter turns.


The Sky Screamer was worth the stop. Incredibly thrilling, but not at all uncomfortable or sickening. The looping action was actually quite pleasant. The view while stopped at the top was great, but it got a little freaky as the entire structure shook and swayed in the wind. Another interesting point to note is that there is nothing to grab onto except for the straps that hold you in.


...and head up to Victorville. This 160-foot beast probably looks recognizable to those who drive up through the Cajon Pass on the way to Vegas.


Ride operations are pretty funny at Scandia. There are about 15 rides (including the kiddie rides), but probably only 7 to 10 employees ever on duty. So you do either have to follow them or get them to follow you. Anyway, let's leave Ontario...


Speaking of the miniature golf, it looked nice and festive for Easter.


The nice thing about the bumper boats and go-karts (and even the miniature golf!) is that an all-day ride wristband includes these attractions as well. The only things that need to be paid for separately are the batting cages and arcade.


The Stockholm Raceway is a decent go-kart track. I've found that all of the cars go at about the same speed, so there is no real way to race. You start in a single-file line, and end that way too.


Let's not forget about the family fun center type attractions. The Baltic Sea Bumper Boats are actually very good. A large enough pool, squirt guns on each boat, and tricky water jets to manuever. You'd think it would be easy enough to avoid them, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to also lose control after getting bumped and end up right underneath one.


The Copenhagen Carousel is pretty dinky and has no music.


The Lapland Landslide is small but entertaining. They don't seem to have any rules about how you can or can't slide down.


...the Nordic Spaceship, and the Swedish Scrambler. Interestingly enough, the gravitron seemed less sickening than the tilt-a-whirl and scrambler.


There's also Olga's Tilt-A-Whirl,...


Right next door is the Viking Ship. Not a very good example of a swinging ship. It is slow and short, plus this is about its maximum height and angle.


Scandia's second best ride (after the Screamer) would be Thor's Hammer, kind of an old-school looper with some good swooping action and hangtime. It's cramped and nauseating, but fun.


...as I did have two kids with me, I figured I'd go ahead and get a new credit. Nothing special, but fun enough for the wee folk. They send the train around three times.


The park's other coaster is a kiddie, the Little Dipper. This ride always lurches and jolts when attaching to the lift cable, giving the impression that it's going to stall or roll back. Kind of funny. I don't consider myself a whore, so I won't go out of my way to ride a kiddie coaster. However...


The last circuit-and-a-half consists of bunny hills, and this is where the ride can become somewhat jarring. Each one launches you out of your seat at the top (which is great), only to slam you back down into it at the bottom (which can become quite brutal on your back). However, I'm all for a little brutality from a coaster every now and then, so I actually quite enjoy it.


The first circuit-and-a-half consists of larger drops and hills (first drop = 80 feet). They are all reasonably thrilling.


The lift hill and turnaround at the top are very slow and rickety. Once you hit the first drop, though, the ride actually becomes quite fast, forceful, and fun.


The Scandia Screamer is a triple out-and-back built by Miler. If I'm not mistaken, this is their largest coaster.


We'll start in Ontario. The park wasn't as empty as it looks. I just parked out of the way to take pictures of the coaster.

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I have not been to the Scandia in Victorville, but did visit the one in Ontario about 12 years ago (haven't been back, though). As I recall, the bumper boats were exceptionally fun because they're not just in a big square pool, but actually have little waterways you can go down and get a chase going with fellow boaters.


During that visit, I did ride the smaller coaster (I think it's a Miler) a couple of times. Today, not being much of a credit whore like I was then, I'd probably skip it.


In the pictures, I noticed that the Scandia Screamer was running five-car trains. I could have sworn that they were six cars at one time; perhaps they removed one for some reason. But that is a fun coaster and shows that Miler is indeed capable of big thrills.



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Good pictures!


I've been to the Ontario Scandia several times, but it's been at least six years since my most recent visit. I've driven by the Victorville park several times as well, but never stopped as I usually didn't have the time (either on the way to Las Vegas or meeting other family members at a national park).


Last time I was at Scandia was when we stopped for about three hours on the way home from Vegas. In that amount of time, I was able to do every attraction included in the wristband at least once (except Thor's Hammer), plus two rides on the Screamer. We actually had to wait for other people to do the Screamer since they won't dispatch it with less than four and there were only three of us. We also went on all the kiddie rides since Scandia allows adults on all of them.


I honestly don't really care about going back, but since that is the only minor So Cal amusement park I haven't taken my aunt to yet I'll probably get there again in the next two years.

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Good pictures, I grew up in the Victorville area and this brings back some memories of that park! What's interesting about the sky screamer is that when we get the monsoon storms up here in the desert which produce some pretty spectacular lightning, they stop the arm in a horizontal position rather than vertical and close the ride. With the screamer being the tallest object for miles around, I would imagine it is a pretty good lightning rod if left vertical! Haha

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I remember going to the Scandia in Ontario several times with my most recent visit being in September, so I could finally get the credits (before that, I was scared of BOTH coasters and just went for mini-golf ). All I have to say about the park is that it is empty, pretty gross, both coasters are horrible, and the best ride there IMO was the slide. Definately not the best park I've been to, actually probably the worst. I still haven't been to Victorville's Scandia, even though I have driven past it several times on my way to Vegas.

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I did ride the smaller coaster (I think it's a Miler) a couple of times.


I think it's a Miler too, but rcdb is not even quite sure, so I wouldn't put any money on it.



In the pictures, I noticed that the Scandia Screamer was running five-car trains. I could have sworn that they were six cars at one time; perhaps they removed one for some reason.


I'm not sure of this either. I don't seem to remember the trains ever looking different, but I'll admit to not paying enough attention to notice if one car had been removed.



We actually had to wait for other people to do the Screamer since they won't dispatch it with less than four and there were only three of us.


This is true, and actually kind of funny. On colder days they need even more people. They've got a thermometer in the station, and the operators have to actually calculate how many riders are necessary for a given temperature.




Was the first one where they filmed that CSI episode?





That I believe would be (now closed?) Pharaohs Lost Kingdom in Redlands CA.


I'm not sure about the CSI episode, but I do know that Pharaohs is currently closed.



Do they at least let you scream on THAT Scandia Screamer?


Haha, I had forgotten about that ridiculous rule at Sacramento's Scandia. Yes, you are allowed to scream, but while stopped at the top I did notice the large, developing suburban neighborhood right across the freeway from the ride. Who knows, maybe in time they'll start complaining too. Since the ride came first, maybe they won't have a case.

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