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Hersheypark April, 11 2009


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We visited Hersheypark this past Sat. for my wife's company picnic which also was Springtime In The Park. Past years the picnic was held the week previous to this thus the whole park was 'ours'. When that was the case all rides were open with the exception of water rides which may have opened if the weather warranted it. I know for a fact one year they opened Canyon River Rapids (R.I.P.) on a warm April day. Sat. was not a warm April day.


My goal was not so much riding as helping the total of 13 family members that attended have a good time. Some had never been to the park before and I wanted them to enjoy it. Free parking, free admission and free catering always increases the chances for a pleasant day. Of course this is family I was spending the day with and you never know what bomb will be dropped to liven things up.


Before we get to the pictures please let me apologize as this is my first trip report and I foolishly neglected to include food during my photography. That alone may have the site administrators deleting this post. Shame on me!


No, thank you. And thank you for looking.




The whole motley crew. That's me on your right, with one of those pocketed vests which makes you look like you're going on safari.


The man who made all this possible, and one sweet chocolate bar I might add.


Honestly, is it to much for you folks in the foreground to know that I don't want you in the picture and just part like the Red Sea?


Not as nice as Great Adventures but it's o.k.. YES I'm kidding! Geesh!


My nephew and his son, my great nephew who until this day had only ever been on Knoebels High Speed Thrill Coaster (again, R.I.P.). They didn't really let any of us know because he didn't want to be kidded in case he backed out. His first coaster was Sidewinder then in no particular order Wildcat, Lightning Racer, Great Bear and Sooperdooperlooper. I'd say he appears to have conquered his fears. This photo getting off the Great Bear.


Monorails. Simple and enjoyable. Just good, clean fun.


The colorful Falcon.


While it's a shame they took out the rapids these two attractions should help with capacity at the waterpark.





I so wanted to be the first on my block to show photos of the new wave pool and lazy river being installed.


Ferris wheel gives a nice look back over The Boardwalk. Not that I took the time to ride and give you a picture but take my word for it.



Great Bear. I know some people knock it but I enjoy it. Love the way they fit it into it's space.


Remember when this was a thrill ride to us?


Watching the Comet while people rode Sooperdooperlooper.


I'm 47 years old but I can remember a time when I had to work up to getting this far through the loop with my eyes open.


Nerdy shot of footers or did I miss the train go by? You decide.


My group in the rear again.


I suggested the Sooperdooperlooper for a shorter wait. The younger kids loved it.


Long lines at the Comet as usual, we passed.


IF only I wasn't getting free food today.


Hershey joining the cutting edge technology age.


My family members in the last two cars.


Sidewinder. When my brother first rode this last year we walked right on after getting off Storm Runner. He never knew it went backwards till we started that reverse fall.


Several Fahrenheit pics even though it was closed today.


Some 'sweet' curves.


Really, that's just a whole mess of twisted track. It's actually hard to follow from this view.


Later in the day when the weather improved greatly.


From the entrance to the catering area.



Along the top of the trees a not so good shot of the old museum/even older ballroom attached to the Arena. Made sure I got to the arena recently for a high school basketball game since I feel that facility's time left on this earth is very limited (i.e. park expansion).


Looking back to Chocolate World. I didn't ride the 'singing cows' attraction today but I do enjoy it.


Lighthouse outside the entrance where the swimming pool used to be.


Poor attempt to take a photo of some guys Kisses balloon while we waited out the rain at Chocolate World.

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Keith, that's some "sweet" PTR! I am also looking forward to an August trip this year. I already have my hotel booked! Last years trip was kind of a disaster, as I didn't know much about the park layout, we really didn't make it halfway through! >:O They really do squeeze lots of stuff into small spaces!

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I loved this PTR! I was also there for that day too. I am assuming you were for the Harley thing. I was too. If that is the case, you probably come from the York area, right?


The pictures were awesome! Yeah, the weather did clear up fast. It went from rain to mostly cloudy, to sunny. What a big difference as the day progressed!

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Yeah, the fabulous Harley Davidson picnic with free ice cream included is what got me there Sat.. Not sure if I would have braved attending based on the early part of the day being cold and wet but it appears many others who weren't with Harley had no problem showing up.

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At 10 am we parked next to the stadium. By 1:30 pm when my nephew picked me up outside Chocolate World so I could give him his tickets we drove back around to the parking lot. Picture the furtherest corner away from the park entrance, by the traffic light at the Giant Center. We were about 12 spots in from there!

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Yeah, the fabulous Harley Davidson picnic with free ice cream included is what got me there Sat.. Not sure if I would have braved attending based on the early part of the day being cold and wet but it appears many others who weren't with Harley had no problem showing up.


It's too bad Harley had to have it that weekend (I was surprised, actually). Usually they have it the weekend after STITP or two. I forgot the park opens the opprotunity to cater during seasonal events. I still think HP in the Dark is my favorite seasonal event. I did get some awesome evening shots of Fahrenheit (which were also my first). It's amazing how the ride appeared to look like it was open even though it wasn't. I can't wait to ride it this June when I go with my friend.

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