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Mmm... McDonald's

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So... as I headed to work last night, I stopped at McD's for a 2 cheeseburger meal. No big deal. Except I did the same thing like 3 times last week.


Ever since I've been on TPR, it seems like I've been eating more and more McDonald's. I know it's not good for me, but TPR makes it seem alright and normal.



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^ I've only shunned McDonalds. I think it might also be due to the fact that the last thing I ate before I went into the hospital the last time was McDonalds. Not that the food caused me go to in, but I just associate being sick with that place.


Taco Bell, Carls, Burger King, Wendy's, Del Taco, and In N Out all still get my money. Especially Taco Bell.

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^^ Wes, I really expected better from you!


I hope at least you're not eating ALL fast food...not just McDonalds!


Elissa "maybe I should also insert a Napoleon Dynamite quote in here!" Alvey


Umm... well... I stop at Raley's and get Lean Cuisine meals every once in awhile before I go to work instead of McD's.

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I don't care what you eat, if you eat one type of food all the time, you will get sick, its just the way it is



Chris "everything in moderation" Perkins



but look at me i'm a fat ass

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by seeing what most of you eat on a daily basis and looking at pictures of your fridge, I'm not surprised anymore at why so many people are unhealthy. Not to say I'm being biased or anything... I've just read too many books that have titles like "the cure to all diseases" or "living in a toxic world"

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Dammit you guys are making me so hungry for my 2 Hamburgers and Large Fries!


Hey, I ate McDonalds like 20 times in Europe and I lost 6 pounds!


blame it on walking... my sister went to Europe and they actually have you "walk" from place to place!


or is it all the walking in the theme parks?



i just dont know what to think anymore.

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I go to Mcdonalds quite often simply because I live about 1 minute away from one But TBH I much prefer Burger King as the burgers and the bun also are much better quality and have more taste to them instead of the "cardboad" taste of Mcd's.


Just my opinion though

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I have to say that I truly do love McDonalds. I do admit that most of the time the idea of eating it disgusts me, but in so many situations has it saved he when I've been hungry late at night! Its consistent from restaurant to restaurant, filling, tasty, and my stomach can handle it (most of the time). Unfortunately plaque probably fills my arteries at a rate faster than I would prefer after I eat it but what can you do!


Mark "Baja Fresh is better but it closes at 9 =(" Luskus

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