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Worlds of Fun Says "Play My Games"

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Hello Theme Park Review,

I wanted to share the following video with you.

Hopefully it will get you all pumped for the upcoming seasons wherever you may be headed.

If you are headed to Worlds of Fun to ride Prowler make sure you stop by and play our games.




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Interesting, but I'm confused at the message in the video. I'm a little scared to come play your games. Besides, I've played games at WoF before, and never win anything!

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Nice. I'll actually be at WoF on May 2 or 3. I'll be sportin' the TPR shirt. Give me a shout out and I'll play one of your games.


On the subject, WoF has some rediculously large prizes. You'd seriously have to have a truck to get them home. That orange gorilla is a prime example.

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Thanks for the comments everyone!


OK, that was pretty awesome. I watched the whole thing and now I strangely enough want to go play Wack-A-Mole.




Haha. Robb, if you feel like playing Whac-A-Mole than the video served its purpose! Thanks!

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Did not play any games at WoF this year. I can't even remember the last time I played games at an amusement park. Maybe when I was little @ the Adventure Dome in las vegas


What the hell am I supposed to do with a gigantic monkey or a basketball ? Bounce it around and annoy the hell out of people?


Or maybe I am just a cheap ass who doesn't know how to have real fun, dunno.

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Hmm...I really liked the first one, but as someone who not only also edits videos, but works in the entertainment industry full time, I feel that this second one was a step back, IMO.


When you follow up with something, you usually want to make sure your second attempt is as good if not BETTER than the first.


I actually felt the whole intro was kind of terrible and nearly turned it off. It went on WAY too long and the pay off wasn't that funny because it was predictable and wasn't believable.


The music video section was MUCH better, but technically wasn't as good as the first.


The lip sync didn't seem as good and for some reason the whole thing felt "rushed" to me.


While I'm impressed that the crew are putting these together, I was more impressed with the first one (*REALLY* impressed, actually) but I just felt this was "less of the same."


I hope video #3 is a bit more "tightened up" because it needs to be!



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