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THE BEST VIDEO EVER--Woman Wants to Marry a Ride?

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^ No prob... But yea this thread is pretty interesting to read. People have posted their different views on this girl that obviously has a "problem." I'm glad she can actually feel the emotion of "love" but really I hope she can share that feeling with a person sometime in her lifetime... poor girl.

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...... Wow..... Maybe she should try riding him if she loves him that much. O_O


She might like his cousin Topspin! She might get a little kick watching the ride in action..


Okay... now that I can breathe again... I... wow. Girl needs help! I don't feel bad, to be honest, I laughed. I mean.. wow.

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^The whole thing sounds like an episode of The Addams Family.


"Oh, dear, Gomez! It looks like that Magic Carpet has been cheating on your dear Cousin Carny Addams with a Scrambler!"


"Always thought she should've married that Ferris Wheel. Those Magic Carpet rides are so unstable."

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Wedding bells for woman and ride?



ADMIN EDIT: Fixed link to make it work properly.



I was thinking about going to Knoebels soon because I've never been there, but now I'm scared of running into her there I mean, I feel sorry for her and everything, but I think that would be pretty awkward to go there and seeing her having another "intimate moment" with her new "husband" in public.

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