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THE BEST VIDEO EVER--Woman Wants to Marry a Ride?

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Who would have thought of a Weber 1001 Nacht that is viewed as a sex object? The YouTube clip shows part of a documentary about a woman who views material objects as a sex object. Apparently, a Weber 1001 Nacht gets her aroused, because of it's shape, the noises it make when running, etc... The documentary ends with the woman having an "intimate moment" with a 1001 Nacht, located at Knoebels.


Yeah, I know you're thinking, WTF?!?




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I think it`s important to take this for serious.

Of course, it`s weird, but somehow it`s wonderful at the same time, because its about POSITIVE feelings...even if those feelings seem strange and "unnormal" to us.

And I just don`t wanna judge this...


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Wait..thats a chick?


I had that same reaction. I initially thought it was possibly her male sibling telling us what her issues were, not that it was her herself? I can't even describe it!


I really do feel awful for the woman, she clearly exhibits a strange mental illness that just so happens to entertain us ride enthusiasts who kid around about coaster porn so much. To see her making out with the ride and getting axle grease all over her face from it...terrible, strange, and sadly humorous all at once.

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That was as equally hilarious as it was disturbing. I really don't know how to feel about this one!. I laugh but at the same time, it's pretty sad. I feel so sorry that she'll never share love with a human being, that's horrible. It's hard to decide whether to laugh at this or take it seriously...


...I'm pretty sure it's funny though, so I'll keep laughing.


"I love him for the narrowness of his jibs."

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I watched the entire special over the weekend. They played like 3 or 4 times on BBC America. It was interesting to say the least. She was all "I want your fluids".


Nip/Tuck had a storyline about an objectum-sexual doctor this season. He had a thing for furniture. They caught him getting it on with the couch in thier waiting room.

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all people with Austim have tendancies to be this way, I have Asburger's as shown in this clip. But I don't love material objects, I have love for sports and different things online, like this website


Well, it's good to like things to an extent but watching this even I was abit creeped out and I work with people like this from time to time. Wow.


The bit where she's kissing the ride is real CREEPY part to me...

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