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[RCT2] Six Flags Wyoming

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I love how this park is shaping up.


I do have a small question: I noticed that you and other members are are to merge tracks to make a realistic looking transfer track or twin loading station. How do you do this. I have been playing with the 8 cars and SoB trainers for a couple months now trying to figure it out. Please can someone help me?

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^I have to disagree with you on that one, I feel that catwalks are unecessary on most coasters, except for the occasional arrow and B&M, but that's just my opinion.


Looks great, I think the hacks on the Superman coaster add a nice touch.

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For the transfer hacks, this is the hack that I use. I used this same method for the trains in Tidmouth Shed in Thomas Town.




As for the working dual loading stations, here is the hack for that.



I didn't bother to make a working dual loading station on the log flume since we all know how most parks, like SFMM, only use one side of their dual station log flumes.






Jordan, the turntable (like in the real Thomas Towns) is for scenery purposes and is non-functional.

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Wow, this park looks very amazing! You amaze me at your RCT2 skills. I haven't tinkered with RCT2 since I got RCT3 when it first came out. The Thomas Town section really came out great! Well the whole park seems to be coming out great....what more can I say! Can we see an overview of the entire park?

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Ok so this project came very close to ending recently because my OS became corrupt and my computer was unusable for a while. After I reinstalled Vista and RCT2, I had problems loading the park due to a few objects that didn't export. Even after copying everything over from my backup drive, the park still wouldn't load because at least one Time Twister object somehow got into the park. I don't even have Time Twister, so I'm not sure how this park worked before the overhaul of my computer. Thanks to learning how to use ParkDat, I removed the problematic TT objects (despite them being in use in the park) and now it works fine! Anyways, here's an update just to show things are working again.



This Viper is based off the Phoenix at Knoebel's.

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