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The Beatles - Remastered


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Right with the release of "The Beatles: Rock Band".


Being a big Beatles fan as well as a fan of the game Rock Band, I'll be picking up most of the remastered albums as well as the game.


I know what I'll be doing on 9/9/09, having a fatty and listening to see if they butchered the sound or if it kept it's integrity.

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I'll buy the set when it is released. If they put it on itunes it will be huge. Someone is going to make a lot of money off this. To bad the Beatles don't own the rights to their own songs anymore.


That's sort of incorrect. They don't own the publishing rights to about 200 or so of their songs, but regardless of that they still make 50% of the profit from the sales or usage of those songs. Also any of the songs written exclusively by George and Ringo aren't part of that whole mess, so they completely own those.


That whole situation with them not having their publishing rights is really interesting, but there's a TON of misinformation out there about what it actually means.

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Not too sure if their music will end up on iTunes. There's a big old court mess going on between Apple Corps. and Apple Inc. However, there's been talk of the Beatles setting up their own digital download site though. I'll still be buying the whole CD set because well...I'm a fan. It's what I do.

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